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Hi guys. I am having some trouble with adding a second outline in Inkscape. I have Inkscape 0.91 for Windows 10. I am simply trying to add a second outline to a logo and back jersey numbers. I have also included the screenshots of the logo and numbers. Thanks!


Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

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With the logo, here's what I would do,

1. Duplicate the logo.

2. Make the outline of the duplicate your desired color

3. Now hit "Page Down" and move the duplicate under the original

4. Make the outline of the duplicate bigger with the "Fill and Stroke" section


Now repeat the same process for the numbers. 

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I do what Griffin does. Any outlines I have around numbers or logos are typically made by duplicating that object, pasting it in place, dropping it below the main image and then adjusting the width of the stroke. Then I convert the stroke to path and adjust as necessary.

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Thanks guys, did that and it worked perfectly. I was also wondering how to curve the hem like the Jets sweaters and Leafs sweaters. The stripe is here on the hem (colors work in progress), and how do I curve it to go along the stitching? Thanks for the feedback!


Screenshot (6).png


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