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tweaking the Avalanche Stadium Series jersey


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So here are the actual Avalanche jerseys:

Image result for avalanche stadium series jersey


I think they are a cool concept but just a bit...off.


Here was my first attempt:


-lowered the "A" off the collar

-made the burgundy portion much lower (the real ones look like Peewee Herman pants)  I wonder if the real one will have burgundy all the way around the back; I'm guessing it'd land in the middle of the back numbers so maybe it's just all blue on the back like the old Sharks jerseys?

-tried to make the white "A" a little less obvious (the burgundy triangle in the middle of the "A" of the real one is a little strange IMO). 

-narrowed the horizontal white stripes and made them match on sleeves, body, and socks


and here's my second version:


-raised the burgundy portion on jersey

-tried to make logo look like an avalanche (while still looking like a big white "A"...if anyone wants to tweak it to make it look better be my guest!



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