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  1. Red is at least a part of the Giants color scheme. Royal blue, black (the outline of the sleeve pattern), and turquoise silver aren't even in the team's main scheme. The Giants road jersey is nice, the Cowboys white jersey is total trash.
  2. Hey all, I decided to try and throw some yellow into the Heat's statement uniform to see how potentially to integrate yellow into the Heat uniform somehow. It didn't look as good with the icon and association uniforms, but the statement I think upgrades from adding yellow: More important though, the next teams up for this series: Orlando Magic: The Magic uniforms keep the modern pinstriping pattern and font, but everything else on the uniform gets changed. The uncolored wishbone neck and sleeves is replaced with a two color sleeve design matching the wordmark and a u-neck, which makes the uniform pop a bit more. The association uniform's wordmark and numbers get a color swap, switching to black for the first time, which pops a bit more than blue in my opinion. The pinstripes also get switched from grey/silver to blue as well on the uniform. The statement uniform brings back the team's original icon uniform from 2008 to complete the look. All the uniforms remove the side pattern and the short reverts to a basic single stripe pattern to match the sleeves, as well as the team's logo taking place of the wordmark on the waist. Washington Wizards: The Wizards' current uniform is one of the best modern uniforms out there, so I left the association and icon uniforms alone. The statement uniform gets a replacement/upgrade with the design of the team's city uniform from this past year meshing with the team's existing statement uniform's wordmark to create a new, silver statement. The West comes next!
  3. I think their purple and gold at this point is far too iconic and associated with the brand to go back to the powder blue
  4. Here are the first 3 for the Southeast Division: Atlanta Hawks: The changes made for the Hawks' association and icon unis are rather minor. I moved the logo off the side of the short to the front leg of the short, making the logo more prominent, while also adding a drop shadow on the chest text to match the numbers. I also changed the front of the association to read Hawks instead. The statement uniform gets a complete overhaul, bringing back both the yellow jersey and "ATL" front text that had been on the uniform for over a decade prior. Colors are adjusted appropriately as well and the yellow uni stands out a lot better than the bfbs statement used before. Charlotte Hornets: The association jersey for the Hornets doesn't receive any major changes on top, while the icon's awkward white pinstripes and sleeves are changed to the team's purple, which looks cleaner and a little more subtle than the white used before. The statement uniform brings Buzz City front and center, while also incorporating the pinstripes as well like the other two uniforms. All three unis receive new shorts though, ditching the, in my opinion, off-putting new short design for a more traditional short resembling what the team used in their first stint. Hugo also finally comes to the uniform in the form of the logo on the waist of the statement uniform. Miami Heat: The Heat uniforms get a complete overhaul. I actually elected to make 2 different concepts for the heat, both featuring the same uniform style, a mixed version of the team's original styling from the 80s and 90s and the Miami Vice styling. However, one features slightly altered/darkened (for contrast) Vice colors, which I think could give the Heat a very unique and flashy identity, more so than the team's traditional red and black, which is very common amongst all sports. However, I included uniforms in those traditional colors and a slightly altered logo as well. Let me know which looks better! Final 2 Eastern Conference teams upcoming
  5. Finishing up the Central Division, we have: Detroit Pistons: The Piston's existing set is rather solid, although I reverted the icon uniform back to the red front, along with red sleeves to match the text. I also saturated the blue back to the older, stronger shade the team used. The statement uniform, though, is where I completely changed things up. Their current statement is truly awful in my opinion, so I ditched it entirely and brought a red alternate back, taking on the styling of the original Detroit/Zollner Pistons uniforms with the text design, and made the neck a U-neck to match the old uniform styling, while adding the team's other secondary logo to the pant. Indiana Pacers: For the record, I absolutely love the Pacers' city uniform from this past season, bringing back the unique pinstripes. Thus, I decided to adopt this styling for a new icon and association jersey, making edits to the coloring to match the team's current scheme and changed the waist logo to the team's main alternate. The statement uniform, which I think was great, gets some modifications to its font, as I adopted the team's current font and italicized it to keep the uniform set consistent. Milwaukee Bucks: The changes for the Bucks mostly come through color simplification. Gone are the unnecessary black and the light blue that was superfluous. This simplifies the team's new color scheme down to just green, cream, and white. The side paneling on both the icon and association uniform reflects this change, ditching both colors and replicating the style of the 1980s Bucks uniforms. The old black deer head statement gets tossed though and replaced with a cream jersey, which takes styling from the earned jersey they have this year, namely the deer antlers incorporated into the jersey which looks pretty cool. I faded the antlers into the background and also updated the front font to be different, now reading the city abbreviation of MKE, as well as the alternate logo being added to the pant. Southeast division up next!
  6. I tried experimenting with blue side panels and numbers, but it just didn't work well and blended in awkwardly with the black. I also feel the black is still kind of necessary for the Raps, as red and purple don't contrast well enough to just go by themselves. Maybe I could try and experiment a bit more with a different, non-black/potentially red statement uni for them when I get back around to making edits.
  7. Leading off for the Central Division, the first two teams we have are: Chicago Bulls: Near untouchable uniforms, some of the best in the all of sports. Only modification I made was to the Statement uniform, altering the pant design to better match the sleeves. Otherwise, the Bulls are iconic and touching it any further will only make things worse. Cleveland Cavaliers: In my honest opinion, the Cavs have easily the worst uniform set in the NBA and arguably the worst brand in all of sports as well. Thus, the uniforms get a complete redesign from the ground up. First off, I saturated the wine a bit more and completely eliminated both navy and black from the color scheme, which only dragged the whole Cavs brand down. In addition, I took inspiration from the Cleveland script sign (and Cavs' old city uniforms) to redo the chest font and gave the team an all-new number font as well. The uniform features a new sleeve, side design, and short design, modernizing the Cavs uniforms from the 2000s when Lebron put Cleveland on the map. The outline of Ohio also now sits on the waist area, taken from the team's old City uniform, as well as the new yellow Statement uniform also. This uniform may be the most drastic transformation I do, so let me know what you think! Pistons, Pacers, and Bucks up next
  8. Hey, Decided I'd start a series up fixing all 30 NBA's teams' uniforms. These mostly won't be significant changes to team branding as a whole (except for possibly a couple of cases), but a refresh in some way of every teams' icon, association, and/or statement uniforms. I'll be starting off with a few teams in the Atlantic Division to kickstart things off, noting major changes along the way, and go by standings order: Philadelphia 76ers: While the great core stars and stripes design of the uniform remains unchanged, I decided to incorporate the much more unique and beloved cursive design of the statement uniforms into all of the uniforms, while promoting the red statement uniform to the icon uniform, making a minor change to the pant logo to match the other uniforms. The red uniform also has historically been the main colored uniform for the team, more so than blue. Brooklyn Nets: The Nets' icon and association uniforms get some minor tweaks with the side designs, incorporating the Brooklyn Bridge design from the team's first city uniform. It spices up and "Brooklyn-izes" an otherwise more subtle uniform. The statement uniform receives a gray gradient and the old NJ Nets side panel design to pay homage to the team's history, while also featuring a more traditional Nets font, rather than the ugly and jarring graffiti style used in the current statement uniforms. New York Knicks: The Knicks receive some more substantial changes to their overall uniform look. First, I made the orange and blue a lot stronger and more colorful to pop a bit more, while also removing the silver accents entirely. I also reverted the Knicks to their older, much less stubby team and number fonts they had used for over 50 years prior to 2012 to harken back to the older glory days. The biggest change comes with an all-new statement uniform, giving Knick fans like myself something they had been asking for for nearly 2 decades: a black uniform. The design is inspired by the uniforms of the late 90s, but is primarily black with orange outlining, completing a fashionable and retro look. Boston Celtics: While the classic icon and association uniforms receive no changes for the Celts, the statement uniform is completely redesigned. The chest font is thrown back to the 1950s-60s in the team's dynasty years with Bill Russell, while gold is incorporated into the uniform as a tertiary color, also paying homage to the team's 17 championships. The number also gets added to the shorts for the first time since the 1950s to match the styling. Toronto Raptors: I kept the basic elements, like the chevron, of the Raps uniforms in tact, but I brought back the purple as a main color. There are too many teams out there right now with black and red in my opinion, bringing purple back would invoke some nostalgia in fans and give the Raps a much more unique look that's truly different from other teams in sports. I will be doing the central division next, but let me know what you think!
  9. Here is the Metro Division: Columbus Blue Jackets HMs: Seth Jones (Longevity) New Jersey Devils HMs: Travis Zajac (Quality of Play) & Zach Parise (Longevity) New York Islanders HMs: John Tavares (Went Out Hated) New York Rangers HMs: Ryan McDonagh (Longevity) Philadelphia Flyers HMs: Jakub Voracek (Longevity) Washington Capitals HMs: Evgeni Kuznetsov (Longevity) No HMs for Carolina & Pittsburgh Notable Exclusions Due to Retirement/Not Qualified: Justin Williams (CAR), Cam Ward (CAR), & Rick Nash (CBJ) Central coming up next!
  10. I only included players still playing professionally, so guys who retired and have yet to see their numbers retired won't be in this series. Hence, since Markov, Koivu, & Zetterberg have already retired, I didn't include them. Miller, however, I didn't think that much of! He just never really stood out to me, he'd probably still fall into the honorable mention category. Vezina is nice, but still probably not enough accolades for retired number levels.
  11. Hey all, I did a series years ago in which I created the future retired number banners for players who have yet to formally retire. Decided to redo this series with better concepts and more relevant players/numbers. For the dates, if it is not the last year a player played for the team shown, I am using the year their current contract expires. Again, this series is just players who are still currently playing either in the NHL or worldwide. Honorable Mentions for each team that didn't quite make it will be below. Getting things started with the Atlantic Division: Boston Bruins HMs: David Krejci (quality of play), David Pasternak & Brad Marchand (both longevity) Florida Panthers HMs: Alexsander Barkov & Jonathan Huberdeau (both longevity) Tampa Bay Lightning HMs: Andrei Vasilevsky & Victor Hedman (both longevity) Toronto Maple Leafs HMs: Auston Matthews (longevity) No Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, & Ottawa Senators HMs Let me know if you agree or have any other players you think deserve consideration! Otherwise, Metro division is coming up next!
  12. AMAZING Suns concept. Looks a million times better than their current crap that they wear.
  13. Looks like the Rangers just leaked that not only will they (and most other, if not all, teams) release a Reverse Retro jersey, but a FOURTH jersey as well for the so-called "Power 31 Collection". Any ideas what you think this new series is going to look like?
  14. They’re okay, would look way better if black was in place of the white on the sleeves
  15. I like the idea of taking their color rush uniform and promoting it to the main road while demoting the white and red road jersey as an alternate/throwback, but I do have problems with it. 1) The old Giants uniforms from the 70s-90s people like look way too similar to the Bills current set sans helmet color. Furthermore, the home version really doesn't age well in my mind and looks very outdated compared to the road. 2) I don't agree with the Giants on the helmet thing, which was only done when the team moved to NJ in 1976 and didn't want to "lie" about their location in the first place. The square nature of the NY works a lot better on the helmet. 3) The Giants have played like total trash in those white color rush uniforms.
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