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  1. I did something similar a couple years ago (see spoiler) though I really think the best move at this point is to either go all-in Kachina or to mix Kachina stripes with their current identity. On another note, looks like the Flames are unveiling new jerseys October 5th. Using a darker red in their profile too, which would be a nice surprise, though I feel like that's unlikely.
  2. https://twitter.com/SensChirp/status/1302735322661498882 There it is
  3. We’ll see what they unveil this fall, it really depends how they nail the gold colour
  4. Here’s what I mocked up for the article, combining both logos. I personally think the old one is outdated but only needs a few changes to bring it up to speed.
  5. https://www.icethetics.com/brand/san-jose-sharks 5th row, 2nd column
  6. I like it, though the logo feels a little awkward. IMO, that’s probably because of its shape, have you tried adding the sun in the background?
  7. Love that concept. I posted this a little while back which combines all eras in a different way... though it’s definitely less likely to happen.
  8. I never thought I’d say this, but I really like the look of Arizona’s primaries, mainly due to colour balance. If they’d replace the bigger stripes on each jersey with the kachina pattern, that would look nicer IMO.
  9. Also, as a Habs fan, this is what I think they should do for the blue alternate. Keep pretty much everything the same besides the blue base, so the colours contrast just as well as on their classic reds.
  10. Lol. I thought that joke up in August and mocked it up in January. I was planning on slowly building up to it in the past couple months, though for obvious reasons lost track of time and realized today I hadn't posted on the account since mid-February. Glad I got at least one guy, though!
  11. Here's Anaheim's last update... while the rest of the teams stay the same. And that's it for the series, thanks for all the comments and criticism. I started posting the final product on Twitter, keep an eye out for more!
  12. Another update... C&C appreciated!
  13. Minnesota and New Jersey are finalized... Montreal's logo is cleaned up... ... though Nashville still needs work. C&C appreciated!
  14. Detroit and Edmonton are finalized... while Florida is overhauled to look less like a "demented seal"... LA's art deco pattern is simplified and its purple stroke increased. C&C appreciated!
  15. Carolina and Chicago both get slight logo updates... ... while Columbus and Dallas are left as is. C&C appreciated!
  16. Here's my update for the Bruins, fixing the "stocks" issue. I'm satisfied with my Sabres and Avalanche concepts... I also revamped my Flames concept to get rid of the protruding outlines, and added some much-needed white. C&C appreciated!
  17. A little something in the middle for Anaheim...
  18. Here's an update to the Coyotes, fixing the tooth issue.
  19. First in the string of updates are the Ducks, where I moved around the colours in the logo to fix the contrast issue.
  20. Tampa Bay brings back silver and black, with a refined lightning bolt-in-a-circle logo and less Leaf-like jerseys. With that, I'm done my initial take on all 32 teams, though I'll be going through them alphabetically for updates based on your feedback. C&C appreciated!
  21. The Penguins keep their tried-and-true formula of a penguin in a golden triangle, but bring back the penguin's scarf. On both the logo and jerseys, the bridge pattern emphasized during the 2017 Stadium Series is used. C&C appreciated!