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World Series logo concept


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Hi Guys. Big Mets fan, so obviously pumped right about now. I've been going out and buying all the merchandise I can find. One thing that irks me is this year's logo. Something about it screams Super Bowl. May be the Commissioner's Trophy looking suspiciously like the Lombardi. Maybe someone at FOX got free reign this year. Anyway, always been a fan of the logos of the late 80's-90's. Even as a Mets fan, watching the Yankees dominate this era, the logo always seemed classy to me.

For mine, I've incorporated elements from the two revisions of that logo, with a slight retro spin on things. I know this is kinds rough, but wanted to show it here. Perhaps it's a bit too plain for today's MLB, but I think sooner or later, they'll fauxback the World Series logo, given the popularity of 90's merchandise.

Let me know what you think.


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Congrats for your Mets on making to their first Fall Classic in 15 years,you don't know the pain to be a Cubs fan. :rolleyes:

As for the concept,looks meh.I hate the trophy in the logo,but the design looks the same.I would prefer a different font and different colors.

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I actually like this logo. That being said, there are a few things you need to fix.

1. I agree with jrcollis. This should be in MLB colors.

2. The font you used looks sorta disjointed.

3. The placement of the "2015" is too high on the diamond.

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