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Logos for Nephew's fire truck


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My nephew bought a 1979 Pierce/Ford fire truck from a guy near where he lives. It is in great shape and he wants to use it in parades and such around his area. He wants to take the name of the previous owner off and use his. So I voulnteered to make a few designs for him to look at and see what he likes and may want to use. 

First design I came up with was using MFD (his first name is Matt) with interlocking letters in gold leaf as he requested with a pike pole behind in with a banner draped over the pole and in front of the letters. The intials are people that have passed away. 1st being his dad's lieutenant from the fire department his dad was on who lost his life in a fire and Matt got his middle name from. 2nd is his grandpa and my dad's initals who passed years ago  and 3rd a family friend of his and his dad's close friend from the department they were both on who passed recently. That is to honor them and that they have a close place to Matt wherever he goes. 2 slight variances with the first design.

I plan on make more versions including one with a maltese cross and one from the department from the town he used to live in and his dad worked for. 

Any comments or critiques are greatly welcomed


MFD logo1.png

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