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LOGOLYMPIAD X - EVENT 1 - Sporting Event


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In these trying times, obscure sports are trying to emerge! Since social distancing is here to stay, disc golf should definitely gain some new adepts. For the first event in LOGOLYMPIAD X, you must create a logo for the Hillcrest Farm Open, taking place at the aptly named Hillcrest Farm Champion Disc Golf Course, in Prince Edward Island, from July 2nd to July 5th, 2020.



  • You must submit two instances of the logo: a colored version, and a black and white version (not grayscale). Both versions must be submitted on a white background.
  • Include the name, the dates, and the location of the event in your logo.


Deadline: Monday, May 25th, 11:59AM Eastern Time


Guidelines for submitting your entry


Failure to follow the guidelines could result in your entry being inadvertently (or intentionally) excluded from judging.


Entries must be emailed to logolympiad (at) gmail (dot) com prior to the set deadline. Subject line should be the event number (Ex: Event 1). Once you submit your entry, it is considered final.


Entries must be submitted as .jpg, .gif, or .png formats. The file name format of the submission is: event#_yourusername.extension (Ex: event1_pollux.png). The file must be attached to your email.


All final entries must be 1200x800 pixels with at least 100 pixels of white space at the bottom of the image. This means that your presentation has to fit in an 1200x700 pixels window (1200 pixels wide by 700 pixels high). I will NOT resize entries that are not properly done, so make sure it’s right.


The background of the entries should be solid white, unless otherwise specified. You must not use gradients, shadows, patterns, lines, etc. on your background.


Do not add any text, like labels, or images to your submission, unless otherwise specified. Do not add the team name, location, entry number, event type, etc.


Do not include your name or any other personal identifiers on your submission. Also, do not watermark your work. I will add a watermark to each entry before they get posted for judging. I will also provide each entry with a number. You are expected to keep the identity of your entry anonymous until the end of the event. If you think you know the identity of another designer, keep it to yourself. Anyone who exposes their identity or the identity of anyone else will be DQ’d.


You should receive an automatic reply once you submit your entry. If you don’t receive one, please PM me directly. If I see an issue with the format of your submission, I will contact you giving you a chance to resubmit. I will NOT, however, comment on the content of the submission.

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1 hour ago, Bruins said:

Does the location include just Prince Edward Island, or that plus Hillcrest Farm Championship Disc Golf Course?


I should have been clearer about the location. But I will allow either the province or the Course name, or both.


So I will allow the following for the location:

  • Prince Edward Island
  • Hillcrest Farm Championship Disc Golf Course
  • Hillcrest Farm Championship Disc Golf Course in Prince Edward Island
  • Since the above is a mouthful, it can also be Hillcrest Farm Championship Disc Golf Course in PEI
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