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Wasn't exactly sure where to post this, I've seen threads like this in both General Design and Concepts, so Mods, feel free to move this if necessary.

The logo you are seeing is the one I have as my profile pic.

My logo consists of two right-angled triangles, which make up an N, and two circle-rectangles (for lack of a better term), which make up a B, both of these letters are my initials.

There are several reasons why I made it like this, and not a monogram.

  1.  I wanted to something different than combine my initials to make a logo.
  2. If I did combine the N and B, I would get something similar to the New Balance logo, and I wanted mine to be unique.
  3. It represents how I 'think outside the box' when I make my concepts.
  4. The circle-rectangles can also be interpreted as a 3 and/or 8, which make up 38, my number in most sports.

My color scheme is orange and blue, which are my 2 favorites.


Let's hear some C&C!


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It's nothing super unique, but it's something. The concept is easy to understand which is nice, I can totally tell it's an "N' and a "B", but the whole negative-space-letter thing has been done like 1000 times. Like mentioned above, I'd look to make it more stylized to reflect what you focus on. @ldconcepts mentioned you doing hockey concepts so incorporating that generic hockey font might be a good idea. 



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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