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  1. Here's the set with the white returning to the sleeves, which I can see looking a little better, especially with the white numbers. However, the fact Dallas has the different colored/shade of blue for the road jersey has always bugged the hell out of me, so I'm not gonna back down on that change. The set still looks classic and very clean.
  2. Here are the 8-8 teams: Chicago Bears: As you can see, I made very small changes to the Bears. The iconic "c" and alternate logo merge to become a more "bear-centric" primary logo. The only change of note on the uniforms is the changing of the sleeve colors on the home uniform to match the coloring of the numbers (the socks are done to match as well). The orange is also brightened across the board to match the older color of the team and brighten things up. Dallas Cowboys: Another iconic brand that didn't need much changing were the Cowboys. A new secondary is introduced featuring a literal "Big D", which is just as clean as the primary. The overall uniform design is mostly constant from the prior set, with only changes to coloring taking place. The blue on the white home uniform is darkened to match the colors of the logos and road jersey, while the black on the sleeve design is scrapped entirely. Additionally, the silver on the sleeves and neck of the blue road jersey are switched to just white to match the styling of the numbers. Pittsburgh Steelers: Like the other two, changes to the Steelers brand are very minor, with no changes to the logo, helmet, or numbering. However, the sleeves receive a slight reworking with the removal of the white from the sleeves of the home jersey and the addition of black on the road jersey. The most notable change I gave the team was the addition of a new third jersey that isn't a throwback for once. Instead it is a yellow-based jersey, with the design pretty much flip-flopped from the home uniform and the introduction of a new black pant that could be used with the home and road uniforms as well. These designs were a bit boring due to how iconic they are, but I promise the next several teams (the 7-9 ones) will receive much more drastic changes, specifically for the Falcons, Broncos, and Bucs.
  3. Los Angeles Rams: I full well know that the Rams are getting their own special refresh this year, but here is my hope for the Rams' set. The biggest change comes with the color scheme, as the Rams return to the classic gold they had been using for decades, while I give the team a new blue as well, which is a blend of the old royal and modern navy. The logos do not receive much change physically save for a subtle white drop shadow and the full-on recoloring. The helmet designs go relatively unchanged, solely reverting to the "retro" helmet and changing the blue to match. The uniforms are where the changes truly come up. The home and road uniforms get complete redesigns, with new, more aggressive horns adorning the sleeves, a new number font to better match the style of the classic team word-mark. I will be doing the 8-8 teams next in the Bears, Steelers, and Cowboys, which, spoiler alert, will not receive many changes.
  4. The final two playoff teams have arrived: New England Patriots: The Pats' old Reebok design is at long last gone for good, as I gave the Pats a full brand refresh in the potentially post-Brady era. Silver is officially removed from the color scheme, while an altered version of the Patriots' original logo comes back as a secondary. The biggest changes come in the uniforms, which are completely redesigned nearly from the ground up. The helmet goes back to the old times to a matte white, while the logo receives its alteration in the removal of silver as well. The shoulder design carries over from the Color Rush uniform to the entire set, the font is completely redone to better match the team's word-mark, and the pants are simplified to match the shoulder pattern. Furthermore, the team receives a new red third uniform that carries over the home and road designs, but brings red back to the Pats' design, while also featuring red socks and a unique pant design that matches the sleeves. New Orleans Saints: The Saints' changes are far less drastic than the Pats'. The primary and secondary logos go practically unchanged, outside of the primary taking on black as the main color. The helmets also receive no change. However, the uniform receives some significant changes, namely with the addition of a sleeve design honoring the team's original uniforms, the addition of the team's word-mark above the numbers, and the road uniform numbers shifting a completely gold base with black outline and pant stripe from the home uniform being carried over to the black pant. Non-playoff teams coming up next...
  5. Made a few alterations to the template that smoothed it out quite a bit, as well as fixed the collar to match the current NFL style. Nonetheless, here are the first two wild card teams I did: Buffalo Bills: Being a big fan of the Bills uniform appearance, I only made minor alterations to it. I reworked the pant, flipping the colors of the white pant and redoing the blue pant to better match the styling of the white pant. I also strengthened the stripes on the sleeves to stand out a bit more. The biggest change comes with the reintroduction of the red helmet, which was from the most successful era of Bills history. I reworked the stripe of the helmet to match that on the previous helmet. I also simply think white helmets feel cheap, whereas the red helmet feels more poppy and refined. I also removed the red color rush alternate and throwback, which seemed to be universally loathed and did not differentiate enough, respectively. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles receive a nearly complete brand refresh. Black is completely removed from the color scheme and the much beloved Kelly Green makes a mighty and poppy return, with the silver tertiary color being lightened up a bit. While the primary logo retains its shape outside of a recolor, the secondary features a full-body version of the Eagle. The uniforms are where the biggest changes take place though. The numbers and fonts get a total rework, featuring a more sharp and quick-appearing font replacing the rather static and out-of-place serif font prior. The sleeves also feature "wing" stripes, replacing the original primary logo on the sleeves, playing more into the speed theme while still looking timeless. The helmet is iconic and only receives small re-touchings and a silver face-mask instead of black. Pats and Saints are up next...
  6. I felt it would be best to use the AFL font the Chiefs currently use in the patch, considering he's the founder of said league. The Chiefs logo font would be rather weird imo.
  7. As promised... Houston Texans: While I happen to like the Texans' logo a lot and their overall design has aged pretty well, I felt there needed to be some updates for consistency and to make the unis more flashy. First, I gave the home uniform red numbers (similar to the color rush uniform), as I felt they look very good matched up with the helmet and logo more so than white numbers with a red outline. Second, I gave the shoulder "horns" an outline to match the number outlining for each respective uniform to make them stand out more. Additionally, the horns on the road and third jersey change colors to match the numbers. Third, I removed the fat collar coloring that existed prior, which I thought looked rather ugly and would interfere with the uniform consistency. Finally, I gave the helmets a red face-mask to give the helmet some more color and allow it to stand out more. Seattle Seahawks: Bigger changes come for the Seahawks, whose Nike look since 2012 is already looking a little bit cheesy and dated in my opinion. Thus, I decided to brighten the colorway and return the team back to a brighter blue, while also giving the team's neon green (unchanged from the previous look) more prominence to help the team's colors stand out more from other teams. I left the awesome native-inspired Seahawk primary logo alone outside of recoloring. Bigger changes come to the uniforms though, as they get a major redesign. The helmet returns to the classic silver and blue face-mask the team had for over 20 years. I would also think the silver coloring would be matte, like on the current helmets. The pattern on the helmet has also been sidelined as I find it rather tacky. The uniforms themselves use an altered version of their current number font without the tacky pattern inside it. The sleeves receive two stripes and are separated by white borders, modernizing the look from the classic uniforms. The collar also goes two-tone to better match the sleeves. The pant also changes the side pattern to match the sleeve design. Up next come the Wild Card losers...
  8. Next up are two of the four Divisional Round losers: Baltimore Ravens: One of the first things you might notice is the reworked primary logo, which blends the styles of the original alternate logo and the current logo to create a far more fierce raven that looks less goofy with its funky facial expression and "B". The same logo was also enlarged for the helmet. More significantly, though, and I may be in the minority, but I find the Ravens' uniform set rather dated, namely in the number font department. Thus, I decided to give the Ravens a completely new look for their numbers and uniforms. This 19th century poster-style sans serif I made works a lot better in my opinion, while still honoring the period of the team's namesake. Furthermore, I removed the alternate logo on the sleeve entirely and instead added a subtle ingrained pattern to the sleeves that resembles the Maryland state flag. Lastly, I gave the road uniforms a new purple pant carried over from the color rush set and an all black pant for the third jersey. Minnesota Vikings: Personally, I find the Vikings uniforms, colors, and logo to be some of the best in the entire league. Thus, I only made a few fixes to the current set. I made the sleeve stripes just purely wrap around (no weird arching upwards from the top stripe like on the current set) and I made the face-mask purple instead of the black it previously was, while also removing black from the horn decal on the helmet to better line up with the rest of the uniform. However, I did give the Vikes an all-new secondary logo that brings the team's iconic ship to the brand, while also providing the team with a new third uniform to replace the rather bland yellow on purple one they had before. It holds the same design consistency to the home and road unis, while featuring the purple pant and a purple collar. Texans and Seahawks are up next.
  9. I tried that out beforehand to better match the Oilers style helmet, but it didn't seem to work as well, particularly with the red only being an outline and not a major color in the unis.
  10. Hi all, With the conclusion of the 2019 NFL season, I thought now would be a cool time to do a fixer-upper series, fixing all 32 NFL brands and uniform sets, from small changes to complete re-brandings. I will be explaining each change I make for each set. No set will be left untouched, even the classics. I will be doing this series in reverse standings order because I feel like it. Without further ado, lets get the series started off with the Super Bowl Champs... Kansas City Chiefs: The biggest change comes in the logo, in which I removed the out-of-place black that has no place in the team's uniform set and replaced it with the team's much more poppy yellow. While I left the amazing and classic uniform mostly untouched (outside of the obvious logo change in the helmet), I did make a minor alteration that makes the uniform cleaner. Instead of the rather obtrusive Lamar Hunt/AFL patch that has been on the front of the Chiefs uniforms for about a decade now, I had the team move Mr. Hunt to the left sleeve, following the suit of the Bears, Lions, and (formerly) the Browns. I wanted the team to honor the owner, but in a more unobtrusive way, thus I feel the sleeve logo (shown) is a better way to clean up the uniform and keep Mr. Hunt's name on the uniform. San Francisco 49ers: The biggest change to the Niners set was the removal of black from the logo, which I felt was black for black's sake and, like the chiefs, is not featured on the uniforms. I feel it simplifies the primary. Additionally, I brought back an altered version of the team's old Art Deco-inspired shield secondary logo, with fixes to the spacing and the replacement of the football in the top right corner with the team's 5 rings. Uniform-wise, outside of the logo change on the helmet, I decided to throw part of the uniform back to the 90s with a gold drop shadow behind the numbers to further add gold to the iconic uniform without soiling it. Tennessee Titans: This is a set where I did not change much to the logos themselves, but the uniforms received drastic changes. The Titans' current set is one of the most disliked in the league, mostly due to its corniness and over-complexity. Thus, the first step in my uniform change was removing the atrocious "sword" shoulder design, keeping it color consistent instead. Next, I re-added the cool secondary logo to the sleeves after they were removed in 2018. The next step was to fix the numbers. I liked the idea, but the numbers looked far too awkward. Thus, I noticeably altered and strengthened the numbers to stand out more prominently and not look starved to death. Furthermore, I reintegrated red into the uniform by making it a secondary outline to the numbers on each uniform, fitting in with the designs of the two logos. Finally, the helmet remains navy, as I felt it fit the set best, but the face-mask is now the Titans/Oilers powder blue, while the stripe is a blend of the design of the modern stripe on the first Titans helmet and the old traditional stripe on the Oilers helmet. Green Bay Packers: This classic identity receives very minimal changes from me. However, I did brighten up the green for the Pack, making the uniforms and logo pop a bit more. Additionally, I added a white border around the logo on the helmet to better match the style of the primary logo and altered the color of the face-mask and added a stripe on the third uniform (helmet rules aside). The only major change was the addition of a new secondary logo, which is a refreshed and updated version of the team's original logo. CC is obviously welcome. Next up will be the Ravens, Texans, Seahawks, and Vikings!
  11. The Falcons and Cards desperately need new unis (not new logos, since I think their logos are both pretty great). I can see the Pats likely changing their logo and uniform once Brady and Bill are gone to signify a new era and reinvigorate interest in the team and its merchandise since they won't have the same bankable talent for profit. Due to the fact the Eagles and Ravens have only really been successful in the uniforms they've been wearing since the 90s, I don't see either changing them soon. I really pray the Bengals change their outdated Reebok unis too, but knowing the pettiness and cheapness of the ownership, I do not expect it. Same goes with the Giants, who I really think should move their color rush uniform to be a full time away (sans the "GIANTS" helmet) and add a bit more detail to the bland/bare home uniform.
  12. Here is my Pelican uniform concept. What do you think? Please Reply.