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New York Knicks Nike Rebrand


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Hey y'all:

Decided I'd take a shot at rebranding the New York Knicks, a team with a current brand identity plagued by horribleness and bad management.


General Comments: Silver will be removed from the color scheme in its entirety, leaving a new vintage blue, a slightly darkened orange, and white as the three colors.



Primary: This roundball concept is similar to that of the 70th anniversary logo the team used last season, featuring the new orange from that logo as well. The logo features the Knicks' current ball alternate logo center stage, with New York Knicks Basketball branding and the teams establishment date, 1946.


Secondary: This works off of the Knicks' primary logo history, specifically in the past 25 years. However, it incorporates the ball from the older logos while donning an updated "Knicks" text above the ball where all of the letters are the same size in proportion. It holds far more true to the logo of the championship era than the current one, which still holds a bad taste of the Isiah Era.


Partial: Simply enough, this is a reversed color version of the ball logo, used primarily on white.



The new nike branding is added near the right shoulder and Chase will be on the left side as the jersey ad. The sleeves no longer are broken in the middle and are now connected. Both the home and road jerseys cut the silver from the sleeves/neck as well, leaving blue and orange on the home and white and orange on the road. Both uniforms also adopt the new shades of blue and orange, but the fonts remain in tact, although also with silver removed. The home jersey features the partial logo on the shorts, while the road features the secondary on the shorts; both replacing the old primary. While this uniform refresh is not drastic (due to the novelty of the existing uniforms), it makes some much needed changes and is similar to that of the Timberwolves uniform refresh in the late 00s.


What do you think?



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I love it! I think I'd make the partial "Knicks" logo the primary, since it's significantly less busy than the roundel. The roundel strikes me as a perfect tertiary logo that can be used on fauxback merchandise and other fashion gear. 


The secondary logo is a huge improvement over the current primary logo from which it is derived, and getting rid of the unnecessary silver is a big upgrade. Blue and orange are a great color scheme on their own, and the Knicks have muddled it down for over two decades now - first with black, now with gray. It's misguided and unnecessary. This is a big upgrade.

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This is a great upgrade IMO. The one thing I would suggest is changing the secondary a bit. It doesn't feel like it fits with the rest of the set. The other two logos feel a little throwback ish, but the secondary is more modern and not as classic. My idea would be to make the basketball look like the ball from the other logos. And maybe losing the 3D drop shadowy thing too.


Overall though, great work and a nice clean upgrade!

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I definitely agree with @bucknut42 re: minor tweaks to the logos. 


You've done a good job with removing the neutral accents that unnecessarily clutter their current uniforms. Your color changes feel like a lateral move, if not a slight downgrade for me because of how well I think their current (brighter) shade of orange pops against the blue. The roundel logo on the home shorts feels a bit weird. Overall, I feel like this is a bit of an upgrade for the Knicks, and with a few minor tweaks could be even better. 


On a separate note, thinking about their current identity has made me realize both how dull their current brand is as well as how they could stand to re-brand following this disastrous Melo era in which their current identity has once again become synonymous with losing. 

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With the suggestions, I decided to make an all-new primary (inspired from NYC skyline and the old school Sonics logo) featuring an updated font. It deviates from the previous Knicks era almost entirely. I also moved the "Knicks" ball logo to the alternate position and on both shorts. The primary also features a partial logo.



New York Knicks Nike Redesign 2.gif

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Downgrade on the primary and partial. Keep the primary as the first design you had, and then use the "Knicks" in the basketball as a secondary. Maybe work up an NY mark or something for a partial.

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