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Oceanside Owls Fantasy Logo/Wordmark


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That's good work! I really like the wordmark, it is very unique! The colors also mix very well!

However, I think you should have larger lines in the owl face, because they will get lost if the logo is smaller or if you're looking at it from far away...

Other than that, it looks very good!

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I made an owl logo once, looked a little like that.

This is a great start! I'm quite impressed DawgPacPBH. I have a few comments...

It looks like a cartoon owl. To make it look more like a logo, perhaps try adding heavier detailing to the major features. Stronger lines are key. He also looks a little chubby... maybe take those lines out that make him look like he's got neck fat.

Lastly, although I admire the attempt at consistency within the wordmark, I think it is more important to have similarly weighted lines than having all the lines present. In your case, I'd use a black outline of the same weight as the "Owls" black outline, and just go with white text for Oceanside... there's just not enough room for the vegas gold there.

Good work! Animals and people are IMO some of the toughest things to design, and you've done quite well here! Keep it up!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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