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  1. Hard pass. Those uniforms have enough problems. They don't need the helmet throwing off the color balance even more.
  2. It's beautiful. I wish Adidas would have slapped a Penguin logo on there instead and made a matching white version for Pittsburgh.
  3. Agreed. Even the anniversary jersey quickly grew on me and going back to orange is a huge downgrade. Would love to see the return of eggplant and jade as thier primary colors.
  4. Agreed. They were never good. Not even when they were introduced right before THE lockout.
  5. Agreed. The font selection and color treatment on those is not so good. But the logo is tremendously improved with the addition of black.
  6. Completely agree. The touch of black adds the right amount of contrast.
  7. Standardizing goalie masks is, with all due respect, the absolute worst idea I've ever seen on this board. This is not and has not ever been a problem that needed to be fixed or legislated.
  8. Not gonna lie, I kind of want them to resucue the NHL from the brutal Adidas collars. But Nike might just replace them with Flywire and toilet lid collars.
  9. Agreed. Would prefer them with black helmets. Though lacking hem stripes, I am glad that the sleeve and sock stripes are matching.
  10. You're right. They're not perfect by a long shot. I would have liked for silver to be the center stripe color on both and for the white one to have a hem stripe too. They're not the definitite Ducks jersey, like the originals, but I still loved them.
  11. I've always loved those.
  12. I haven't heard anything. I know a lot of people will be clammoring for a diagonal "Pittsburgh" throwback or an all gold jersey. Personally I'm hoping it's an all new black jersey. I hate the striping and color balance on the current retro set and desperately want them to introduce something that can become the primary in the future.