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  1. That Minnetonka Muskies logo is too good not to use on the front of the jerseys!
  2. The front paw that's lifted up is pretty bad. I'd match it to the rest of the body with the white and blue shadows. Otherwise the colors are fantastic! I'd also ditch the caribou if you're going to go with the polar bear theme. It confuses the identity a little bit.
  3. I always thought that navy blue and athletic gold was an underrated color scheme. The biggest problem for most of the teams that use this color scheme is that it comes at the expense of the equally as beautiful royal blue and athletic gold. I think either one world for the Brewers, and if anything a mix of their blues would go a LONG way. As for the new BIG, I think the only downgrade is the connection above the old mystery webbing spot. If they had had the yellow tapered bar connect, this would be perfect. I think both the placement and the stitching on the ball is a HUGE upgrade.
  4. It sounds like an insult that you would call someone who I don't know, canoes all the time? It also sounds like some kinda local brewery beer name. "Try our newest IPA, Paddlehead!"
  5. What a joke of a game in Minnesota tonight. I have never seen a worse officiated game... A bad goal overturned for the Wild in the second, and missed call right in front of the ref leads to the tying goal for St. Louis in OT. I usually don’t care about how the refs do, but man that changed the game so much. What an absolute joke...
  6. I actually think the opposite of this. I think black adds to the identity, and for me, I've always associated the Flames with black, red, and gold. I think if they kept the set from the last Cup run, there would be no issue. But the fact that they changed to a terrible template ruined the black in the identity for a lot of people. I do think that the heritage classic jerseys, and the current thirds look great, but they could be better. The striping is inconsistent with each other, and after watching the HC, I was more impressed with the Jets jersey than the Flames. The Flames looked like they were missing something... Which I think was the color black.
  7. My school, the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, has never had a solid monogram, and I have been trying to make one. This is what I have so far. The thing about my school is that everyone calls it UNW, and not like NW, or anything. So I felt that all three letters needed to be present in the monogram, and all three should have similar visual weight. Because it's UNW, not Unw, or uNW... I would love some feedback on how to make this better!
  8. How was Minnesota not even in the bracket?
  9. I’ve had a few as a Minnesota sports fan... 3. 2017 NHL playoffs, Central Division first round The Wild took on the St. Louis Blues in the first round after the Wild’s best season in a while. Well unfortunately Jake Allen stole the show, and the Wild couldn’t buy a goal, and lost in 5 games. I was very upset after that series, especially at Jake Allen. Who of course played terrible in the next round... 2. 2015 Wild Card Game The Vikings once again let me down... All Blair Walsh has to do was nail a 20 yard kick. Oops. I also had to cover a shift at McDonald’s that day, and my manager made me miss the kick to help one customer. As I ran back to the front, she told me “He missed”. I freaked out and ran to the front to watch the TV that had the game on, I got to enjoy the replays. He probably still would have missed if I had watched the kick live, but ya never know. 1. 2009 NFC Championship game The Vikings lost in overtime to the Saints on a field goal, and I swear that they changed the rules because of that game. 10 year-old-me had just got into football that year, and instantly became a true Vikings fan when they lost. That’s the only sporting event I’ve cried over...
  10. The Oilers third does look better on the ice. They should have thickened their stripes slightly tho. And the orange jersey just needs to have the pattern match the old alternate. I actually kinda like the navy and brighter orange.
  11. The Blackhawks also have all the colors in their jerseys present in the logo. The Canucks do not. Honestly I’d prefer a black orca with royal blue and green trim. Silver is fine too. It’s basically a fancy white adding a little more to the crest.
  12. It probably didn't snow in August... But they could have taken it in late September or early October, and it definitely could have snowed then. Also did anyone else notice the NFL 100 logo modified for the Vikings on their page? I know the Bears are using that for their anniversary logo, but have other teams modified the logo?
  13. The NHL100 set is worth building a set around. It’s a great look while being semi-traditional, semi-modern for a franchise like the *new* Sens. It keeps the barber pole look, but also has the slimmed down look of a modern franchise for the kids...
  14. Those are SOOO awful. I know a lot of it was from the teams decision, but man even some white in the stripes would have made things better.
  15. The Jets have updated their gloves for this year. They added aviator blue to the top band of the gloves. Doesn't look terrible, but didn't seem necessary... They shoulda fixed their road socks.
  16. Oh a narwhal will be the logo and mascot for sure... But just maybe called Sea Unicorns so the demographic can expand to all kids under the age of 6...
  17. Northern is a pretty terrible name. We don’t need another one here... Northern Lights or even Lights would have been better...
  18. I think the most confusing part about the Orca logo is the fact that most people outside of Canada don't really know what a Canuck is. So if they see an orca logo connected to a team with the name "Canucks" people start to think that that's what it means. It isn't the same as the Habs CH logo, or Boston's hub logo, because those aren't tangible things, unlike an orca. Sure they're Canadian, but they're not exclusively Canadian. And I mean Canadians say weird things compared to Americans, right? For all the average fan knows, Canuck could be another name for an orca, like how a dart is a cigarette or this letter, "Z" is pronounced "zed" up there. On top of all that, the Orca was clearly a corporate logo, and not that great of one. I am ok with what they have now, however, it adds a few extra colors that the Canucks don't need. A tweaked logo would be the best way to go, because at this point, the orca represents the Canucks...
  19. Well ya didn’t include the Coyotes as one of the local teams... Just the Cards and D-Backs. The khaki jersey also doesn’t make sense. The old west font jerseys are my favorites!
  20. Absolutely love it! The only thing I would change though is the red helmet. It seems a little outta place, and a black one would seem to fit a little better, color balance wise.
  21. The logo has also been shown backwards from the original tweet by the Preds. It was also backwards on the hat shown above.
  22. It’s still sad for the family of the drunk driver. Sometimes people make mistakes and sometimes that costs people their life. There is grace for that... It’s not like adding a patch is supporting that act of driving while drunk. If anything it would be showing people how much it can mess up. And if a team were to support some agency or foundation against drunk driving, then that could help prevent it from happening in the future.