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Philly flyers logo reversed


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I'm probably the last one on the board to recognize this so excuse me if I'm slow.

I just noticed a few nights ago the Flyers started using their main logo on their helmets. I beleive they used the Flyers wordmark as recently as last season. (?)

The interesting part is they use a reversed version on the left side sweeping the wings to the players back on both sides. (see picture).


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Funny you mention it, since I almost posted about the same topic last night. I'm a diehard Flyers fan who normally wouldn't miss a game on TV if I were at home, but up here at school, I've only been able to catch whatever games are on national TV, so I'm not positive, but I believe the reversal of the logo on the one side didn't occur until partway through this season.

I remember initially noting that they had switched from using the wordmark, because I prefer the use of the logo, but then I remember seeing it again and being surprised to discover one side was now flipped.

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