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  1. If they had put the 9rocket logo on a shoulder and the Canadiens logo on the other would look better than having those extra graphics on the sleeve. A plus to me is they are making their own identity than using Montreal's uniforms but you still see the relationship with the parent club. Iffy on the number font.
  2. @Conrad.Outstanding work, really am sorry to see that you are dealing with this. Always looked forward to seeing what you were working on next. Unfortunate how the world is nowadays. Wish you all the best in where and whatever life's path takes you
  3. I dropped the phantom yoke on the light blue and made a light blue yoke on the navy jersey. I did notice i have to add the light blue cuff on the navy.
  4. I saw the Elmhurst College Bluejays logo on a tweet to Chris Creamer and put this together. Obviously the alt is the Hawks red jersey template just seemed to fit with Elmhurst being just outside of Chicago. All logos are from the school and can easily be found on Google. The wordmark at the top is from their athletic department's website.
  5. Yea I would like to see what you come up with and I will out your ID and give you credit for the work

    1. ZionEagle


      Okay sure. I've already been working on one logo, I might show you in a bit. Not sure if I'm happy with it, so I'll do at least one or two more :)

    2. deked73


      its the first step so i never expect it to be the final design. as you have probably seen how many variations companies come out with before the final version is decided on


  6. No they changed a few years ago to reach a broader Christian community and not just Lutherans. I agree with you. Be original. I made 2 designs when the school was stil WLHS but they were never used. I would like to see what you make and we could submit the final design to HJC
  7. Concept for fictitious hockey team at Walther Christian Academy in Melrose Park, Illinois (formerly Walther Lutheran High School) Quick Background: They dont have a team there currently. When I was there a few students and one faculty member were working on making a team. I was asked by the faculy member to make up some mock ups for possible uniforms with just a kelly green and white scheme. But, the team never happened due to various reasons. I was talking with a current student and we were discussing the schools present uniforms and change from kelly green to a deeper and drab green. He told me that the school may be adding black to the green and white colors in the near future. Walther uses the Denver Broncos logo for most of the sports teams. They do also use the Boise State Bronocs for football but i went with Denver considering it is used the most. The bucking Bronco is from Western Michigan which Walther used 30 years ago for various things with sports there. I am going to submit this to Hockeyjerseyconcepts for review. Thank you for your time.
  8. Wilkes-Barre Scranton are the Baby-Pens this would work for them
  9. is that Speedy's template you are using? i dont recognize the collar design from the template i have.
  10. Got this idea from the game Life Is Strange and Blackwell Academy in the game. I went with name Otters and not Bigfoots. I created a interlocking BA and shield logo. I was going to make a Otter logo similar to what is found on a poster of the swim team in the game. I thought it would have more of a prep school look with a script for the crests Just playing around with different ideas and templates. If any of you are gamers and havent played this game there is spoilers in this so I apologize ahead of time.
  11. Updated versions. Changed the main crests to the roundel and made the A-Blues the alt. Changed the striping in the shield shoulder logos so the striping is horizontal and not vertical. Found the Ann Arbor FC logo, they have the vertical stripes and a two tone blue color with an oak tree in the center. Much too close to what I did, so i rotated the striping to match the uniform and the flag for the city of Ann Arbor.
  12. Nice work. Reminds me of the cartoony logos that Zephyr used on the Z hats several years ago.
  13. A continuation of teams from a minor league or semi-pro league the Great Lakes Hockey Assoc. Following the Marathon Argos and the Chicago Huskies. These are the Ann Arbor Blues. Not like the music blues but the color after the Michigan Wolverines. The the oak tree and the three stripes on the roundel and throughout the design comes from the flag of Ann Arbor. The shield logo is to have a university look to it with the Latin phrase "Fortes Fortuna Iuvat" meaning "Fortune Favors the Brave" I have some ideas for teams but any ideas for teams would be welcomed. Teams do not need to be on the lake just in states and provinces surrounding them. Next possible team is the Mackinac Islanders or another name, maybe a team in Green Bay or somewhere in Wisconsin. Any comments welcomed and appreciated. This will be sent to HJC later on