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  1. Breaking past the halfway point for this project and starting on the Northeast division with the team representing Bahhhstahhhn. There really isn't much more behind the name of the Boston Brutes except me just liking the way it sounds. I took Celtics green, Bruins gold and mashed them together with a giant logo on the front and your general roller tackiness.
  2. We wrap up the American division with Washington, D.C. This team is named after Henry the Elephant, one of the biggest exhibits at Washington's National Museum of Natural History and features a cherry blossom pink colour after Washington's famous trees. Please welcome the Washington Mastodons.
  3. Bumping this for a sec before finishing off this division.
  4. Moving ahead to Philly. This one's a personal favourite. Taking a cue from the City of Brotherly Love's favourite fictional son (no, not Gritty - Rocky Balboa) here are the Philadelphia Heavyweights. The Heavyweights' unis take inspiration from Balboa's famous flag shorts and the original colours of the US, of which Philly served as a capital. The third uni is based what Rocky wore in Rocky II, when he first won the world title - the colours are from his shorts and socks during the fight and the "WIN, PHILLY, WIN" is inspired by his training attire with the sloga "WIN, ROCKY, WIN".
  5. Alrighty then, lets go north to Detroit. They had an original team in the RHI, with the unwieldy name of the Detroit Motor City Mustangs. The Detroit... Motor City... Mustangs. Your team name should not have two nicknames AND the official city name in it. Brutal. The team sucked too, their logo was the bad kind of 90s cheese that didn't look good at any time and they played their games in a convention centre . Bad start. I like the idea of calling a team "Motor City" - it's corny enough to fit in alternate sports, like inline hockey or MiLB, but tough-sounding enough to work for professional sports. Add to that a crucial part of an engine (instead of the name of a car from one of the city's three car companies - closing off your options there) and you get this, the Motor City Sparkplugs. We've got a red base (because Red Wings), contrasting sleeves (because Red Wings) and a wavy outline effect coming out from the primary logo. The third jersey is, of course, a take on the Wings' uni in inline form.
  6. Just a quick lil bump here before I move on. Any comments or critiques?
  7. Sooo... remember when I said this would be, "hockey at its fastest, brightest, tackiest and most absurd"? Here's exhibit A - the Miami Flamingos. I think this can almost speak for itself but yeah - Miami Vice colours, gradients, a logo I made up for a project years ago that I still like and upcycled for this and a strong, locally-based theme running through the whole set. The alternate logo is based on the logo used for Miami Vice, too.
  8. Moving on now to what I call the American division, consisting of Buffalo, Detroit, Miami, Philly and Washington, DC. Here is the only pre-existing RHI identity of the five teams there - the amazingly named Buffalo Wings. No, this team wasn't named after the food - at least, not directly. Their original logo was a pterodactyl and they used purple and lime green colours. I like that as a base, so I made a new twist on that logo, modernized the logo and (for the heck of it) made a literal buffalo wing alternate (drums over flats all day, don't @ me)
  9. Last team in the West Coast division is up in Seattle. Seattle never had an RHI team (though Portland did, weirdly) so here's a chance to start a fresh brand. Here is the Seattle Grunge. We're going full 1992 here, with a flannel jersey and screen printing on the pants (and alternate) to look like old denim. The logo combines a treble clef and an "S" and "G" monogram - which seems like something somebody else really should have found by now, but hey. The alternate is full-on Canadian tuxedo, double denim and looking cool as all hell in the process. This one is maybe my personal fave out of all these designs - I hope you like it as much as I do. We'll get going with another division next week.
  10. Team four of the West Coast division is the San Jose Rhinos. The third (and final) RHI identity to move on to the new league in the division, this one's also got some feelings of the 90s, inspired by their old jerseys while going modern.
  11. Next up is the third of five West Coast teams and another RHI team coming back - the Los Angeles Blades. The Blades were one of the RHI's charter franchises, playing out of the Great Western Forum like the Lakers and Kings did at the time. Jeanie Buss owned the team. It was one of the first teams the league even had. Southern California is prime roller hockey country - some of the best players going are from the area originally. The name needed to come back, but the logo and design, which has dated horribly since the early 90s, needed a change. When you think of "blades", the first thing that comes to mind are jagged edges, cuts, sharp things - not exactly "roller blades", which is what kinda should come to mind, but still something that translates well visually. Using a jagged, angular design, my own take on that "LA" wordmark that every other sports franchise seems to love to use and taking advantage of the fact that "blades" contains an "LA"... it all makes too much sense.
  12. Seems like Anaheim went over well, so let's continue through the West Coast division to Las Vegas. Back in the RHI days, Las Vegas actually had two teams - the Flash and the Coyotes, each for one season. The Flash went out of business and the Coyotes crashed out when the league went bust, so I figured neither brand was really worth tagging on to. So, I came up with a new one - the Las Vegas Gamblers. Logo is a riff on the Las Vegas sign, there is a poker chip motif throughout the design and the alternate is designed to resemble (in an abstract way) a desert sunrise.
  13. You know what? You're right. It's not a great frog. I whipped up a different image, tracing off the original Bullfrogs logo. I made some small adjustments, beefed up the linework and added some new, modern touches. Here it is.
  14. For a brief time in the 90s, roller hockey became a legitimate North American pro sport. Roller Hockey International signed up some prominent former NHLers to play and coach, a national broadcast deal with ESPN, deals with several NHL arenas sitting vacant in the summer months and created something weird and special. The league didn't last all that long, but thankfully that ESPN footage - lots of it - still survives on Youtube. I found one of those videos not that long ago and I was fascinated. I couldn't believe how fast the play was, how different and yet so similar it was to normal ice hockey and how unapologetically weird the teams, names, logos and uniforms were. Everything about this league was peak 90s. With the summer in full swing, I got to thinking what a roller hockey league would look like if it played over the summer, attracting some older free agents and guys who grew up playing roller to do what they love and get a paycheck for it. That inspired... this. This is the RHL, hockey at its fastest, brightest, tackiest and most absurd. It's a 20-team loop, with some teams that borrow names from their RHI ancestors and plenty of new identities. I hope you enjoy it. We'll start with the West Coast conference, a five-team division based mostly out of California, and one of the original RHI juggernauts: The Anaheim Bullfrogs. For many of the teams with roots in the 90s, the main task is to update the branding and bring it into the 21st century while keeping that 90s weirdness. That's part of the plan here, along with a throwback 3rd jersey. Lemme know what you think, what you might want to see, what you wanna know. I'm here to supply the weird and I hope yall are interested.
  15. God it looks so much better with the solid shorts... the shorts are by far the worst part of the new look. Solid blue shorts would make this fine.
  16. Oh I am following the hell outta this. Excellent work so far - you've managed to somehow come up with entirely new designs and identities, yet keep them consistent with the rest of the league. It's bold, it's colourful, it's unique - and as someone who's spent a lot of my life in Saskatoon, I know that design would go over well.
  17. The moose leg is the single best rink-bound projectile in hockey. Weird seeing Flin Flon wear black, though. That's an awful idea.
  18. So I missed the other divisional teaser releases yesterday and today. Screw it - here's all the other teams, starting with the Central division. Now, the Atlantic.
  19. Now, since Metro division teams have all posted teasers, let's go there, shall we?
  20. If you're a hockey fan and a uniform nerd, you've probably heard about Adidas' latest design idea - something it calls the ЯEVERSE RETRO series, basically a special fauxback uniform for every NHL team this coming season. The brand released a video this week showing what we can assume are the colours and the season the jersey will throw back to. So, naturally, I took that and ran with it - in the past two days, I've made mockups of all 31 uniforms we *could* see once this comes out. Some of these are outright guesses, while others are concepts using what we know as a jumping off point - a few are just what I'd like to see. Anyway, here it goes. Let's start with the eight Pacific division teams.
  21. Means watching this thread, knowing exactly what happens next
  22. Last team up - Washington. I will put up some designs I made for the Winter Classic, Heritage Classic and Stadium Series games, too.
  23. Two teams and special games left. Here are my favourites, the Winnipeg Jets.
  24. That's not a bad idea, but I did do something like that while coming up with this one - it looks way too much like Vancouver's Flying V. That was something I wanted to avoid - take some inspiration, sure, but don't outright ape the look, you know?
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