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Which Jersey do I choose?


Which Jersey should I use...  

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I was bored the other day so I made some jerseys for my team in a sim-league. The name is Newfoundland Whalers, but I got a little carried away and designed 4 sets. Wondering which you like best, any reasons? Thanks.

Jerseys can be found here

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obnoxious!!! I like it! Yeah, I hate the 3rd, but I had already made it so figured why not put it up. I tried to use the yellow and red that seemed closest to that on the Newfoundland Provincial flag. Well, I guess this is one reason why the NHL would never expand to Newfoundland :D Nah, just kidding, thanks for the feedback. I also made a set very close to the Whalers final season jersey. However, the color scheme was too Dallas-Cowb!tch to me, and as a self-respecting Giants fan with a sense of decency, I had to put the kabbash on it myself.

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