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College Football Concepts: Mid-Majors to D2:(UAB)


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Hello!! It's been a couple of years since I last posted any concepts on the boards. And I think I'm ready to start posting some concepts, for college football again. But I decided not to do the big name teams and focus on the smaller Mid-Majors, D1AA, and D2 teams.

So, to start the topic, I will begin with the recently revived football program at the University Alabama Birmingham Blazers.


I wanted to have a minimalist/simple design, no wired dragon scales on the jersey or helmet. Just a basic design for a "new" football program for the Blazers. C&C would be great. Thanks

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This is pretty nice! Good work on this. My only complaint would be the helmets. I would only have the primary (dragon) as the "UAB" logo looks pretty weird, and makes the helmet look bad. That would be my only issue. Otherwise, nice job on this.

I would have made it oversized and 1 color gold chrome on a matte green helmet, but I see what you're saying

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