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  1. Yeah the NFL is far more restrictive with their uniform policies and teams have been more conservative. The majority of NFL uniforms and brands haven't changed in more than 20 years at this point, whereas I can't think of an NBA team that hasn't re-branded in the past two decades outside of the Bulls, Heat, and Celtics. The NBA probably has some of the weakest overall team brands in all of sports.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen. We got em.
  3. Was planning on putting the Giants in orange since it suits them better imo, so I felt like putting the O's in that black, which I think looks slick.
  4. Hi all, With Nike taking over the MLB uniform rights, I decided to do what they did with the NFL and give each MLB team a color rush alternate to wear. I limited the colors on the uniform to one primary color, one secondary color, and one accent color (if needed). I also tried to keep the primary color of the uniform as different as possible across each team to give the series more diversity in the end. I'll also be listing what's new (if anything). So, I'm starting with all of the AL East teams: Baltimore Orioles: What's new? 1) City name replaces team name 2) Black pant with matching orange stripe to sleeve Boston Red Sox: What's New? 1) White lettering and numbering on uniform 2) Red hat 3) Red pant New York Yankees: What's New? 1) Refreshed road uniform with white outlines removed 2) Gray hat with blue brim returns (worn for one series in 2012 vs Boston) Tampa Bay Rays: What's New? 1) Teal cap with monochromatic navy logo and navy brim 2) Refreshed teal alternate with white removed and old Ray added to sleeve 3) Numbers receive same treatment as chest word-mark 4) Teal pant Toronto Blue Jays: What's New? 1) Logo simplified to just royal blue and white 2) White cap CC is welcome AL Central up next!
  5. I mean it makes complete sense, although the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Kraft and Co. had no idea how long Brady would actually last and thought he'd be retired by now two years ago. Also even more ironic with the Bucs re-branding/getting new unis this year too with no anticipation for Brady's arrival. I remember how freaky it was when the Cavs re-branded right before Lebron announced he was leaving, even though it had to have been planned years before. Then re-branded again right as he left AGAIN.
  6. Those uniforms are sexy! A little unsure about the font (maybe a change there, plus the addition of TV numbers), but man does the rest of the uniform look sharp. What if you did this style for an orange uniform like they currently have?
  7. The logo definitely needed update, but not so sure about this one. Nice of them to differentiate from others with unique colors, but I'm mixed on the emblem.
  8. Really not a fan of that font it's hideous and needs to be something more refined and bold. Also the shoulders look very DC-esque, which doesn't work. Don't mind a blue helmet. Also dude, DON'T STEAL. Give credit to the artist if you do something like this.
  9. After an extended break, I'm finally back for the final two. One with minimal changes, one with a lot of changes... Washington Redskins: Most of the changes with the Skins' brand are very minor. However, a major change I made was to the primary, which removes the rather stereotypical depiction of a Native American (plus it was always really weird for both the circle and the character to have the feathers). Thus, I brought the modern "R" alternate the team uses to the primary to make the logo a bit less racist and more modern. The black outline around the feathers is also replaced by the team's beautiful crimson. Outside of the logo replacement on the helmet, the home uniform receives no changes as I find it near perfect as is, while the road uniform receives minor changes to match the home set's style (namely the white collar and white socks). Cincinnati Bengals: Last but not least come the Bengals. The logo set plays the old switcharoo, where the primary and secondary logos swap places. However, the uniforms get a complete refresh. First, the number font is altered to a wider, bolder font and the ugly drop shadow is eliminated in favor of a more traditional outline. The road uniform's numbers though are orange for the first time, as I wanted that color to be more prominent. The striping pattern is cleaned up and simplified on the sleeve, while the pant pattern remains similar but is now angular, rather than curved. The collar on all uniforms is changed to match the color of the uniform. Finally, the hideous orange shoulders of the road uniform are eliminated to improve cleanliness and match the home and third sets. Had a nice time making this series and I hope you enjoyed/agreed with what I did to all 32 teams! Stay safe out there!
  10. I PRAY the Browns return to Brownie the Elf as their primary. The helmet is not only the most boring logo in the league, but Brownie has actually been directly correlated with the team's old days of success/championships. No championship appearances since they dumped him
  11. Detroit Lions: I love so much about the Lions' brand, but there were a few things that needed to be fixed. The blue pant is eliminated entirely, as I felt it was superfluous and just looks so much worse than the great gray pant. Furthermore, the numbers and sleeves on the home uniform are now white with a silver outline, which look far more clean. The sleeves are also fixed on the gray third to white with a blue outline to match the numbers. The strange "Lions" and WCF on the sleeves are also cut for cleanliness purposes (plus I don't think William Ford should be honored the same way Lamar Hunt and George Halas are, since the Lions were not successful at all under his tenure). Finally, white is also added as an accent to the pant and face-mask, which I think also makes the uniform look far more polished.
  12. Didn't know that! Here is it with the road third featuring the old gray face mask then. I'm still currently in favor of keeping the location of the TV numbers because of the fact it'd look awkward for it to be different between the sets, and obviously it wouldn't work for at the very minimum the third.
  13. Would do that, but with NFL helmet rules, it has to be one of either white or gray
  14. New York Giants: The Giants set receives some minor alterations and is more of a switching around than anything else. First, most notably, the color rush/fauxback set is promoted to the main road uniform with only minor alterations to the sleeves, while the current road uniform is demoted to the third jersey with no alterations to the jersey itself nor the pant. The pant from the "new" road jersey is also carried over to the home jersey, replacing the previous white pant design. However, the stripe flips in terms of color, with the blue becoming the in-stripe and red becoming the out-stripe to better line up with the sleeves and numbers, while also featuring blue more prominently. All of the jerseys swap the NY primary logo on the chest for the Giants wordmark/secondary. Additionally, the helmet dumps the gray face-mask in favor of a white one to line up with the uniforms. The final three are coming up and will be done soon!
  15. Miami Dolphins: Like with the Broncos, I took a bit of a best-of approach with the Dolphins. The biggest change obviously comes in the form of the logo, which reverts to the old form factor used from the team's inception til the mid-2010s, which was a lot more beloved. However, I blend the designs of the dolphins across eras to make what I see as a near perfect primary for the team. Uniform-wise, the biggest change comes in the form of the jersey, which takes inspiration from the Super Bowl era and the throwback the team currently uses, with the pattern from said jerseys being implemented into the sleeves and socks. However, I do maintain the font currently used, which I think is a good blend of modern and classy. Gone as well is the teal pant, which just doesn't look as good as just having a white pant for both uniforms.