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  1. Since there are a few ideas for tweaks being thrown around, I decided to add mine. -Single design across both uniforms (ram horn) to create continuity. -No weird patches. Rams wordmark moves to chest. -No bone uniform. Just a blue and white jersey w/ yellow/blue/white pants. -New number font. Also kept the gradient, but moved it to an outline. -Tweaked some of the pants striping (blue/white). -Overall I wanted to shed some of the "designer" look for something more practical.
  2. Ok, I've had some time to think about it... here's my take: The helmets are the best part of the new set. The color should look gorgeous with the right lighting and the horns are good. At the very least the divide/split detail doesn't look horrible and it allows the Rams to reclaim a design that has been largely copied by many, many teams. The more I look at the helmets, the more I like them. The rest is... a jumble of a mess. The pants are ok (at least the yellow ones, the blue could use a redesign). The blue jersey is the better of the two. I could live without the gradient numbers and the really confusing team name patch (which is... ???). The font looks like it was pulled straight off of Microsoft Word, which makes it look cheap and underwhelming. The bone uniform has to be the most atrocious uniform I've seen in the NFL yet. The color is ok, but the reliance on the white and yellow, and the fact that there is a different design than the blue makes this set really bad, and I can already tell it won't age well. It seem the Rams design team really wanted to lean into a "designer" look (took me a long time to come up with a word that fit the whole set's philosophy) and that ruined what should be a fairly easy set to design. Designer fashion =/= a good football uniform. With all the weird colors, patches, and details, it just falls flat and looks like it was thrown together by a fashion designer who has no idea how to throw together a football uniform. Probably my least favorite redesign this year. On another note, there is already a snapchat filter up with the new uniforms.
  3. Very well done! Really this is the route they should have gone. Loving the overall flexibility of the brand!
  4. Seriously, that Chargers set is almost perfect. Just swap out the yellow facemask on the powder/white jerseys for powder blue.
  5. I feel like this is a weird case of a lateral move in the uniform category, but a downgrade with the original color rush design. I do like the idea, but the execution is off. The pants are weirdly striped, the white jersey needs more blue/silver to help balance out the colors, and there needs to be some silver pants to help break up all the blue. It's ok. I will wait until they hit the field for my full judgement though.
  6. Honestly these aren't as bad as the first leaks suggested. Doesn't change the fact that they are still not good. Good: -Simplified uniform. It looks better than the previous Reebok mess they had at least. -Matte black helmet looks good. Minus the silverish facemask. -Good mix/match possibilities. Looks better with different color pants/jerseys than with monochrome. -I appreciate the attempt to make the red jersey stand out. Doesn't change the fact that it still is the worst jersey of the set. -They kept the throwback set!!!! Very well done! Bad: -The silverish facemask looks out of place. -The font/side shadow could look better. It isn't terrible but its not great either. -I have no problems with slight gradients on football uniforms, but not a full body 2-tone one. Looks like a youth team/arena team/madden build-A-team. -From the front the uniforms look way too bland. -I usually don't have a problem with a larger wordmark, but "ATL" in one color is... too minor-leaguey. -The red pants would look ok for the red jersey (still not good). Anywhere else should be a no go. -When in the heck were side panels ok again? It's an upgrade over their last set. But honestly, it looks like they were trying too hard to be "cool". Simple is better, but not when you turn to chrome facemasks and gradients to try to be cool. I don't think it's the worst set in the league, but I struggle to wrap my head around some of the design choices.
  7. Now that I've had some time to think about the new Bucs set: Good: -Simple is sometimes better. And that holds true in this case. -Good color balance for the most part. Home/Road jerseys could benefit from some more Pewter. -Kept most of the good elements from the Super Bowl set. -I'm actually a fan of the Pewter color rush. Yeah, the two separate Pewter pants is weird, but it looks somewhat classy. Will have to see what they look like when they hit the field though. And there should have been a red or pewter facemask for this set because of the lack of black. Meh/Bad: -The collar/cuff trim is too thin for my taste. Making the full collar/cuffs black/red would improve this set. -The number font could have been updated to be a bit more modern. Not to the extent of the alarm clack numbers, but enough to help the set feel a touch more in line with the rest of the Bucs branding. -The new recolored ship logo is wayyyy too dark. Keeping some red or including more Pewter would help with that. Other than that I really don't have any complaints. It's a good change, one that they needed, and it's emblematic of a trend that the NFL is moving towards: receiving a modern rebrand and then reverting to something more simple if fans despise it. This however, is something that the Bucs will look good in.
  8. The Vipers NEED to go back to the drawing board. The double green, no matter what uniform, is just... hideous. Yesterday for me was a case of that. It looks too... gimmicky... for lack of a better word.
  9. I'll be honest, I think its alright. It could be a TON worse. I like the update. Is it a bit generic? Yeah, sure. But I'm not really concerned with the logo's design as with the possible double-blue and yellow color scheme, which looks like its doing too much to please modern and traditional fans. We'll just have to wait and see until the full set is unveiled. At this point, I think anything NFL teams release will be automatically received with negative criticism. And that might be an overreaction, but social media can be a rabbit hole of trolls and sensitivity.
  10. Still a lot better than the eyesores the Roughnecks are wearing. Just a visually hard to watch game all around.
  11. Thank you for all the kind words! I just wanted to update this post with some alternate schemes that I tried out before settling on the light blue and orange: Teal/Orange/Black: Inspired by the proposed 1990's rebrand. Blue/Red/White: The most well-known Clippers colors. Navy/Gold/Red: A "Glamourous" version of the Clippers colors. Light Blue/Navy/Red: Inspired by a concept I found. Light Blue/Red/White: Replacing orange with red. Blue/Yellow/Red: A more "bright/sunny" take on the traditional Clippers colors.
  12. Like how they got rid of all the 90's cheesiness. Nice modern cleanup. It does give me a 50's-60's futuristic vibe though, which is a good thing. Love the bolder lines and colors too.
  13. First of all I want to apologize for the delay in the City project. I hope have it up and running soon. This was something I decided to do while completing my City project, and with all the chatter around the Clippers move to a new arena, it was time to re-imagine one of the more... generic and boring looks in the NBA. For this I turned to the past. To put it simply, I wanted to emulate a classic So-Cal feel. I brought back the blue and orange color scheme, giving the Clippers their own look again and allowing for a new bold and crisp identity. A modern take on a classic logo and uniforms help create a more original feel. I added the retro Chargers font to add some more retro touches within the look. To end off, the city uniform pays homage to the golden age of Hollywood and the tradition of the red carpet. Enjoy #TheNewWave!
  14. Alright, it's time for the Suns to get some new looks. For the most part, Phoenix has always been somewhat consistent with their city looks, always following a "Los Suns" theme. But there is so much in Phoenix and Arizona for inspirations, so I decided to think out of the box here. Version 1: "VALLEY OF THE SUN": This look takes a few inspirations from Arizona and Phoenix. The maroon color base is taken from the Phoenix flag, while the copper is taken from the Arizona flag, and pays homage to the state's copper mining history. PHX is the front wordmark, in an attempt to help differentiate the look. The rays from the Arizona flag are also sublimated into the uniform, which is one of my favorite pieces. The uniform is finished off with the team's alternate logo on the shorts. This is truly Arizona. Version 2: "NATIVE ROOTS": One of Arizona's strongest cultural pieces is the Native American populations of the area, such as the Navajo, Apache, and Yavapai tribes. This uniform takes cues from the cultures of these peoples. The main color is turquoise, a commonly used stone in native jewelry. The font on the uniform takes inspiration from Native American (specifically Navajo) textiles and weaving. The gradient orange band around the chest and shorts is inspired by a location that many Native American cultures hold dear: the Grand Canyon, while the different bands aim to somewhat replicate the layers of rock reflected in the Canyon. This is for those who made this land. There are the Suns! Make sure to let me know what you think! Next up, we are headed to Wisconsin as we tackle the Bucks! Until next time!
  15. Its finally time to get to the updates! Sorry for being quiet since Monday, but I had 2 internet outages this week and life just caught up with me. But I have implemented some of the updates that you all have suggested! Atlanta: The "Georgia Peach" uniform was well received, but one suggestion was to replace the peach-hawk logo with a number. I also like the logo a ton, so I made a series of possible tweaks: Just the wordmark, peach-hawk centered, peach-hawk to the side, and the original set, but the peach-hawk filled and a number placed inside it. Cleveland: This tweak has the rust-belt uniform in a slightly lighter shade of grey, and some reworking of coloring in some other parts. Dallas: I came up with a few new color combos for the "DFW" uniform, and I have decided to post my two favorites: Burnt Orange/Navy (Longhorns/Cowboys blend) and Brown/Vegas Gold (a more western vibe). Although, I'm not pleased with these, and I may ultimately need a new idea for this one. Detroit: A small tweak to the "Shelby Blue" uniform by fixing the striping/back number interaction. New York: "New Amsterdam" now with Dutch spelling, and "City That Never Sleeps" with gradients eliminated from lettering/numbering and shorts logo. Philadelphia: "Keystone Gray" introduces navy and cream for a more refined/Philadelphia look (there was concern that it looked too Pittsburgh). "Phila Union" set features either navy or white outlining. Well there are some of the tweaks. As the holidays roll on and I have to prepare for finals and such, there may not be as many posts, but I will get them out when I can... speaking of which, we are headed to Phoenix! Until next time!
  16. Alright, it's time for a team a lot of you have been waiting for: the Charlotte Hornets! Let's be honest, the Hornets have had some pretty forgettable looks, so I wanted to create some more fun looks. Version 1: "CHECKERED VICTORY": This is one of the most suggested ideas, and personally its one that makes sense for Charlotte. Charlotte is the epicenter of the most popular American motor sport in NASCAR. Everything from many of the great racing companies, to one of the most iconic speedways, to the NASCAR Hall of Fame is located in and around Charlotte and the state of North Carolina. This idea simplifies this theme to its most basic idea: the checkered flag. The mainly white uniform features a gradient checkered stripe down the side. The font chosen for the uniform is drawn from the italicized fonts used by many stock cars, while the same color number helps to add a quirky touch to the uniform. Victory is just around the corner. Version 2: "QUEEN CITY": This uniform was inspired by Charlotte itself. The Queen City nickname is one of my favorites, so the idea of it as a uniform was a fun one. The green and blue color scheme is a nod to the *two* city flags of Charlotte, however these colors have been altered to be more sensible. The side pattern is an almost literal translation of the "Queen" part of the nickname, as it is designed to be a jewel or diamond like design. The font featured on the jersey was chosen for its regal and classic feel, and the lettering and numbering is blue trimmed in white. The final addition on the uniform is the Charlotte crown on the bottom of the shorts, to tie one last piece of the city into the set. For the Queen City! I will not post a teaser right now for the next team, as my next post will focus a lot on updates and tweaks to existing sets. But until then, let me know what you think!
  17. dI will always say this about ANY rivalry game in high school and college football, and maybe perhaps even in pro football: rivalry games SHOULD ALWAYS BE color vs color. My high school team went this route against our rivals the past 2 years, and it was quite refreshing. But games like what USC/UCLA does every year should be the normal. It always looks good (well, most of the time it does) and it helps the school vs school recognition more than what a regular game does. It helps the game feel big time, which it should be. I'm also inclined to say that I'm preaching to the crowd here. If you need more convincing here are some examples:
  18. While I do realize this, there is a few reasons I picked the Golden Gate Bridge, namely that it was easier to build a uniform off of, it's more well known internationally, and I felt that that it was more deserving of a City uniform. It was just a better choice from a recognition standpoint. And speaking of recognition, we have the New York Knicks up next! There was a TON of potential ideas for NY, but I chose some more... unorthodox ideas that I thought could be neat to do. Version 1: "NEW AMSTERDAM": This uniform reaches far back into New York's history for inspiration. The city was founded as a Dutch settlement known as New Amsterdam, but of course when the English took it over, it changed to its current name. Simply put, this uniform simply takes cues from history rather than fully immerse itself in it. The orange, blue, and white color scheme is taken from the current flag of New York, and the orange base helps tie the uniform back to its Dutch roots (many Dutch national teams wear orange). New Amsterdam is written across the front as a tribute to the former name. To add one more touch to the uniform, the three crosses from the Amsterdam flag make an appearance on the shorts. These are the New Amsterdam Knicks. Version 2: "CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS" First, I imagine this uniform will probably get some flack, but it's an experimental idea I wanted to try out. This is inspired by one of New York's nicknames: "The City That Never Sleeps", a reference to that energy and activity that goes on in America's largest city. The dark gray and black of the color scheme help to set a dark and nocturnal base, while the volt yellow is meant to mimic the lighting of the city. Gradients across various parts of the uniform (striping, lettering, and font) help to visualize light fading into the night, in a way. The lettering and numbering font helps to tie up the uniform with a feel of neon lights, a retro-modern feel, or a classing art-deco vibe (a la the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings). In this city, the grind never stops, and the Knicks never rest. There are the Knicks looks! I tried to get a but more abstract here (especially with #2), but I like the unique styling of both. Of course, let me know what you think! Next up, we'll *race* on down to the *Queen City*! I'm also planning to take a break from releasing new uniforms for a post or two after Charlotte to unveil some tweaks and changes to some of the current uniforms that you all have suggested. Some are minute, others are more noticeable, but you all had some great suggestions! Until next time!
  19. Time for the Golden State Warriors! I have two simple ideas on tap for today, so without further adieu: Version 1: "CHINATOWN": Golden State has played around with the idea of an Asian-inspired City uniform before (twice), and while I realized it might be an overused concept, with their move to San Francisco, I thought maybe a Chinatown idea could be interesting. This idea might ultimately be too similar to the Rockets' uniform last year, but it has a few different things. The red, gold, and green color scheme is inspired by Chinatown's streets and the Dragon Gate. A Chinese pattern is sublimated into the base, and the traditional Warriors circle is appropriately dressed for the theme. A gold medallion with a traditional Chinese design and outlined in red and green. "Warriors" in Chinese (which has also appeared on another Warriors uniform) is inside this circle, and the numbering font helps to enhance the Chinese feel. Straight from Chinatown comes a new look for Golden State. Version 2: "GOLDEN GATE": Next on the list is an idea that I'm surprised the Warriors have not utilized: one of the most famous American landmarks in the Golden Gate Bridge. The color scheme focuses around a signature sight: the International Orange of the bridge and the pale coloring of fog (in this case a pale blue-gray). The gradient pinstripes are supposed to emulate the cables of the bridge fading into a dense fog, a unique and simple idea that helps to add an original feel to the uniform. Finally, the font is supposed to feel like the bridge: iconic, classic, bold, and strong. Together, this uniform helps to paint a scene that is common to the bridge, and in turn helps create an iconic look for the Warriors. Through the fog rises these Guardians of the Bay. There is Golden State! As always let me know what you think! I have been working on updates/tweaks as suggested to various uniforms and I will show those at some point around the 1/3 mark. As for our next location, we are headed to the Most Famous Arena in the World: Cheers until next time!
  20. Sorry for the hiatus (again). But I'm back with what could be my favorite set of uniforms in this series: the Orlando Magic! For a team with a TON of great potential for inspirations all over the city and region, the Magic have gone surprisingly tame and boring. So I decided to spice it up a bit with the two things Orlando is most known for! Version 1: "GUARDIANS OF THE CASTLE": This just makes sense. The Magic are sponsored by Disney, and Orlando is the home of the most well-known theme park in the world in Walt Disney World. So, of course there had to be a Disney themed uniform. This one takes cues from Cinderella Castle. which stands at the center of Magic Kingdom and is commonly seen across marketing for Disney. The color scheme of cream, gold, blue, and cyan is derived from the stonework and roofing of the castle. The side panels feature a banner shape, and are imposed with a "diamond" design found on one of the castle's roofs. Small gold details mimic the same on the castle, and the script wordmark emulated the Disney logo itself, without ripping it off. This is what REAL Magic looks like. Version 2: "FLORIDA CITRUS": Orlando is also in the center of Citrus country. Oranges and Grapefruits are the most well known of the Florida citrus, and this industry has even inspired the naming of the Citrus Bowl (stadium and game). The Magic have slightly paid homage to it in their most recent iteration of a city uniform, but that doesn't give enough of a look to this industry. So I approached the idea from a different angle. The color scheme of orange and green are inspired by the colors of the fruit and the trees on which they grow. The font, while modern, was chosen because of its slight resemblance to leaves. Plus, it had a nice, flowing look that was perfect for the uniform. The uniform is topped off with a fun orange silhouette stripe down the side to nail the point home. Be careful, the Juice is Loose! Next on our docket is a trip to the bay area! I have been reading the comments and I hope to have some updates soon! I will probably get those out at the 1/3 mark possibly, but in the meantime let me know what you think!
  21. Well, sorry for the hiatus, had a lot going on. And, well, I'm snowed in (Colorado amirite?) So, today warrants a double team today brings the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers! There was a TON of potential ideas for ATL, so I went with one that is popular, and one that is probably a bit more unusual, so let's get started! Version 1: "GEORGIA PEACH": Georgia is VERY well known for its peaches. So much so that the Hawks themselves have (kinda) jumped on the trend. But this idea adds more color and whimsical ideas to the mix. The fade from peach to reddish-pink is inspired by the skin of the peach itself, so as to add a colorful vibe. The white helps to brighten up the uniform as well. Some other parts of the uniform are 70's inspired, such as the number font. The script at the front helps to keep the uniform simple and fun, while the Hawks logo masquerades as a peach with an added leaf, again to kick up the fun factor. My goal here was to keep a fun and simple uniform that focuses on a well-known aspect of Georgia as a whole. You don't want a *peach* of these Hawks. Version 2: "LEGACY OF '96" The Clippers City Edition last year, paying homage to the 1984 Olympics, were the inspiration for this set, which honors the legacy of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, also known as the Centennial Games. The green and gold color scheme is taken from the logo and branding of the games, while the Atlanta across the front is also taken from the logo. The little circle underneath the collar is a representation of a gold medal, and is inscribed with "100", another tip of the hat to the Centennial Games. The shorts feature the "flame-to-star" logo from the games. Simply put, its another simple, yet fitting, tribute to one of the most important... and impactful... Olympics of all time. This is what the gold standard looks like. As promised, there is a second team today in the Cleveland Cavaliers. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit hard to come up with ideas for the Cavs, but I think I got some good choices. Just before we continue, I decided not to do anything rock-and-roll related because 1: it was hard to nail a look I liked, and 2: there was a few other ideas that I wanted to pursue. Version 1: "RETURN OF THE WINGFOOTS": One idea was actually one of the more unique ideas I've had. And its a tribute to one of the most unusual legendary teams in basketball history: the Goodyear Wingfoots. This team worked due to sponsorship, and while I'm not a big fan of sponsorships in general, I felt I could use it to my advantage here to pay tribute to an oftentimes forgotten era of basketball. The uniform is taken from one of the team's blue sets, of course with the right alterations, such as "Cleveland" across the front. There's not really that much more to say, but I thought paying homage to the Wingfoots would be an interesting interpretation of a city uniform. The Wingfoots have returned to the spotlight. Version 2: "RUST BELT": Cleveland has always been known as a blue collar city, tied to the rise and fall of industry. This uniform is a representation of that mentality and the history of Cleveland itself. The uniform uses a dark gray, silver, and rust red color scheme, to give off an "industrial" vibe. The font also draws from the industrial theme. The blocks of rust red against the dark grey base helps to create a bold and simple feel. The notches on the short stripe are meant to evoke industrial signs and labels, or even teeth on a gear. I wanted to try to give off an industrial vibe, but without feeling too worn-down. It's time to shake off the rust and start a new era. So, I understand the concern with some of these uniforms. If any of you have any ideas to improve them, please let me know. Not every one is going to be a hit out of the park. And I think there are some great uniforms still to come, so keep your eyes peeled. Next up, we're headed to Central Florida, home of citrus, sun, and fun! And I think you'll enjoy these! As always, cheers until next time!
  22. @Jake3.roo: Thanks for the comments everyone! I've got some changes in store to some previous uniforms, so keep your eyes peeled for those at some point. As for the suggestions, all themes have been decided upon, so you may or may not be pleasantly surprised! I'm also surprised about the reaction to the "Keystone Gray" uniform. It's one of the more abstract (in idea) uniforms, but I thought it would help the set stand out. For the next team, we have the Pelicans of the Big Easy. With a city with a broad, fun, and diverse culture, there was a ton of fun creating uniforms for New Orleans. One new look improves upon the team's current City Edition identity, while the other emphasizes a more... unusual piece of New Orleans culture. Version 1: "MARDI GRAS": This idea isn't as original as some other pieces, but I thought it might be good to throw my hat in the ring. The traditional purple, gold, and green of Mardi Gras appears on the uniform, as well as the 3-color stripe that the Pelicans have worn the last few years, albeit in a more conventional and clean fashion that takes up less space on the uniform. The "NOLA" arched text makes an appearance on the uniform for the first time since the Pelicans first city uniform. the logo at the bottom of the shorts has been re-colored to help fit in with the theme of the uniform. Overall, its a simple re-imagining of the Mardi Gras uniform to be cleaner, bolder, and more tasteful. After all, isn't life a party? Version 2: "VOODOO PHANTOMS": New Orleans has always had a bit of a supernatural side to it: the city is the center of Louisiana Voodoo, a practice that has become a part of the city culture, and even inspired an Arena Football League team. This uniform is inspired by this supernatural practice. The color scheme of purple, black, and "phantom green" (a sort of bright mint green), that aims to create a dark look for the team, with a bit of supernatural light. The font is inspired by places such as the Lafayette Cemetery, one of the most well-known burial sites in the city, and the United States. The Pelican appears as a sublimated "ghost" on the uniform to continue the supernatural theme, while the "Crescent City" logo adds to the dark and unique theme of the uniform. And so the enemies of the Pelicans shall be cursed and stalked by the phantoms of the Pelicans. Alright there are the Pelicans! As always, let me know what you think! Our next stop is the land of peaches, pecans, and Coca-Cola, Atlanta! Cheers 'til next time!
  23. That color scheme was a concern of mine, so I am willing to change it. I'll come up with some new color compositions to try out! Oh, and I already got accepted to the University of Nebraska, so thank you and I'm really excited! I'm glad the Motown jersey is getting a lot of love. Its probably one of my favorites from this project! Well, now its time for the Sixers! These looks may be weaker IMO, but I want to see what you guys think! Version 1: "KEYSTONE GRAY" Pennsylvania is known also as the Keystone State. This uniform pays homage to the state's, and city's role in the foundation of the United States, while mixing in some vintage charm. The base color is a shade of gray that is inspired by stone, with black added for contrast. The diagonal SIXERS script helps to add a new twist into the set and helps it stand out. Images of the keystone shape hammer in the inspiration of the uniform, while the set is kept simple to maintain a classy look and draw attention to the unique keystone gray color. Nothing fancy here, just some simple symbolism, and an homage to the history made in Philly. A set as simple as the city is passionate. Version 2: "PHILA UNITY" This uniform is a creation from a few different inspirations. The colors of the uniform are taken from the city flag, creating a bright and vibrant base. The "Phila" script is partially inspired by the team's use of "PHILA" on their uniforms, and the new classic uniforms the team introduced this year. The yellow stripe around the uniform features a sublimated snakeskin pattern, trying to imitate a snake wrapped around the player, and an homage to the "Join or Die" snake image used during the Revolution, and featured a number of times in Sixers branding and marketing. The shorts feature one of the teams logos to cap off the look. A city and team united cannot ever fail. Well, there are the Sixers! As always, let me know what you think! For the next team, the Big Easy will be our destination! And thank you for following along! Trust me, the best is yet to come!
  24. That.. my friend... is perfection! And much better than the clipart they threw together!
  25. Alright, I guess we'll move on to the next team: The Dallas Mavericks! The Mavs have been obsessed with bold colors and a modernistic look. So, I decided to back to the basics and look to Dallas's past for the looks you're about to see. Version 1: "DFW" Dallas is part of one of America's largest metropolitan areas along with Fort Worth. Both have contributed to a sort of western mystique around Texas and the area. This look takes inspiration from some of those western and retro roots to build a bold new look. The blue, red, and white color scheme, taken from the Texas flag, helps to create a bold color scheme for the uniform. The side panels, which feature red horizontal pinstripes on a white base, are designed to look somewhat western and give the uniform a throwback feel. "DFW" is written across the front in a brash, bold font, which points to the undeniable spirit of the two cities. Overall, the uniform aims to capture the essence of Texas and western culture. Trust me, this is one look you won't want to mess with. Version 2: "RED PEGASUS" This uniform pays homage to Dallas's history and oil industry. Decades ago, the Mobil oil company once had a red pegasus perched atop one of the one the tallest buildings in the city, the Magnolia Petroleum Building.The statue has had a long history being turned on and off, but the citizens of Dallas have always kept it in their minds. While the sign no longer stands atop the Magnolia Building, it still stands and glows as a part of the Dallas identity. The uniform features retro-style elements to bring about a nostalgic look. The lettering and numbering mimics the stylings of retro oil company branding and logos. The "wings" on the side of the uniform pay homage to the legendary Pegasus, while the image itself reappears on the shorts of the uniform. With this uniform, it is time for the Pegasus to fly again! Alright, so that does it for the Mavs. Let me know what you think! And as for the next team... we're taking a trip east to the City of Brotherly Love: Thank you and until next time!