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I haven't done a concept on here in a while, but with Vanderbilt unveiling new uniforms this summer, it got me thinking about how just a few small changes could make a really solid set. As is, I would probably have the Commodores' uniforms (both the 2018 and 2019 set) as the worst in the SEC. That's not to say they're terrible- there are plenty of conferences in which they would be average, or in smaller ones, maybe even above average- but in the traditional-filled SEC, Vanderbilt occupies the lowest tier along with Kentucky and Missouri.


Vanderbilt's new 2019 set- https://www.uniswag.com/blog/new-uniforms-for-vanderbilt-football

Vanderibilt's new "Battle Ready" alternate uniform- https://www.uniswag.com/blog/vanderbilt-battle-ready-uniform


On to the concept- the biggest problem with Vanderbilt's uniforms, which they did not fix at all with their 2019 updates, is the mismatching gold. The deep gold of the gold helmets and SEC patch is noticeably different than the pale gold used everywhere else throughout the uniform (including the black helmets and black/white/gold jerseys and pants). In this concept, I standardized the gold, using an in-between color that's closer to the lighter gold of the jerseys and pants.


I tried to improve color balance throughout the set- gold returns to the white helmets and pants, while white returns to the gold helmets and pants. It could probably be argued that the lack of white on any of the black elements results in some color in-balance remaining, and that's fair, but I just think that going straight black and gold with a black base looks much better than trying to incorporate white.


As far as design, I kept the anchor theme, adding the "link" stripe from the helmet to the pants, which they *kinda* did on the new 2019 uniforms, albeit in a sublimated way. The helmet designs are essentially the same, just with the aforementioned color changes. The jersey designs are fairly traditional, with a thick block number font, "Vanderbilt" on the chest, and a sublimated anchor on the sleeves (rather than the contrasting sleeve caps that occupy that area on both the 2018 and 2019 sets).


Primary Uniforms:







Alternate Home Combinations:







Alternate Home Combinations:










Alternate Home Combinations:







If you're a Vanderbilt baseball fan (or a fan of any SEC baseball team), you might also be interested in my 2019 SEC Baseball concepts, which I haven't previously posted on the CCSLC.

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