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  1. Sounds like he's getting a custom facemask to protect his jaw, too. Remember when Kerry Collins broke his jaw on that cheap shot by Romo? He got the biggest facemask I've ever seen--it looked like it extended down to his upper chest. I wonder if BR7 will get something like that.
  2. The graphic elements look very well-done. But instead of looking fierce, the lion looks sort of weasely or seedy, like he's plotting something behind your back. That mischievous grin and the semi-arched eyebrow... I wouldn't trust him around my kids, if I had any.
  3. At first glance, they look pretty good, and I think tradition can sometimes be overrated. I mean, the Packers have tinkered with their uniform fairly regularly over their history, unlike (for instance) the Raiders or the Michigan Wolverines. That said, I think they ARE quite plain, echoing the sentiments above. That could translate either to a sleek, modern look, or a cheap, plain look. It's a risk, but I think some detail would need to be added to make these work. No piping, though. One other thing: these aren't the actual proposed uniform--I'm not sure that was ever unveiled or even put together. These are one guy's rendering of what might have been. Thanks for the diagrams, though. These are the best I've seen of this uniform.
  4. Does anybody have a picture of the Green Bay Packers' proposed new 1994 uniforms that never came to pass? Or, for that matter, the new unis the 49ers proposed in 1991 or 1992? Muchas gracias for any help anyone can provide...
  5. Syracuse did the same "branding initiative" stuff a couple of years ago, since all their sports teams had different logos and there was no identifiable "Syracuse" logo or wordmark. Two observations: 1) That was right after they won the national title with 'Melo. Since then, they haven't been nearly as successful. 2) It got them those horrible "busy retro" football uniforms, replacing some of the classiest unis around: OLD UNIFORM: NEW UNIFORM: Caveat emptor, Cincinnati.
  6. The baseball player appears happy to see me. ...or something. (raising the level of maturity)
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    Sports Sigs v.2

    LewJ- I'm pretty new here, but if it's not too much trouble, could I get: Michigan Wolverines Detroit Pistons Detroit Lions Detroit Tigers Thanks!
  8. Is there any doubt that 1994 was the nadir of bad taste? Click on just about any link in the article leading to a 1994 jersey, and you'll throw up in your mouth. An example:
  9. Agree with the white helmet idea, maybe with a grey facemask and the bolt outlined in navy. IMO, the yellow pants work far better than the powder blue would with the road uni. Not sure about the home one.
  10. Second draft is much better. So is ditching the red. Having red, yellow, and blue as your team's colors makes it look like the toys they use to teach kindergartners about the primary colors. My only CC is that the top of the logo should say "The City" rather than "Golden State", to give a nod to the coolest unis in sports history.
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    I think you're on the right track... the Bills current unis suck. Maybe add a little more detail to these to make them look more "NFL" and less 1980s SMU. The use of the "standing buffalo" logo is a vast improvement over their current one with the laser shooting out of its ear... right now the Bills have the worst helmets in the league with that logo and the 50 zillion stripes on top.
  12. Looks way too much like the Titans and the Bills in mixing the light and dark blue. I dig the powder blue concept, but it has to be more powdery and less teal. Keeping the navy works great if it is only used for outlines and accents (to avoid the all-pale look of the Denver Nuggets), but stay away from the 50-50 light-dark thing.