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  1. Not sure if this is already posted, but here's winnipegs full set, gotta say i really like this look.
  2. woah this is super nice, love it!! found this on icethetics reminds me of these from my childhood
  3. images uplod how about this for boston?
  4. omg if montreal goes to that blue 3rd jersey it would be a dream come true for me. PLZ PLZ PLZ
  5. Would love to see teams experiment with other helmet colours like football teams do. Habs in Blue helmets/red socks looks odd but also cool for me to see
  6. "Well the photo quality doesn't look great but honestly it looks like you got exactly what you paid for." do you mean they look the same as they do on the site?, or do you mean they look cheap?? I really like the ducks one, I would recommend getting one they look fantastic and are a neat addition to my jersey collection
  7. I finally gave in and made an order at www.ecseller.com I got some items that looked great and then I also got a packers jersey that you could see the glue under the stiched numbers. However I did get some very nice jerseys The best of all of them was the mighty ducks jersey from the first movie, the numbering is kind of cheap. but the jerseys material is superior quality to any fakes I have ever seen and then I got a red Jays Jersey, the material on the jersey is great , however it always seems the numbers are a bit off. but this one is good none the less for 33$ then finally i got an orioles ripken jersey, this one was quite close. but the piping was made with cheap material all in all i must say i was impressed with what I got for so cheap, on a side note I wish this thread was more about people showing what you can get for these prices rather than arguing about whether its right or not to buy fake, personally I just had to try it out.
  8. gilmour a leaf again!!! for a period
  9. bobby orr as a black hawk fluery an av bertuzzi an islander damphousse an oiler joe carter an indian joe carter a cub
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