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  1. @BucI mean... seeing your avatar reminds me of another team with the same problem. When did FSU's pants go from metallic to matte? 2013? I thought I liked the color rush because on TV it seems to match better - but now that I image search it's not great either. Maybe it's just less obvious when it isn't as large of an area as the gold pants. The Saints website does have a pretty cool timeline of many photos: https://www.neworleanssaints.com/team/history/uniform-history And I think it's fitting to talk about the Saints in this thread because they were one of the first (if not THE first?) to do the monochrome leotard look that inspired Atlanta's new look. I'm not a fan but at least the red side panels break up the monochrome a little.
  2. @henburgCool photoshop! I'm not really a fan of the pewter jersey, and agree they really need orange. Maybe more white would balance it out? Maybe getting rid of all the black trim would make it easier to squeeze in more orange.
  3. To accurately modernize the logo we need to consider various TJs like the bread man or Pasta: P.S. I don't think I've ever looked so close at the Panther's logo...
  4. There have been a few threads through the years at combining Coyotes elements. To me it's almost like the Chargers or Buccaneers... they've always (or at least mostly) looked good, but it's tough to blend generations and make everyone happy. Squeezing the green, black, and red together is really tricky, IMO. @B-mer made this pretty cool version: Personally I think they should play up their more unique colors and I prefer the old head logo: (I stole his template)
  5. Perhaps... but that set was still mainly good. It just feels weird to me that they use totally different palettes from week to week. It's funny, to me the StL Blues look great in their powder blue and yellow, and I don't really like their dual blue look. But with the Chargers they seem to be missing something without the navy. Maybe it's just my age and what I was used to growing up.
  6. Activate Microsoft Paint! In my opinion if they want navy and powder blues in their scheme they need both in their uniforms. Here's an attempt to use the new bolt pattern, old number font, and both shades of blue on everything:
  7. I'm surprised how much love the Charger's set is getting. It's fine, but through their history they've always been at least fine. Upgrade: the "bolt" on jersey and pants looks slightly better when not surrounded by white rectangle Meh: yellow pants aren't as garish as I feared, but IMO aren't necessary. Yellow has been a trim color for 35 years now, and you're in the same city as a royal and yellow team. Still bad: a color scheme with two blues I can understand, but three? No thanks, lose the royal entirely. Again, you're in LA, have a unique identity. Still bad: It's hard to tell with lighting, but I feel like the powder blue of the last set is more saturated than the classics. Someone correct me, but I'd prefer them a LITTLE less "bright". I also feel like their navy has gotten brighter between the 90s set and 2019. I'd prefer the darker, nearly black. Downgrade: the navy set needs white bolts, as @j'villejagsshowed. Not sure how this would look with white helmet. Also curious how whole set would look with navy helmet. Maybe @j'villejags can work some more photoshop magic? Downgrade: another new font. If you wanted a custom font what was wrong with the one used previously? I wouldn't have been opposed to the classic block either. Downgrade: probably unpopular, but I think having navy and powder blue trim on every uniform aspect brought the set together. The 60s set and 90s set were both awesome, but if you want to identify with both colors I'd prefer you wear both every week.
  8. Very nice, glad to see them keep it simple. IMO the worst part is the lack of white on the brown pants. I was never a fan of their color rush but at least it had the two orange stripes... now that's worse. But to be honest, the longer I stare at them the more the striping patterns bother me. -the red box is as-is -the yellow box uses the jersey/sock striping on the pants -the green box uses "white on orange on brown" more often -the blue box uses "white on brown on orange" which matches helmet (ala the Florida Gators) I don't think I fall into the "all stripes must always match", but none of these feel quite right to me.
  9. I haven't contributed a lot to the world, but years ago I remember making a Dolphins gif along those lines...
  10. With so many NFL teams coming out with jersey tweaks this year, wouldn't it be cool to see how the board as a whole rates all the teams? Something like an advanced poll where every voter scores every team and then we could view stats like best/worst, weighted averages, rankings, etc. Is this possible once all the jerseys have been released? (or we could even do a version from a past year) Anyone know of sites that do something like that?
  11. I haven't seen anyone mention the vertical sock stripe that didn't seem to make the final version. I actually think it could improve the yoga pants look. (and it's reminding me of those nike hockey socks from years back... that idea didn't last long!)
  12. I assume this is a minority opinion, but I don't hate the '03-'19 Falcons set. Sure the piping wasn't great, but I don't find it awful. I also feel like having it more than 15 years starts to put it in "identity" territory. But what I find interesting about this leak is, what does this new set accomplish that the old doesn't? Very similar logo. Very similar helmet (matte now?). Very similar font. Very similar color balance. (Not sure why they stopped wearing the black pants) Switched your piping for a Denver-esque piping. Added a gradient for an alt (but now it looks like you won't go red over white). Usually teams go "modern" to "classic" or vice versa, this seems like a "modern" to "modern" change ala Tenn. Other than selling jerseys, it seems like a strange thing to do to a brand. All that said... I don't really hate it haha. I can even dig the gradient (sans yoga pants)
  13. It could be a lot worse, but the mismatching helmet and pewter pants will be the biggest negative of this set. I don't hate the matte pewter as much as I thought I would, but I'd rather the helmet finish match the pants. Like the Saints this will look bad. It makes me wonder if they should've gone the white helmet route to allow the Bucco throwbacks.
  14. Some will miss orange and some will not, but I hope we can all agree the biggest shortcoming with the new set is likely to be the pant fabric. How it should look: It's got to match the helmets! I'll be sad if they remain flat:
  15. Or how about swapping red and blue on the white vintage jersey?
  16. you may like this: Let's not forget about these: That purple version on the last page was pretty cool but I think the purple logo gets a little lost in the background. What if the whole head was darker? There's something about this that's so black. It's like: "how much more black could this be?" And the answer is none. None more black.
  17. Not sure why you need normal and italicized versions, especially when this font was pretty cool:
  18. But isn't that the crux of the problem? People want orange to be a bigger part. Out of curiosity, has anyone done a concept with their current template with orange on shoulders instead of pewter? Similar to the old Titans shoulder shapes? I tried suggesting the two-tone jersey to focus more on orange and no one was having it ha! Lol check out this hilariously scaled mannequin (or is that David Bowie):
  19. But after a few short weeks you know you'll be missing your other girl (pewter). The real problem is society's insistence on monogomy (NFL's one helmet rule).
  20. That helmet... woof. On the bright side, I feel like they've gotta try wearing the blue breezers with their normal set at least once, right?!