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Will's You Make The Call #6


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(Okay, this should be YMTC #6. Would a mod be able to change the title for me?)

It's a close game at the McKale Center in Tucson, Arizona, as with 30 seconds to play in regulation, Stanford and Arizona are tied at 83. All of a sudden, Jason Haas drills a ten-foot jumper to put the Cardinal up, 85-83, with 3.5 seconds left. After a long pass gets knocked out of bounds with 0.2 seconds left, Arizona takes a timeout.

Out of the inbounds pass, center Channing Frye inbounds the ball to a wide-open Salim Stoudamire, who somehow gets the three-point field goal attempt off before the buzzer sounds. Miraculously, the ball goes through the net.

This game is over. Who just won?


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Stanford. 0.2 seconds is not enough time to get a shot off. You must have 0.3 at least on the clock for the shot to count.

(See: "Trent Tucker Rule, The".)


Sodboy13 said:
As you watch more basketball, you will learn to appreciate the difference between "defense" and "couldn't find the rim with a pair of bloodhounds and a Garmin."

meet the new page, not the same as the old page.

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Ryan is correct. Stanford wins, 85-83.

With less than 0.3 seconds left, there is not enough time to take a shot. There is time for a tip-in; if the player throwing the ball in throws the ball to the hoop, and his teammate tips the in-bounds pass in the hoop, that basket would count.

Even if the timekeeper fell asleep, if the clock shows less than 0.3 at the time of the pass, the basket would not count by rule.

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