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Preseason Overtimes...


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Tried to find some quick info tonight after the Bears/Rams game went to overtime for a very short time (one offensive play) but couldn't find much online...

Does it happen often? I can't remember it happening too much in the pre-season. And if it does...why???? just end the game in a tie for gods-sake!

Anyway, BEAR DOWN!

OH, and any from from the Lou...who in the heck was that anouncer tonight???? He called the Rams Los Angelos once, was surprised at the number of penlties, and just sounded way off. The color guy would have been 100 times better.

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It was a pathetic overtime with the Rams allowing a long run back to like the 8, and then the Bears kicking a game winning FG, so it didn't last long.

I'm not worried because of anything that happened in this game, though I am still worried about Martz being Martz, Bulger being Bulger, and our O-Line being mostly unavailable for who knows how long, plus a few other things.

Anyway, I dunno who the announcers were. Did you guys have the same broadcast as us, or are you in the St. Louis local area? Rich Gould is WB11's sports guy, and he did the sideline stuff, but I dunno who the announcers were. They didn't seem to know a whole lot of the players or anything though.

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yeah...I'm in Highland 30 mins on the Illinois side. Watched 11. It was like listening to Pat Summerall...but him in like 20 years having even less of a clue what's going on.

Just moved here a few months ago. I have kinda weird sports alliances. I grew up inbetween chicago and st. louis so my sports teams are split between. Cardinals, Bears, Fire, Blues, Bulls if I have to choose NBA...but I don't. Then I follow Boston teams too cause of my dad being from there. But mainly the midwest...anyway.

The bears looked pretty good in the first drive. Thomas Jones looks pretty solid, so that's good. Rex Grossman looks to have a firm grasp on the offense. the penlties don't bother me, its preseason, new system, mistakes will be made.

Krenzel had a pretty good toss as time expired though huh?

Rambling...I have a problem.



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