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  1. Very interesting concept. As a fan of NASCAR myself, this is a good idea that would work well.
  2. Looks really great. You always make the best courts.
  3. Hey pepman, could you do a T-wolves court with the new primary logo with the outline of Minnesota in the middle of the court?
  4. Ah sorry. I thought their only time in the Stanley Cup Finals was in the flu-stricken 1919 Finals.
  5. I think the Metropolitans need to return if the NHL gives Seattle a team. It's a nice name, and the old Metropolitans almost won a Stanley Cup. I just love that name for some reason.
  6. This looks promising. Will be following very closely as it progresses.
  7. Piazza on the Marlins. Nothing else needs to be said.
  8. I think this is your best concept yet. I love all of the combinations and everything.
  9. The "cold" green/blue scheme is really looking good. A basic color representation of the state of Minnesota.
  10. I've actually been to the gym where they filmed the home games for the Hickory Huskers from the movie Hoosiers. To be honest, it was an unreal experience and something that I will never forget.
  11. I completely love this simple idea for the Islanders. I always thought the Islanders logo was very busy and you refined it to something really good.
  12. I mean I get that the mergers and brand loyalty (ex. Comcast, Directv, Zayres (from the old Ames store)). Sorry; I get it now. Sorry for that orginal comment. Just reflexes.
  13. The one thing I hate is whenever companies have like different names for regions. I think it's so stupid.
  14. Besides the obvious error, this looks like a great concept. But I think you should put some element of the Devil Rays in there but that's just my 2 cents.
  15. I feel like the Twins have hidden talent. If offered correctly, they can be a great club.
  16. Here is my kinda late MLB season predictions: AL East: 1. Red Sox (2) 2. Blue Jays (5) 3. Yankees 4. Orioles 5. Rays AL Central: 1. Indians (1) 2. Twins (4) 3. Royals 4. Tigers 5. White Sox AL West: 1. Astros (3) 2. Mariners 3. Angels 4. Rangers 5. Oakland NL East: 1. Nationals (2) 2. Marlins (5) 3. Mets 4. Phillies 5. Braves NL Central 1. Cubs (1) 2. Cardinals 3. Brewers 4. Reds 5. Pirates NL West 1. Dodgers (3) 2. Rockies (4) 3. Giants 4. Diamondbacks 5. Padres AL PLAYOFFS: Wild Card: (5) Blue Jays defeat (4) Twins 5-3 Division Series: (1) Indians defeat (4) Blue Jays in 5 games (2) Astros defeat (3) Red Sox in 4 games Championship Series (2) Astros defeat (1) Indians in 6 games NL PLAYOFFS Wild Card: (4) Rockies defeats (5) Marlins 7-2 Division Series: (1) Cubs defeat (4) Rockies in 5 (2) Nationals defeat (3) Dodgers in 4 Championship Series: (1) Cubs defeat (2) Nationals in 5 WORLD SERIES: Cubs defeat Astros in 6
  17. This is such a great concept, for all teams. One little nitpick: it's like for all of the teams you have the numbers on the front, which really bugs me. It's probably a personal pet peeve. But anyway, great job with the Indy Stars. I've always wanted an MLB team in my hometown, and I feel like the A's would have a great chance to move to Indy. Maybe it's just me but that's my 2 cents.
  18. Reggie Miller: Gail Goodrich in blue and white Lakers unis(also wrong number):
  19. This thread is amazing! Here is an idea: what if Charles Finley moves the Philadelphia Athletics to Indianapolis instead of Kansas City?
  20. Hey man,can you get me a Ball State basketball and a Pacers combo? Thanks in advance!
  21. I can barely see the 51 for the Rams championship.
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