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For those who play the franchise modes in sports video games, how many seasons would you play on a single title?

Between 2002 and 2013, my dad would play 20+ seasons on each annual NCAA and Madden on the PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 before he passed away two years ago in June.

I myself would play 6 to 9 seasons of a sports game at the most before either creating a new save or getting the next edition for Xmas.

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I had an association on NBA 2k13 that I've played for a while now, it went 10 years, with only 2 champions.

The Thunder won 4 of the first 5 titles, and my team the Charlotte Bobcats, with an imported draft class I landed Andrew Wiggins and Nerlens Noel and won 6 before calling it quits. The first one broke a Thunder four-peat, I lost in the Confetence Finals the next year, and then I won 5 straight.

Definitely the most fun I've had on a dynasty/franchise mode on a video game.

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First thing you should know about me is that I try to make my dynasties as realistic as possible, literally, even changing sliders and settings so completion percentages, yards, etc. are all close to real life. Some would call that boring, or crazy, but I really enjoy it. I also don't like it if I win a championship or close every year, I like to have a feeling of rebuilding.

I'd say the longest I've played would be 10 seasons in Madden 25, but by then half the league was fake and I had learned that drafting all rookies in the inugural fantasy draft led me to having a team full of 99's as they developed. So I quit that.

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MVP Baseball 2005 PC, I'm still going with owner mode... probably year 7 of my current file.

I put all the cheat codes in, cheat simmed a few seasons for money, edited an all time Blue Jays roster for Toronto aged 18 full potential/low salaries... & now most of them are about 22yrs old. (took 2-3x simmed seasons to get my revenue streams in order)

To that point, I only play between January & July. Casually & barely once a week... if it lasts another 10+ yrs, so be it, I've accomplished the fun of creating HOF calibre players lols. It'd be fun to see Alomar reach 1200 steals &/or Carter reach 800 hrs... stuff like that.

All's backed up on removeable drive, doesn't take much space at all.

Madden '08 PC, I play Patriots owner mode between August & December... it's less rewarding in a way because achieving greatness with specific players creates higher salary demands in the cap structure.

I just like playing Madden through NFL season, & MVP to get through winter & into summer.

I've got teams with NHL 08 & NBA 08, yet I barely play them any more. Those owner modes weren't nearly as refined.

As for keeping MVP tuned in, each new season I've edited in real world all star players for every single team (Harper, Kershaw, Trout, Verlander, etc)... normally players who are 25 or under in real life.

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My Madden franchises got shorter and shorter as I have come to like the games less and less. Back in the PS2 era, when Madden good, if glitchy, I would regularly play 20+ seasons. I only played the 30-season maximum once, winning 10 Super Bowls with Detroit and Atlanta. By Madden/NCAA 12, I could get through maybe three or four years. I bought Madden 25, and I find the game absolutely unplayable. I don't think I've even made it through a full year. It just takes too long to do anything, and (I know that this is probably an unpopular opinion) the gameplay is just dreadful. The college games have been good, but they don't make them anymore, so I suppose that I'm done with football video games. The only reason that I even bothered with Madden after 2010 is that I wanted to see how my NCAA players' pro careers went.

I don't follow other sports as closely, so it's difficult for me to do franchise mode for NBA, NHL, and MLB games. I mostly just do player career mode, and tend to only make it a few years in before I want to do something else. I did play a full career with a first baseman in MLB the Show 12, and I'm at the All-Star break in year 4 with my center fielder in MLB the Show 15.

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I like to have a feeling of rebuilding.

Yeah, as a Rams fan, I could see where that would feel comfortable ;)

I haven't played Madden for a little while now. The latest version I have is 12 and that was for PS2. However, I usually had a franchise mode in 11 in which I had control of every team. The farthest I went was around Super Bowl LV. All I can remember from that series was that the Vikings, Eagles, BROWNS, Patriots, and Broncos were the dominate forces. The reason I controlled every team was because I wanted to have control of the trades, free agent signings, draft picks, and relocation if it ever occurred. I was also running a Dynasty mode on NCAAF 11 as well where I would control one team from every conference + an independent. In no time at all, I had the Ohio Bobcats, Navy Midshipmen, and Mid Tennessee State fighting for a national championship alongside Wisconsin, Nebraska, Boise State, and Florida State. I would always make sure that my non-conference games were against some of the other top CPU-controlled teams such as Ohio State and Alabama to ensure that my teams had the perfect resume come BCS time.

Back to Madden, it got to the point where practically every team was at the point of relocation. I remember relocating Pittsburgh to Boston, Tampa Bay to Austin, and Oakland to Vegas. The only way I was able to do all of this was to simulate the games. I had A LOT of free time throughout Jr. High :D

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