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Adidas IIHF Redesign (3/54 United States of America)


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The IIHF or International Ice Hockey Federation is worldwide governing body for Hockey. (Ice Hockey in most places.) And there are 77 members, or countries, in the IIHF. 54 are full time members, 21 Associate Members, and just 2 affiliate members. I will be redesigning the full time members, as if Adidas became the uniform supplier. I hope to get the concepts done as frequent as possible, but I'm pretty busy trying to finish up school... 


Here's the list of what I've finished so far....


Great Britain




Great Britain

Great Britain has more hockey history than you'd think. Lord Stanley bought the silver cup, that evolved into the current Stanley Cup, in Sheffield, England, and the Great Britain National team won the Olympic gold medal in 1936. The Alternate is based off of those 1936 jerseys. The regular jerseys are inspired by the EA sports NHL Legacy Edition video game and the Great Britain jerseys...  C&C Appreciated! 



Sketch 2016-05-24 01_17_26.png

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Alright since there's been nothing else on the U.K., I'm moving on to the next one... Norway! 


Norway has a very traditional design, as they've worn jerseys similar to these in the last couple of Olympics. It's a great look for them, and it really works. I did add a sleeve cuff, and added the official team logo as the collar insert. 


C&C Appreciated!!! 

Sketch 2016-06-01 13_33_29.png

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BUMP, because 

I've had a long break, but after a busy summer of work, vacation, and football, I was able to finish my next concept, The USA...


The USA design is based off of some of the best moments in US Hockey History. It's more or less a combination of the gold winning jerseys from the 60's, 80's and the ore recent designs with navy being the main color. For the breezers, I couldn't decide which look is best, red or blue. So I put both on there to be used interchangeably, as to add another element to the uniforms... I'm really happy with the way these turned out, but let me know what you think! C&C Appreciated!!




Sketch 2016-07-09 17_58_18.png

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I would suggest moving the eagle logo to the chest on the American jerseys, seeing as you already have a r/w/b diagonal lettering-style jersey in Norway. 


Everything else is great, I love the UK alt.

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