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WHA Offers Crosby

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According to a report in the Ottawa Sun, teen phenom Sidney Crosby has been offered a three-year, $7.5-million contract by the Hamilton franchise in the World Hockey Association.

The paper, citing an NHL source, reports that team owner Mario Frankovitch made the offer to Crosby.  It would pay the 17 year-old $2.5-million for each of the three seasons and, reportedly, would pay Crosby a guaranteed $2-million even if the fledling league can't get off the ground.

Crosby has been widely touted as the next scoring superstar in professional hockey and he scored 135 points in 59 games as a rookie with Rimouski in the QMJHL last season.

There is some confusion concerning the report, however, as Hamilton does not own Crosby's WHA rights. Crosby was selected first in the WHA Amateur Draft by Toronto on July 17. Hamilton picked fourth and chose Corey Locke.

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now why on earth would you turn down 7.5 million per year and a guarenteed 2 million if the league doesn't get off the ground? He must be the comming of the next wayne gretzky to be offered that much with out playing a single day in the wha or nhl


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Oh come on, the WHA is just a dead end. We all know that. Crosby has superstar potential, and there's no way that should be wasted in this sorry excuse of a hockey league.

It looks like everything is being done unorganized and last-minute. There's no way this league will ever get off the ground. Ez Street is right.

Crosby doesn't need to be rushed right now into big contracts like that anyways.


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