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Liga MX redesign


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These all look really good so far. Atlas looks really solid, and I like the look to the sublimated pattern. Is there any significance to that particular pattern?

I really like the jaguar pattern on the sides of the Chiapas kits.

Only thing I would change is to create more contrast on the back of the Chivas primary - the numbers and name are a bit difficult to read.

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Cruz Azul. The home kit is based on the 1970 championship winning kit. The names of the squad of that team are along the bottom of the kit. The away kit is a bit more modern with the batman style light calling the people of mexico city to support the team.

C&C much appreciated


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I am sorry you have not gotten much help

Chivas home is spot on away stripes are too much

CRUZ AZUL fix the home kit to normal style and make a unique edge.

Monterrey home is great away kit doesn't quite look right with Bimbo logo and cheveron

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Since you haven't received a whole lot of help, I'll weigh in:

Chivas: I think both sets have too many stripes. I would just go red/white on the home, only use one shade of green on the road.

Cruz Azul: Home is great, love the bottom of the jersey. For the road, I would only put the skyline on the front and make the backside level. Also, I find it ironic that the kit used to call the city to support the team is being worn outside of the city.

Monterrey: Shorts are bothering me on both kits. I know its just a stripe, but it seems very thick and awkward.

Great work on the presentation, it is very well done thus far. Keep it up!

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