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Name for portland baseball


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If the Expos move to Washington, they'll probably (and rightly) going to be called the Senators. (The only other legit choice would be Nationals.)

But what would you call the Portland team, if the Expos move to Portland?

Beavers? Pioneers? Posse? Lumberjacks? ???

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Please oh please let it be Desert Sharkz!

:D  :D  :D  

But seriously, I like Beavers.

Okay, that came off obscene (true, but obscene).

I like it when MLB teams honor their minor league predecessors (San Diego, Milwaukee).  I don't know if the folks in Corvalis will be wild about it, however.

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But Portland's AAA team is already the Beavers.

how about the Portland LumberJacks?? or Portland Lumber Kings??

I dunno. Automatically we can rule out any singular team name, though  :D

Now...LumberJacks...maybe. I don't know why, but LumberJacks looks too minor-leaguish, but Lumberjacks looks...ok. I don't know if it would work as a major league team name though.

I like Portland Pioneers, myself. Though they'd almost have to use a certain color SHB probably wouldn't like  :laugh:


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