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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it up.
  2. Here's a larger visual of all these teams' helmets. Hope you all enjoyed the ideas and work in this series!
  3. Finally, the NFC West has arrived: Arizona Hotshots (Arizona Cardinals): Decided to keep the identity and logo for this one, only changing the green to black to better line up with the Cards' colors. However, the biggest change comes from location, as I chose to move the team to Tuscon, where they are much more likely to gain a larger following than previously. They will play in the oversized Arizona Stadium as, unfortunately, it is the only stadium available for use. San Diego Fleet (Los Angeles Rams): One of the most followed teams in the original AAF keeps their name and identity, but gets a significant color refresh, now featuring the Rams' throwback yellow and royal blue, along with the team's primary navy. The text also gets an alteration as the drop shadows are now yellow as well. While they will probably will have to play in the oversized SDCCU for a little while, they will then move into SDSU's new 30,000-seat Aztec Stadium (formerly SDSU West), which is looking for another tenant anyway. Portland Chinooks (Seattle Seahawks): With all the existing AAF teams done, it was time to get more creative for the Seahawks affiliate. Portland seemed like a perfect fit as a large, passionate market looking for some football and not too far from Seattle. After looking at several options, I chose the name Chinooks (a species of Salmon) because of the fish's large impact in the Pacific Northwest. I modeled the logo after the "Coast Art" design language also previously incorporated into the Seahawks primary. I kept the colors from the parent team as well. Providence Park is a natural fit for a minor league team. The venue is beloved by those in the Portland area and it's set to receive some renovations that will make it one of the best venues in the league. Sacramento Prosectors (San Francisco 49ers): I thought about putting this team in Fresno or Sacramento, but ultimately decided on the latter because of the larger size and greater proximity. The team name obviously refers to the gold mining prospectors during the gold rush that the parent team is named after. The black is removed from the color scheme, simplifying it down to the Niners' classic red and gold. The logo comprises of two pickaxe heads, curved in a way to form a football with the city abbreviation linking them. Hornet Stadium is the only reasonable venue in the Sacramento area and its size is perfect for a minor league team. I'll be making one more visual of all the teams' helmets as a way to close this series! Obviously, if you have any comments with this final set, feel free to make suggestions!
  4. Fixed it up by adding the "T"! Hopefully this works well!
  5. If the Raiders weren't moving to Nevada, I would've considered Reno, but I don't see it as an ideal city.
  6. Finally, got to completing the NFC South: Georgia Legends (Atlanta Falcons): While I liked the previous identity a lot, the city was the issue as Atlanta's already existing football team and loyal fanbase to the Falcons made it one of the least popular in the AAF. Now, the team relocates further out to the smaller city of Columbus in West Georgia, where it should have more of an audience, while still keeping its previous audience from the AAF days. AJ McClung Memorial stadium is compact and its history make it a good location for the newly moved and renamed Legends franchise. Greensboro Prowl (Carolina Panthers): When choosing between Raleigh and Greensboro, I ultimately decided on the latter because of its smaller (likely more devoted market) and farther proximity from Charlotte. The logo is a head-on version of the Panthers' existing logo and obviously prowl refers to a pack of hunting Panthers. BB&T Stadium is the perfect size for the team when it comes to a home venue. Birmingham Iron (New Orleans Saints): I initially debated long and hard about moving the Iron to Jackson, MS and giving them a full-rebrand, but soon realized after some research that the Iron had one of the higher attendances in the AAF at around 14,000/game. Thus, I elected to not move or rename them and simply give them a minor color change to reflect the association with the Saints. Everything else remains the same outside of the color change. Let me know if you agree/disagree! St. Petersburg Suns (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): St. Pete seemed like the most logical location for a Bucs affiliate (although the Apollos could have been sufficient too). The Suns name obviously reflects the very warm temperatures in the Tampa Bay Area and the colors primarily feature the Bucs' old creamsicle color to show off a bit more of the name appropriately. While there is no existing main football venue in St. Pete (as the main ones are in Tampa), I decided to put the team in the Trop, where Bowl games have been played in the past and the turf means no field damage will likely occur and upset the Rays currently playing there. A new venue may likely need to be built in the future though, although if the Rays move out a conversion to a football only venue is possible. Closing off this series with the NFC West next...
  7. Going to be doing some rebrands and relocations, namely for the Legends. The Hotshots and Fleet will be keeping their identities for the most part (Spoiler alert).
  8. Yeah one would definitely think, but the only reason that’s the case is because the Bruins affiliate is in Providence. Plus after losing the Whalers, getting any hockey team would be a plus.
  9. Des Moines is a bit too far for an affiliate club in my opinion and in most circumstances teams HATE sharing ballparks and fields together (just look the the NFL and MLB in the 1960s-90s). It would be even worse for a minor league field with a tiny budget unlike pro clubs. My proposed Cedar Rapids location could possibly mean only a temporary stay at Kingston Stadium before a new stadium is constructed, but Cedar Rapids is much more accessible than Des Moines and fandoms do get mixed in the latter city. Looking at it further and seeing a ready home in Kalamazoo, I agreed with you and moved the Lions' affiliate there, but renamed the team to simply the Michigan Pride, because Kalamazoo is a bit too hard to pronounce and unknown for some. I adjusted the logo as needed. I decided to redo the logo I made and incorporated the classic football player design (with some color adjustments) and make the logo a bit more classic. In addition, I placed a little M over where the city of Milwaukee is approximately located to differentiate from the parent club in the case they use their throwback anytime soon. Referencing my previous comments on the Iowa Reapers, I think Miller Park will only be temporary until a new stadium can be built, like how NYCFC is using Yankee Stadium until they get a new one of their own. I realized that I did in fact screw the name up and changed it to the Norsemen. I feel swapping the colors and making yellow the primary color is a bit jarring on the eyes, whereas the Vikes' purple is a lot easier on the eyes and still allows for great contrast. When it comes to concerns over the NFC East, I didn't make any changes: What you seem to fail to address is the insane amount of expats moving into Austin, so it's not only college students and alum in the area, similar to that of Columbus (where people doubted the Crew and Blue Jackets' success in a "college town"). This city is also expected to grow even further in the future with a booming youth population and more jobs. Considering the Cowboys' reach and the new state-of-the-art venue being built, Austin is too good to pass up. In addition, they already have multiple minor league teams in the Austin area which are all very successful, like the Austin Spurs and Round Rock Express. Arkansas is just unproven and not very synonymous with the team's name either. Being born in the NY metro area (and a Giants fan), Hartford is in the dead heart of Patriots country and, as you may very well know, Patriots fans HATE the Giants. Thus, putting a team in Hartford would be a recipe for disaster and the team would have no fan support. Even other things considered with regard to Hartford, it is very far from East Rutherford relative to the other cities I proposed. However, your concerns over the Yale Bowl's viability are reasonable, and I can see this team only playing there temporarily until they can get a venue in Bridgeport, which is larger and much more Giants-centric.
  10. Leak of Volkswagen caught on the refreshed Golf: Looks like they're just slimming design and font. No truly positive or negative feelings about it.
  11. Next up on the docket is the also historic NFC North: Iowa Reapers (Chicago Bears): The state of Iowa seemed like an ideal option for an affiliate, but instead of placing the team in far-away Des Moines, I put the team in closer Cedar Rapids. I was originally going to make this team the Iowa Cubs, but realized it would get confused with the Chicago Cubs' AAA affiliate, so I went with the Reapers, named after Iowa's extensive agriculture history. The logo is two crossing Scythes featuring the Bears' classic colors and a darker shade of orange for depth. The only stadium in the area is Kingston Stadium, which seats a very solid crowd for a minor league game. Grand Rapids Pride (Detroit Lions): Grand Rapids seemed like an obvious choice for a Lions affiliate since most of the other minor league teams for the Detroit are located in Grand Rapids and it's the second-largest city in Michigan. Pride obviously comes from a double entendre from both passion and the name of a pack of Lions. The logo was partially inspired by FC Copenhagen's logo, but obviously features some major differences in color and design. Houseman Field is the only option right now in Grand Rapids, but a little expansion of the stadium by a few thousand seats should make it suitable for an AAF team. Milwaukee Packers (Green Bay Packers): As the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee was the obvious choice for the affiliate's location. As one of the oldest and most historic organizations still around in the NFL, the Packers name was too historic and associated with Wisconsin to be replaced with something else. Although i was debating cheeseheads, I realized that would probably not sit well with the fanbase. The logo is an adjusted version of the Pack's logo with a new M instead of a G. Without a true football only venue in Milwaukee, I placed the team in Miller Park (which may likely be temporary if this were real), which has hosted football and soccer games in the past and would work. Fargo Northsmen (Minnesota Vikings): When thinking of locations and names for the Vikes' affiliate, I took a suggestion from user JH42XCC, naming them the Northsmen (the group that came before the Vikings) and putting them in Fargo, North Dakotah in the very solid Fargodome. I looked at cities like Duluth and others in Minnesota, but none were nearly as suitable or ready for an AAF team as Fargo was. The logo is a Nordic-styled "F" with an ancient Nordic pattern taking up the majority of real estate inside the "F". NFC South coming up...
  12. This series has officially moved onto the NFC, starting with the infamous and historic NFC East Austin Lone Stars (Dallas Cowboys): As spoiled by my placement of the San Antonio Commanders with Houston, Dallas' affiliate will play in the state capital of Austin. Obviously the name references the state's nickname as the Lone Star State, but also refers to the Cowboys' famous Lone Star logo. I made some adjustments to said logo to make it different and pop. In addition, the logo reflects the seal of the state of Texas with obvious word replacements. They will play in Austin FC's new stadium when it opens in 2021 as DKRMS is far too big for the team. Connecticut Blues (New York Giants): I knew from the beginning it made sense for the Giants' affiliate to play in Connecticut, but it was very difficult to decide on a city and narrowed it down to Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven. I ultimately went with New Haven over Bridgeport and Hartford because of the existing (and famous) Yale Bowl available for use and proximity, respectively. The team name is in reference to the Giants' nickname as "Big Blue" and the logo is meant to resemble the Giants' primary logo styling, but a bit sharper. Trenton Liberty (Philadelphia Eagles): It was difficult to decide on a location for the Eagles' affiliate (namely whether to put them in South Jersey or Pennsylvania, since they have major fan support in both locations. I ultimately chose New Jersey's state capital of Trenton due to its population and proximity to Philly. The location in NJ can also possibly lure undecided fans to the Eagles (instead of their rival Giants, who also have fans in South Jersey). The team name obviously references the famous liberty bell and the logo features it as well. However, the shape of the logo and design are actually meant to reflect that of the old Veterans Stadium's bell and logo. Despite choosing Trenton as their city, they will play in the suburb of Princeton, where Princeton University's Tiger Stadium is readily available. Virginia Powhatans (Washington Redskins): After putting the Ravens' affiliate in Maryland, I elected to put the Skins' affiliate in Richmond, one of the larger cities in America without a sports team whatsoever. The Powhatans name honors the famous tribe synonymous with the area (in also an attempt of goodwill considering the parent clubs' racist existing name) and the logo features a similar logo to the Skins but features a P in the classic style of the team. The stadium must be Robins Stadium at the University of Richmond, although expansion by a few thousand seats could be in place. NFC North up next! Hope you like these!
  13. I know I might be in the minority but I really like the black unis (and I'm a Giants fan). Like the white the most but really don't like the Green. Should not have the black outlines. Kind of funny how the Jaguars need black outlines yet the Jets don't. Should do a little outline swap.
  14. With more time on my hands now that exams are done, I was able to complete the AFC West (and am in the process of rethinking the Caiman's logo/idea as well) Colorado Springs Stallions (Denver Broncos): I knew as soon as I began the Stallions would be affiliated with the Broncos (with the name and all). However, I decided to relocate the team to the populous Colorado Springs and refreshed the logo (notably the text and horse chest, now a built-in "CS" instead of just an "S") and colors to reflect that. They will also play in the only suitable football venue there, the famous Falcon Stadium of Air Force. St. Louis Guardians (Kansas City Chiefs): While a bit farther in proximity than other teams, St. Louis is the perfect location for a Chiefs affiliate due to the population (from experience living in St. Louis) being fans of the Chiefs with the departure of the Rams and the overall size. The name came from the fact that St. Louis is considered the Gateway to the West and thus it must be guarded. Cheesy, I know, but it suits. The logo features an emblem similar to that of the Chiefs instead reading "STL", under the Gateway Arch. The Dome at America's Center is the only true venue for this team, as there are few venues nearby and this venue needs a tenant. Santa Barbara Surf (LA Chargers): While the San Diego Fleet would look like an obvious choice to be the Chargers affiliate, unfortunately due to the heavy anger with the Chargers' departure, there would be some sentiment towards the team. Thus, instead, I gave them an affiliate up north in Santa Barbara, named after the iconic waves coming in from the pacific. They will play at UCSB's large soccer venue, Harder Stadium, as it is the only suitable football venue in the area and is also perfectly sized. Bakersfield Raiders (Las Vegas Raiders): You may think this is a bland name and logo, but it fits the Raider brand extremely well, as the team is not very lenient with their brand and would likely want to keep their name involved in the affiliate (see many teams in the NBA G-League as examples), especially considering the location and the only city within decent proximity of Las Vegas. Bakersfield is an avid community of Raiders fans and there would not want to be any confusion with the teams since its not located in the same state as Vegas. Memorial Stadium is perfect for the team in terms of location and size. To be honest, with the name association and team support in the LA metro area, this team could attract crowds even closer to the Chargers and Rams. Moving onto the NFC soon with the NFC East and might be delivering a new Caimans logo too, so look back at my AFC South post for any changes! As always, let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.
  15. Here are the AFC South Affiliates, with two of the teams being carryovers from the now former AAF: San Antonio Commanders (Houston Texans): Not much change here, just a recoloring to the texans colors. Chose the Commanders for Houston rather than Dallas simply due to San Antonio's proximity to Houston versus Austin (so spoiler alert, Dallas' affiliate will be in Austin). Evansville 500s (Indianapolis Colts): When choosing a city for the Colts affiliate, it was between Evansville and the larger Fort Wayne. However, upon further research, I discovered there is no football stadium suitable in Fort Wayne, and thus chose the Reitz Bowl in Evansville. The name clearly references the famous Indy 500 and the logo is sleek and simple, but also the lines give it the appearance of a tailpipe on a car. Tallahassee Caimans (Jacksonville Jaguars): With Tallahassee being the only large city close enough to Jacksonville, it only made sense for the team to have their affiliate there and also play in the soon-to-be-built Jake Gaither Stadium on Florida A&M's campus, a more intimate environment stadium than FSU's. The logo is two Caiman heads side-by-side forming a T, although as you can tell it's a bit rough, as I'm still debating other logos or even other names if you don't like it. Memphis Express (Tennessee Titans): Not much change here other than the color shift from red and light navy to a darker navy and the Titans' iconic baby blue. Let me know what you think, especially with Tallahassee's name and logo. If you have another good name/logo idea for the team, feel free to share as I work on the AFC West affiliates!