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2 more hockey concepts


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I have always thought the panthers should wear a yellowish-goldish color much like a panther really looks like on the ice. I experimented with a dazzle gold on yellowish gold look, keeping the panthers blue and red as well.

For the blackhawks, I ditched the traditional 3 stripes, and went with something looking a little more Native American, but nothing as complex and busy as the coyotes or even hurricanes jerseys.

Please let me know what you think.

Copy and paste.

florida panthers

chicago blackhawks

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the panthers one is kinda iffy...gimme a jury here

the hawks...umm, yeah.  category somewhere near my bolts jersey(you don't wanna know)???


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This one has potential. I don't dislike it, I just think that although two heads are better than one, two golds are not better than two heads, one head, or one gold. But otherwise it becomes "just another gold Florida concept", so whatever, you tried something new, it didn't work, chalk it up to experience.

Blackhawks... yeah, about that, aside from Chicago being one of the more traditional teams, crossed stripes just don't look good.

You just +2ed yourself in the Experience column. (On a side note, I think that game The Sims was fun for ten minutes playing the way you're supposed to, then you cheat and a build a house so big it takes you half an hour to walk to the bathroom.)

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