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Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl

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2 hours ago, Gothamite said:


For just that reason, I don't mind contrast stitching. 


I mind contrast stitching as a deliberate stylistic element.


I generally don’t like it as a deliberate stylistic element, either, but I think that’s because of the way people have used it over the past several years.


It became a popular decorative technique on mass market “technical” athletic clothing, and it looked sillly every time (still does). 




The roots of it, however, are in workwear, where it was the exact opposite; completely utilitarian and decidedly non-decorative. From an efficiency standpoint, it was clothing designed to be beaten down, and there was no need for it to look good. Everything a factory made was sewn together with the same basic white or gold thread (most denim still holds onto this design element even though it often crosses the line from workwear to fashion). Functionally, making the stitching more visible also allowed people to easily see where repairs were needed.




I commend the Browns and Nike for tapping into those roots when deciding to do it on their uniforms, but I think it really fell flat because 1. the new uniforms didn’t carry much, if any semblance of a classic, utilitarian vibe, and 2. the sheer volume of seam lines on the Elite 51 jersey gave the technique way too much ego, like a supporting actor trying to steal the show. It would be a much better concrptual fit on their old uniform design, and it would be much more subtle and palatable on the simpler Vapor Untouchable garment. Either way, it’s not necessary, but I do appreciate the thinking behind it. If the construction process makes the unintended presence of contrast stitching unavoidable, then making an attempt to use it in a deliberate way is smart and worth the exercise in my opinion, even if it didn’t work out very well.

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