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KFC Big Bash League Logo Concepts


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They've been showing BBL games in the US lately, which got me interested in this league in the first place. I'm just starting to understand how cricket works thanks to watching these games, but there's still a lot left for me to learn. Anyway, I came up with some simple logo concepts for all eight BBL teams...



I thought about doing uniforms and perhaps some expansion ideas, but I guess I can always come back to that later. Here's some details on my concepts...


Adelaide Strikers: A simplified version of their current logo. Inspired by the Atlanta Braves' cap logo.


Brisbane Heat: A neo-retro emblem that can be interpreted as both a "b" and an "h."


Hobart Hurricanes: Had a bit of trouble with this one. Atmospheric hazards aren't very easy to make logos for, I realize. Here's a lockup of an H and the hurricane symbol.


Melbourne Renegades: Another one inspired by the past. The NBA's Pacers and NL's Phillies inspired this logo.


Melbourne Stars: A patriotic logo featuring the Southern Cross constellation inside an oval resembling the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.


Perth Scorchers: The Perth skyline against a sunset. A wordmark could go underneath it, if desired.


Sydney Sixers: A stenciled number 6. The magenta parts look like the right side of a letter S.


Sydney Thunder: An S-shaped lightning bolt inside a triangle. Nothing too complicated, but it should get the point across.


That's about everything. What do you think?

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I would add the wordmark under the Scorchers logo so then it would be easier for people to see that it was the Scorchers. Other than that, these all look great. I also follow the Big Bash and cricket in general and have been for the last couple of years so its nice to see some cricket concepts on these boards.

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As an Australian and Scorchers season ticket holder, this is fantastic to see! Ameticans getting into what is an underrated sport in your country is achievement for the BBL that's for sure.


My favourite concept of yours here would be what you've done for the Sixers- it's nice and simple, also lile the double meaning. Not sure about the Renegades one though, looks too much like a P to me.


Keep up the good work and Go You Scorchers!!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Cricket.  Try and find yourself some test cricket to watch.  Five days for one game is still sometimes not enough for a result but the intricacies of the games often make all five days riveting viewing.


As for your concepts, I'm struggling to connect with many of them.  I don't have a problem with your direction but I feel some of them miss the mark slightly.  The Sixers and Heat are good and the Scorchers aren't bad but i'm not sure repurposing American style logos has worked for the rest.


The appeal of the Big Bash is the neon/new age styling of the teams and their logos to appeal to young kids and I feel some of your logos move a little too far from that brief, yet not far enough as to be a true departure.


Of course they are just my opinions and I'm glad someone has brought Cricket to these boards and has discovered it as a sport. Go the Thunder!

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