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Another concept design


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Now here's a couple I can reply to:

Northport Neutrons:

Colour Scheme: Good, although I'd stick with one grey or silver. The navy is so dark it's tough to see where it ends and the black starts.

Jersey Cut: Clean and unique are it's good points, unfortunately I think it has too much of the navy to be a real light jersey and too light to be a real dark jersey.

Logo: It's not spectacular, but it's solid. If I would've come up with the concept, I would have had more of the dark colours in the middle and going to lighter colours further out, but that's a matter of preference.

Number and Name Font Selection: I've observed this to be one of your strengths. Clean and clear, very nice.

Trim: This is the jerseys main weakness. The cool combination of N's into a logo is good, but I'd say keep it consistent, and make it simpler (I'd start by dropping the shadow). Also, keep it consistent. The cuff trim would look better if it were proportional to the hem trim.

Overall: Much, much better than the other three I've seen from you. Drop the Northport crest, it looks out of place and would get in the way of a Captain's C.

Commack Cobras:

Colour Scheme: This kind of Minnesota Wild scheme has grown on me quite a bit, and that's lucky for you, because I wouldn't have been so receptive a few months ago. I'd emphasize the red and gold a little more and tone down a little of the green and beige.

Jersey Cut: Again, very clean and unique, but again, the dark-light ratio may be this cut's downfall. Although the sleeve trim helps a lot in breaking up some of the green's strength.

Logo: Too busy. Too many curves. And I don't think Cobras have rattles (can anyone confirm this?). The Cobras writing looks tacked on and out of place. Drop it completely. The cobra has a distinct shape from other snakes (with that crazy wide neck thing it's got goin' on), and I think this could be emphasized more. A very nice picture of an animal doesn't usually make for a good logo (see Boston Bruins alternate logo). Oh, and it's a bit too big in comparison with the rest of the jersey. A good rule of thumb that I use is: divide the jersey vertically from the collar to the bottom hem into eight equal sections. The logo shouldn't overlap the top eighth, and should remain within the 2nd to 5th sections (ie. equal to half the distance from the collar bottom to the hem).

The alternate logo looks like an alligator. Cobras have two big fangs on the top, not 3, and for other details, search around for cobra pictures.

Number and Name Font Selection: If the Tampa Bay Lightning changed their old font because it was too tough to read, this would be in that same category. Conceptually it looks nice, but it doesn't really fit the smooth curves emphasized in the logo, or the clean cut look emphasized by the jersey. Oh, and no numbers on the front of hockey jerseys. On the shoulder, okay, but not on the front.

Trim: This trim cut looks good one concepts, but in reality it has its drawbacks. The panels jerseys are made with don't yield good cross-panel trim ideas, so in this case I'd say more traditional would be better. I know it's been done before, and maybe if you tapered it off as it approached the cuff, I would change my mind.

Overall: A step along the road to becoming a great jersey maker. I didn't mean to be too harsh or critical, and I hope I passed on some good tips.

Lord knows there's things you can do that I could only dream of.

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