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Hello everyone, I am new to the board (which is probably obvious by my post count), but I have some work I am wanting to post to get some feedback on, but before I do I had a couple of questions.

I have been reading through some old topics and it seems as if it would be in my best interest to watermark my work. I wasn't really sure how to do this, so if someone could give me some pointers. I have been using Photoshop CS to create the logs I am wanting to display. I hope that helps in giving me an answer. Thanks

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If you use a program like Illustrator, just make a background layer with an image representing yourself (a personal logo or just your name) and make sure that it is a light color, but visible enough to see. Then put your creation over that, and save. You could alos put the background image on top of your design, and make it semi-transparent, but that might interfere with your design. Its up to you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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