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Designs put to use?


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Perhaps someday they will earn me some money, but until then, nothing really other then personal enjoyment.

Of course, your specialty opens a whole new realm of possibilities. Concepts in 3 dimensions.

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Great inquiry. Brings to mind a quote from Type O Negative; "Functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism. We are the vandals."

Occasionally I hack video games to add my artwork. But, most of my sports/logo ideas rarely survive outside of Illustrator and Photoshop and serve only as a hobby. However, I have done odd work for local rec teams and city leagues.

My full time job allows me to apply artwork to wearables (ie. hats, shirts, etc). It's gratifying to wear my own caps and shirts.

What's your story NYHawk? I assume you work in the 3D realm? Those are some interesting pieces you've posted. The thought of applying jersey concepts to 3D models is very cool. Have any more to share?

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