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  1. I love Episode III despite all of it’s flaws. The prequel era is such a fun era in the Star Wars universe, and there were some really cool characters despite the awful movies. And yeah memes
  2. I grew up in White Bear, and currently live in Roseville, but I do spend a lot of time in Minneapolis visiting friends that live there, and I spend a lot of my free time exploring Minneapolis more. I thought you meant I lived out of state. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of outstate as a term for someone outside of the Twin Cities. I guess it still feels like there’s left over effects from the rioting all over the city. There’s still scars from it. Maybe I don’t have the best perspective, not actually living in Minneapolis, but I’m not trying to over exaggerate. And the take that there was only a few bad blocks in one city is really selling the extent of what happened short...
  3. No I’m not out of state. I live in the Twin Cities. And while it certainly has bounced back, there are areas that still aren’t great. North Minneapolis and some of the areas near Brooklyn Center and Robbinsdale are still looking rough. To be fair they were a little rough before, but they’re still looking rough from the rioting. The areas of Northeast especially Beltrami, and other places like Lowry Hill and Uptown are doing much, much better, but there was still a lot more damage done than “a couple blocks in Milwaukee” is really what I’m trying to say. It just felt like that comment was trying to push off everything just as minor disruptions, rather than the fact that there were nightly curfews, many buildings burned and looted all across Minneapolis, and the National Guard was called in to crowd control.
  4. Yeah this is a terrible idea of what actually happened. Regardless of what you believe about the issues that created everything, many cities across the US and I believe other parts of the world were actually burned down. In Minneapolis, there are still sections of neighborhoods that have most of their businesses either burned down or closed because of the looting. It’s more than a couple of blocks. It was a really big deal. It’s not something that should be brushed under the rug like that...
  5. Minnesota selected St. Paul as its capital at a time when it was bigger than Minneapolis. They almost moved the capital to the small rural city of St. Peter in the 1850’s just before statehood, in order to be more central. Apparently the chairman of the Minnesota Territory bills committee took and hid the bill that almost changed the location. He apparently played cards and was drinking with friends until the legislative session ended, ensuring that St. Paul would stay the capital into statehood.
  6. I mean I get that they’re for the National League, but it really looks like they’re emphasizing the AL on the NL jerseys. The colors are fun though
  7. Which specific uniform match-up?? Because both of these were pretty common. The Panthers and the Thrashers were in the same division for quite some time too. So their matchups should even be with almost every jersey in both teams’ histories. A rare matchup for the Thrashers would actually be the Caps blue sweater from the bronze and blue era. The Caps retired those after the Thrashers inaugural year.
  8. I'm a sucker for a nice script-style wordmark, so here's a couple from the Twin Cities as well. Lettermen Sports in Blaine and Plymouth. The shirts and hoodies with the logo on it are wildly popular. And here's a coffee shop that has a couple of locations across the Twin Cities. Five Watt Coffee Their coffee is pretty decent as well. The lightning bolt as a tail is just fantastic!
  9. A black Vikings helmet would be the worst, but odds are there are a lot of people who would love that But the biggest difference is that it’s not your run-of-the-mill navy, white, or black helmet. It’s the only purple helmet in the league. The Ravens wearing a purple helmet would be close to the Vikings. Would they do it? Maybe. But they’ll definitely be talking about how similar to the Vikings they could look if they’re not careful.
  10. I believe they paint the stripes on, making it much harder to remove the stripes and put on a “BENGALS” wordmark decal. But it does seem dumb for the bengals to have a second orange helmet just for a wordmark helmet logo era throwback. It’s definitely going to be a white tiger helmet. That or a black helmet with orange stripes... Also how often can the alternate helmet change? Will it still be 5 years, like all the primary stuff?
  11. What kind of updating do they need? They’re more of a classic hockey look than anything. The current alternate is definitely an already dated look. It’s a 20’s “stealth mode” jersey. The only thing that needs to be updated from the Reebok edge set, is the collars and the stripes on the breezers. And they fixed those in the Adidas set, except for the navy taking the place of royal blue.
  12. Well I know what they did, but I wasn’t sure why they had them. But I did just watch a video from Icethetics, where Chris did an interview with Phil Esposito. He said that he wanted to be unique, so he added elements like the bolt on the breezers or the victory stripes.
  13. Well they’re still wearing jerseys with no victory stripes... And I mean they wore them from 1992-2014, so they weren’t short-lived by any means, but they definitely were unique. I’ve never seen another team do that, even in lower level hockey. Does anyone know the story behind those?
  14. You’d almost have to go back to before the Radio-era to say that the Twin Cities were separate media markets. They’ve been joined at the hip for a long time...
  15. Well the biggest change in that was actually the style. Baggy fitting stuff was super in back then. I remember reading an article somewhere, about an NHLer, I can’t remember who, who said they loved to copy Mike Modano with his super baggy jerseys, because they thought he just looked so cool in it. They also said that apparently Mike Modano convinced the equipment staff in Dallas, during one of his first seasons there to let him have a larger size jersey. They finally did, and that’s another reason the baggier jerseys really caught on in the NHL. I have no clue how true that is, and I’m not sure where to find a source, but I definitely think of that story when I think of the large jerseys of that era.
  16. Very very surprised at the result of the Habs-Jets series. Not that the Habs couldn’t have pulled it off, but a sweep was not at all what I expected. Hopefully they can make their next series vs. the Knights or Avs fun. Speaking of the Knights-Avs series, the Avalanche are playing a lot like they did in their first round series against the Wild back in 2017. They dominated the first couple games and then just completely sat back and didn’t do anything. The Wild won game 3 in OT, despite outshooting the Avs like 30-10 or something like that. The Avs outshot a huge number of opponents in a row this season, and now all of a sudden they’re barely generating scoring chances it seems like. If the Avs don’t step it up here and play like the President Trophy winners they are, I have a feeling Vegas could finish this off in 6...
  17. Yeah, if the Avs matched their road sweaters to the road socks, it would be a much better match with the blue breezers. The burgundy on the hem plays really nice with the blue breezers, it just isn’t cohesive as a set. The home set is a much better look, because it has that cohesiveness. If they changed that, and ditched the black numbers it would be perfect.
  18. I’d stick with the Duluth Zeniths. It at least makes it feel like a zenith is a physical thing then I do agree that anything with Zenith City ____ does sound a little too Brandiose. Zenith City Superiors rolls off the tongue a little though.
  19. Is there a way to add that back to the mobile version?
  20. Would there be anyway to get the "Mark Forum as Read" button back? I like that there's still the mark site as read, but it was much easier to know which forums I had cleared all the content that I was interested in reading from.
  21. I would definitely go with Duluth only as the locale name. I mean you could go out even farther though, and use “The North Shore” as the locale name. That could lead to some fun branding as well. The name Zeniths could also work, as Duluth is known as the Zenith City. You could use Captains for the shipping industry, or something like Skippers, etc. Duluth (or North Shore) Fighting Walleye Duluth Iron Men for the Iron Ore processing history Duluth Trappers Duluth Voyageurs Duluth Lumberjacks Alternatively Duluth Lumber Kings
  22. Yeah I mean the historical precedent makes sense, but that jersey was really similar to the current set. That’s also exactly what I’d like to see for the yellow jersey. If the current yellow sweater matched those older alternates it would be much stronger.
  23. I like the idea of a yellow Penguins alternate to go with their classic set, just not this one. It’s a really weak design. The lack of a Golden Triangle, and the random shoulder numbers are dumb decisions. The striping is also really weak, especially considering there’s no hem stripes. It just feels bland and uninspired.
  24. I’m pretty sure for the color rush, the NFL had every team unveil their new looks at the same time. There were huge graphics with every team, with notable players, wearing their new color rush jerseys.
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