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  1. Are the Knicks retiring their current road/icon uniform for next season in favor of a different look? The team has worn their blue icon uniform only once since the start of the new year, electing to go with their home/association uniforms or their city and statement alternate uniforms in games they'd usually wear the icon uniform. Seems rather suspicious for the complete abandonment of these uniforms for over 2 months. Could a full uniform redesign be coming into play soon? Just curious what y'all think?
  2. Here's my final proposed version for the Knicks City Edition uniforms. It's a lot more traditional, still featuring the NYC metro theming. Let me know which of these City uniforms you think works best. Also, if you have any ideas about what team I should "refresh" next, I'd be happy to consider!
  3. Here's a very outlandish (and kind of crazy) concept I just threw together, invoking the design of not the subway platform but the subway itself. Namely, the all new R211s being installed in the NYC subway system in 2020. Let me know what you think, as I'll work on a more grounded city uniform design in the meantime. Note the cutoff line, which is where the short would go and show there isnt nearly as much empty space as it looks.
  4. Nah we know what bricks are in basketball terms, but I've never heard my Knicks called the Bricks
  5. Haha I did not know of that. Well, I'll be developing another version of the city uniform that will not be incorporating the brick pattern.
  6. As promised, here's an idea of what the city jersey could look like for the knicks, obviously inspired by the NYC subway mosaics. I'm experimenting with other possible designs for the city uniform, but let me know what you think of this one.
  7. 1) The triple stripe was how the waistband on the old Knicks uniforms of the 1960s-90s looked (excluding the late 70s), replacing the blander single color look. I flipped the color to match the styling of the shorts and the sleeves. 2) I understand how it would look that way, but in order to try and preserve the look and order, I kept it as such. I tried to see what it would look like if i flipped the two colors on the sleeves and shorts and it just doesn't look as good or classic as the original look.
  8. As promised, here is my take on the statement uniform: I really loved the sleeve striping on the current statement uniform, however I felt the general design was boring. Thus, I kept the sleeve design and pant design (with exception to the additions of the new logos). The front is where the uniform takes a totally drastic change, reflecting the design nature of the late 1970s uniforms. The font is the same I used for the logo, just not skewed. The numbers keep the design language from the current set. The city uniform is gonna be fun though!
  9. Updated: I cleaned up the primary logo and made it look more refined. In addition, I proposed two variants of the old NYC token alternate the team used in the 1990s-early 2010s, simplified and easy to transfer. I will be creating alternate statement and city uniforms for the Knicks as well, so look out for that in the near future!
  10. Hello all, I had done a brand refresh for the Knicks a while back, prior to the release of the Nike uniforms, but seeing as the Knicks are now in position come next year to be competitive once again (not gonna jinx anything), I decided to give the Knicks an extensive refresh to the team's brand. Colors: The new blue and orange are more reminiscent of the the shade in the teams past, becoming deeper and more pronounced. Silver is removed entirely in the color scheme. Primary Logo: A blend of both the Knicks' 70s logo and the logo from the Present (New York removed). The font is an updated version of the one they currently use. Secondary Logo: Simply a recolor of their current secondary with the silver outlining removed. Uniforms: The chest text on the jersey reverts to the old style the team had used since the 60s and are well known for. The silver outlining is removed entirely leaving only the white/blue and orange on the sleeves. The shorts receive a new side and waist pattern reminiscent of the 70s and 90s uniforms but reworked in color so it matches up with the pattern on the bottom of the shorts. The new primary is also added to the short where the old one was. I welcome any CC and general comments and I hope y'all like it!
  11. I'm back with: Colorado Avalanche
  12. I can confirm some of this post to be true. The Jets will be adding black as a third color, the logo will be all-new as well (whether it's a fighter jet as described I have no clue, was not told by my source). However, I was told by my source that the reveal is going to be officially on April 4, confirmed.
  13. My apologies for any delays. I've been mad busy with my job and will get back to updating this series ASAP. I want to complete it.
  14. Moving into the 90s expansions and relocations, starting off with the: San Jose Sharks I know there are similarities to the alternate they presently have, but the way the color scheme looks I think lends itself better to a teal on black look. Let me know what you think and i can adjust if y'all think black on teal is better?
  15. Totally blanked on that. Just wanted to avoid using the black and red color scheme so common in the league, but looks like a necessity here for clarity purposes: