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Goodbye 2010s -- What was your favorite and least favorite sports brand/uniform trend of the last 10 years?

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I think gratuitous, unnecessary college football alternate uniforms came to define the early 2010s, ushered in alongside new lightweight materials, but a move back towards tradition appears to have marked the latter half of the decade. Michigan's switch from Adidas to Nike exemplifies this development, as does UCLA's transition from Adidas to UA. Florida, while remaining a Nike school, also appears to have followed this trend. 

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I could probably come up with a lot more, but these were the first few that popped into my head.


What I Liked

What I Disliked

  • NFL Super Bowl and event logos becoming repetitive and bland. I also disliked the redesigns of the George Halas and Lamar Hunt trophies.

What I Have Mixed Feelings On

  • The constant one-upmanship with wacky MiLB team names brought both good and bad, in my opinion. I will say that the wacky names are generally better than just using the same name as the parent club. I also really enjoy the temporary re-branding initiatives, such as the Copa one from last season. However, I feel like the shark has certainly been jumped when it comes to permanent re-brandings. I remember getting a good kick out of names like the Richmond Flying Squirrels and the Hartford Yard Goats when they were announced, but I was definitely "over it" by the time we got to teams like the Rocket City Trash Pandas.



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