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F1 Meets Hockey - 03/14/19 Red Bull and Racing Point added (3 and 4/10)


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For me, this is one of the best times of the year. My absolute favourite sport, hockey, is at a fever pitch. The NHL is deep in the middle of a run to the playoffs, junior teams are going through the playoff ringer and the level of play has jumped up (as it always does right now).


To add to that, this is the time of year when my second favourite sport, Formula 1, hits the track. All 10 teams and 20 drivers are down in Melbourne as I type, ready to turn Albert Park from a sleepy path and pond to the biggest spectacle around. I love it. 


I've always thought this board has seen way too many sports-swap designs (if I see another Eagles or Flyers concept in red/white/blue, I swear to god...) and I never wanted to add yet another one here. That said, I've never seen anyone combine motorsports and hockey and if nobody else has done it, you best bet I want to be the first.


So here we go. We'll start with the top two teams from last year and arguably the two biggest in the sport right now - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and Scuderia Ferrari.






We'll continue on later with some more good stuff.

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Just started watching the F1 documentary on Netflix, and I have to say that I've been missing out in a big way. Can't wait to get into it this season!


That being said, I love the concepts. It's a unique crossover we've never seen and I think you nailed it. I love the modern look that you captured in the Mercedes uniform and the simplicity and classic style of the Ferrari uniform. Great work. Really excited for the others

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No sense wasting any time - let's keep this thing going.


Up next is Red Bull, a team settling down after some wildly successful years. This one is based partially off the black-and-white dazzle camo they tried in testing a few years back - since doing black and white dazzle stripes might make this team look like refs, I toned it down and kept it to the cuffs and logo.



Next up is a kinda new team bringing a very bright colour scheme into F1 - Racing Point. It's very pink.


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