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  1. Even more new looks coming our way, in what is becoming a busy past week. SMU has added a new blue jersey as a part of their "Dallas" set, which has been fairly popular. Most notable addition is the new number font. Northern Arizona gets a much needed update, with much simpler uniforms with a unique collar pattern and an overall simplification. The helmets are a bit too bland, with the logo only on one side. Youngstown State has switched from UA to Nike, and received some rather simple uniforms in the process.
  2. I find this matchup quite ironic given that a major soccer/football league in Serie A (Italy) announced just a few days ago that they would ban green jerseys from competition...different countries, yes, but still ironic.
  3. Quite literally what I had going on in my head! Perfect!
  4. No arguments here. A nice, classy, clean look. All that is needed is a sleeve patch of some sort, and more navy on the collar. A shame it's getting thrown in the trash bin after only a few years.
  5. Busy day for College Football uniforms. 3 Major unveilings, starting off with the previously leaked UCLA/Jordan sets. Almost a carbon copy of the Under Armour uniforms (which looked better), but with the truncated version of shoulder stripes that Nike uses. Not too disappointed honestly, let's just hope that they don't change much more for a little while. Next up is Hawaii, which has also made the jump from Under Armour, but to Adidas this time. Once again, I think it is a downgrade from what UA did. Not a big fan of how much Hawaii has embraced black, and the arched text looks really cheap. Last is another Adidas school, East Carolina, who has drastically simplified their uniforms. The purple on gold combo is nice looking, but it feels too much of a simplification. Their previous rebranding came with a neat pattern that was really only seen as a small element on the pants. Wish it could have been used more. Nothing wrong with this new set, but it's a bit too basic for me. The purple/yellow color scheme really does help add some pop, though.
  6. That stripe design utilizing train tracks is very clever! Seeing as Atlanta United has seemingly already run out of ideas for striped shirts three versions in, they should take some ideas from you. Well done!
  7. Is it a sin that I kind of dig the navy-over-navy going on for the AL right now? The general look is pretty slick. The rest of the uniform itself... well the less said the better. A shame it ruins a nice jersey/pant combo.
  8. If anything, as others have said, this should have been the primary road jersey from day 1. Hopefully this will replace the bone jersey somewhere down the road. Still a bit too designer fashion-esque with the patch and the extra details, so it comes off as somewhat over designed. And every time I look at the number font I seem to like it less. Not a complete letdown, I think it is an upgrade over the leaked jersey shown. It should be somewhat of a hit with the fanbase. I might be in the minority with this, but I think this look would be vastly improved with the yellow and blue inversed on the sleeves. I have always thought that the yellow sleeves look somewhat off. I understand issues with the yellow horns on a white background causing visibility issues, but I think it would be worth an attempt. Something similar to this look by Chris Ramirez on Behance, but replace colors/font/etc. with the current versions:
  9. I wasn't expecting much from the rebrand, but as much as I am relieved to see them not be called the Grand Rapids Nuggets, making a box with your team name inside isn't the most imaginable thing, especially with a team name like Gold. I do find the hidden river in the Rs very clever design though. Just wish they made the whole brand just a bit more unique and grand (no pun intended).
  10. Fill in the white space on the pants with black, and this uniform is near perfect! I have to say I'm surprised, but in a pleasant way. Their current set, as a whole, has way too many gimmicks, but this is a rather restrained look compared to what I was expecting them to unveil. This is what really should by the road uniform, rather than the mismatching bone uniform. I'll wait to voice anything else until the official unveiling, but it could have been much, much worse.
  11. Honestly, I don’t hate it. Can’t quite put my finger on why I do, but the orange and white do look clean together.
  12. This is all definitely a situation mimicking the NBA All-Star game from this season (which, ironically, was moved TO Atlanta). Not Colorado's fault at all. It was probably easier to adjust the caps on a short time frame than the jerseys (production/logistical issues I am guessing). It's just sad that the unique pieces of the Rockies' branding won't be on display (i.e.: purple, mountains,, etc.). Bad design and understandable logistics aside, I'm just really bummed. But yeah, that whole jersey design from the unusual floral pattern to the big red vertical lettering is just not good. That Atlanta branding was really good looking, and the fact that they took all of that to make this mess is unfortunate. Navy/Red/Cream is good looking as a combo, but not like this.
  13. Honestly, I am ok with this. More throwback options are back in the mix, and with the ability to add in some alternate looks, we should get some more intriguing options. I fear for the lack of restraint, but as long as teams are wearing their primary helmets more, I am fine with it. Great to see this happen. Here is a list of a few teams that I think could take advantage of this rule right off the bat, not including throwbacks: -Los Angeles Chargers (navy color rush) -Los Angeles Rams (whatever god-awful idea they will come up with next year, unless if they do a throwback) -Cincinnati Bengals (white jersey/pants, the white tiger idea seems to be pretty popular, this would be the perfect time to pull it out). -Dallas Cowboys (white color rush) -Buffalo Bills (red helmet could be mixed in with the red color rush uniform) -Washington FT (could have something planned with the alternate along with their redesign) -New York Jets (black alternate) While we have seen throwback helmets before, I don't think we have seen a true alternate helmet worn as a widespread idea in the NFL (I believe the Saints tried the alternate helmet idea decades ago as part of the preseason). Seeing where modern design trends have gone, this was bound to happen when the one-helmet rule was lifted. I still expect to see throwback helmets make up the majority of the looks under this rule though.
  14. Same thing has been happening in the NBA. Sponsorships are like an addiction: it only takes a "let's just try it out" before the owners become hooked on more money. The helmet ads aren't going away, much like how I expect the NBA to keep court sponsorships and digital ads on TV broadcasts. This is not a road we are coming back from.
  15. T-twenty-twenty four? How long does it take to design a soccer kit for MLS nowadays? I know they have them planned in advance, but I didn't know that it was that far off and that ingrained. I am actually surprised that the MLS haven't yet picked up on the European system of widespread third kits and annual kit rotations, along that line. Unless there is something I am missing, that has to be better for league profit right?
  16. Oops... looks like I'm still getting used to the forum update Please disregard.
  17. It's a vast improvement, and the return of the Florian Cross is very much welcomed, but holy cow why does everything have to be shoved in a thin circle now? The Revolution are going to do it, Montreal did it. It just feels like they needed a way to add the navy in and so added a circle and called it a day. Makes this whole look, while solid as a whole, feel way too generic and somewhat off-brand. Maybe even adding some text around the logo instead of under it would have helped with the generic issue. Here's to hoping they bring back the red shirts w/ white chest stripe or something similar on the home jerseys. It certainly seems like those very nice away/clash jerseys are staying.
  18. Why does anyone think that white-outs are special anymore? They just kind of exist. Nothing new. This really does not fit with the Pitt aesthetic, but I guess everyone has to have a pair now. Honestly, not a bad look, but it just feels generic, especially with the pants going without a stripe. I just can't really get excited about it. Yawn.
  19. It's almost as if they had to make a last minute replacement and decided to just throw a star behind all the logos and call it a day... (who are we kidding, of course that is what happened). It's really a shame that the Rockies have no distinct uniform history outside of the home pinstripes, black vested jerseys, and purple jerseys. All-Star Games usually take the most unique aspect of a team's uniform history and use it in the set in some way.
  20. Why doesn't any Arizona team wear a turquoise uniform period? It seems like a great nod to indigenous/Native American culture in the area and would be a unique color to them. And no, the D-Backs alternates don't count (although they should be the go-to set). As for the City Connect, the color scheme and Serpientes script are both nice, but the fact that they will pair the jersey with white pants is a bit of a letdown.
  21. The Clippers at least showed a bit of restraint with their design. The Nets went a little too wild, even with the full full inspiration taken into account. The wordmark makes me want to ram my head into a brick wall every time I see it.
  22. Up next on the list of teams adding a new helmet: Florida State in an all-white getup, which seems to be all the rage nowadays. Not a big fan. It needs some more gold to keep it consistent with the rest of the uniform.
  23. Nike: What would you like on your Anniversary jersey? Just a simple mashup... Mavericks: Yes
  24. It doesn't help that their City uniform, for as much as I kind of enjoyed it, looks almost exactly like a stock car/NASCAR scheme.
  25. Figured it was close enough to next season to post this (playoffs and all). Milwaukee Bucks have found a new sponsor and, surprise, it's Motorola... again... as if 2 teams wasn't already enough Bucks sell jersey patch sponsorship to Motorola (biztimes.com) Can we just stop the ad patches already? They are somehow getting worse, as if their mere presence wasn't bad enough.
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