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the whites remind me of the finnish flag...being that they're in france i find that somewhat strange but it works.


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i thought i'd just post a bunch of my new kit designs here -- since this is a soccer topic about new kits anyways. i have 9 teams created so far with only team names for a couple other franchises. anyway, here they are;

ac orange county

as boston

these two are the same as posted prior by me. i just put them in here for completist sake.

bay area fc

brooklyn sc

carson fc

capital sc washington

greater los angeles fc

imperial united fc

mission sc

as always, the templates are modified by me from roger clemente's hockey template. the athletic logos are all created by me. the corporate logos are obviously all owned by their respective owners. all these designs were done in ms paint -- so no more using ms paint as an excuse!

there are a whole lot more where these came from in the form of various historic kits for each team. if there's interest, i'll post those too.

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UCLA, except for one or two, I think those are incredibly good, professional quality, ideas. And i thought I was the master of MSPaint, :notworthy: . You should try to get the Earthquakes to adopt that 'Bay Area FC' kit :D .

(BTW, the site you're hosting them on stops working after a while, you may want to find an alternate place before putting them up here.)

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