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NFL Minor League : Columbus Flyers Update


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Welcome to my new series. I will start with the triple A equivalent and if the series is successful, I will go down to AA. I will be giving each team an affiliate and will be going by projected record. I will  also have ad space on the jerseys too.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my first team The Columbus Flyers

metro population: 2,021,632 (2013)

TV Market: 32

Stadium: Mapfre Stadium (19,968)

Sponsor: Mapfre

Afilliate: Browns

Uniform Supplier: Under Armour

Columbus Flyers Uni.png

Up Next? Sacramento (49ers)


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This is a great idea! The flyers look great, although a couple complaints I have is that I think the numbers are too big on both the sleeves and back/front and the logo could use a few more speed lines because all I see right now is a backwards E. The sponsor idea is a must for this concept and it adds a great touch of realism. One other minor thought I have is that the logos being as prominent on the sleeves as they are, and being as stark in color change as they are, kind of takes away from the flow of the uni. I think a monotone color swap for the pro logo might help with that. Excited to see how you follow through with this!

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I'm back with another team. This time, we're going to the West Coast for our second team, The Sacramento Grizzlies

Metro Population: 2,215,770

TV Market: 20

Stadium: Hughes Stadium (20,311)

Sponsor: Blue Diamond


Uniform Supplier: Adidas


C&C Welcome. Up Next? Charleston,SC (Jaguars)

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I'm not a fan of brown, and pairing it with bright green is displeasant to the eye. The general look is shoddy and needs improvement in sizing and more details. Stripes, logos, some tags. I suggest you to try a paint-friendly template instead of keep the pixels in the lines. 

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