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Yet Another Commanders Idea...


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The whole Washington saga has pretty much been an endless revolving door of concepts and mockups... so after the reveal, I decided to tweak an old concept of mine to fit the new identity.


I decided to use an old Washington Warriors concept of mine as the base, specifically the "Monument W" icon, which I thought was the strongest part. This time, it has been isolated and some elements have been added in 3 different ways. Idea 1 adds some triangles to the side to create a rough star shape. Idea 2 uses the stripes from the flag of Washington D.C. and incorporates them as a chevron under the W. Idea 3 takes inspiration from military insignia, and inverts the chevron, with a star to fill in the shape in between. All logos are rendered in a Burgundy/Old Gold and a Burgundy/Yellow color scheme.



Also, I have some obligatory wordmark concepts for good measure.



Well, there you have it for some initial ideas. Might expand on it more if I get around to it. It's been a while since I last got something put out, so it felt good to stretch out the creative muscles a bit.

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Fantastic job all around man. Great idea in the OG concept to use the monument in that manner. The second new logo flows the best and I really like how the chevrons can also be interpreted as a rank insignia. Also, the lower left wordmark is really clean. Great work.

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