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What if Joey Ramone was the NFL’s commissioner?

Darth Brooks

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Otherwise known as NFL Rock and Roll.


Not a whole lot of people know this but KISS (the band) owns LA KISS (the football team). Granted, it's arena league but it made me wonder what we would see if NFL teams were owned by rock bands.

So in this universe started with the Glenn Miller Band sponsoring an early team. Not the strangest of things, after all one early team was named after a brand of typewriter and another was named for a dog kennel. It should be noted that there's going to be some cross pollination














Yeah, it's a college. But they're almost pro...


There are Helmets here. Apparently you need helmets to go viral. ....whatever that means.



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well its no surprise the SI piece focused on the helmets...cause...


....oh boy....


the individual mashups are epic, i was just confused cause the whole shebang didn't seem cohesive to me.

at first i was like, 'oh, its glenn miller band instead of fly emirates' as sponsors, but the mashups actually renamed the franchises. i guess i was looking for more thought into how one would use sponsorships to supplant team identities more artfully. not all sponsors can translate an abstract label like KISS into a branding umbrella. I don't think a team literally named 'the glenn miller band' would fly.

for example.... the Tip-top bakery owner had a federal league baseball team called the brooklyn 'tip-tops'. they weren't the brooklyn 'tip-top bakery', or even the brooklyn 'tip-top bakers'.

in the end they were usually just called the brooklyn feds!


maybe its more the lemmy doll action figure that threw me off. cause hes (probably) not an athlete and there's no football link other than the packaging. maybe lemmy in football gear, like will ferrell as an ABA owner/player in semi-pro, ties the whole dealie together....booyah?


...except i couldn't articulate it like that until i was shamed out of my silence. :blush:


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