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  1. Here is Leicester! Sorry I've been real busy lately.
  2. Sorry it took a little longer this time. I had an issue with my Adobe CC subscription, but in the end, it's $10 a month cheaper now! (student discount) Anyways, here is Tottenham as requested by @MontyK17 I'll also take requests for EPL teams but not doing anyone until it is clear that they are not facing relegation or when a Championship side seals promotion.
  3. I thought my WAFA team could use a stadium so I tried my hand at it, though I have no practice with sketchup. Capacity is around 35,000.
  4. In soccer, they don't have a color/ white rule on the professional level like in other sports, like how in football you wear color at home and white on the road. The home kits are in team colors and usually have a very traditional style that every year's kit follows. Man City always gets a light blue home shirt, West Ham gets a red shirt with blue sleeves, and Chelsea gets a Blue shirt and shorts with white socks. Most every team has a general style that fans expect their home kit to be in. The away kits can be anything as long as they contrast with the home shirt. Many teams have traditional away colors too but the tradition isn't followed as closely. The third kit contrasts with the other 2 and has a less traditional design.
  5. First off, I will not be using the league font because I'm guessing there will be a new one next season. I start With Man City
  6. I was working on making that soccer template just now and it wasn't going well so thanks so much for saving me more trouble!
  7. I hated the US kit at first but I really like it now. The templating we have seen from nike is awful though and I'm guessing we will se plenty more from the clubs.
  8. I've done too many US Designs to count, but I wanted to do one with the new logo.
  9. Here is LAFC. I will do Minnesota next.
  10. I will be doing kits for Atlanta and LAFC as well as maybe a badge and kits for the Miami team.
  11. Here is AS Roma. I plan to do Leverkusen next.