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2016 NFL Fields


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I've always been interested in the different types of field designs around the league over the years.  I've also seen other people do similar threads like this one, which has inspired me to take on the recreation of NFL fields myself.  The Gridiron Fields Database is one in particular that I enjoyed viewing.  Anyway, I wanted to start with a post of the Seahawks field that they used for their 2016 color rush game.  I believe I have everything almost spot on except the field numbers.  I decided I am going to wait to edit most of the field numbers in my collection since I'm just too anxious to get going on several teams and it will just allow me to get through more teams sooner.  I'll try to post different teams and different variations as often as I can.  Hope everyone enjoys seeing them as much as I do creating them!

Seahawks Color Rush Field.jpg

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