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  1. It should at least be a change from the boring white kits we have been seeing. Although, I don't think anything will ever beat the few years they went with a yellow clash kit. Honestly, I wish they would return to the burgundy w/ white sleeves as the primary and a yellow clash full time. It may be too similar to Arsenal (who is owned by the same family/group), but it gave them a distinct identity. I was always fond of this particular kit:
  2. Timeless is the perfect definition here. This is something that looks at home on either a 60's concept car, or something they produce today.
  3. As a native Coloradan, it will take some getting used to but it feels much more cohesive than black did. I dig it. I'm not sure how it will look with the white jersey though... Lots of people, at least on social media, brought up the inconsistency with the blue helmets. It looks like the steel blue shade the Avs use is really hard to replicate, as expected. Not as big an issue from distance, but most, if not all, of the helmets end up looking more royal than steel blue. Reminds me of the Vikings shade of purple when they first came out with their newest set. Still an upgrade though. EDIT: Here's a better look at a more "steel blue" helmet. Still some inconsistencies.
  4. There's way too many roundels in the MLS right now, but I kinda like the retro 70's-esque feel this crest is going for. Upgrade for sure, at least crest-wise. I think CF Montreal is a fine name, nothing special or exciting though.
  5. Its been months since anything has been put here, but I found a doozy. Carolina Predators of the American Arena League decided to rip off Cal Poly AND Fraser Davison's Carolina Panthers concept (dude can't catch a break). I would also imagine there might be some concern from the Panthers themselves, given that the logo is extremely similar to theirs and they are even within the same state. Just yikes all the way around.
  6. Looking at what the Rams wear currently makes me more intrigued at what they could unveil this summer, since they plan to unveil 2 new uniforms in the coming years. Maybe a yellow set? If the NFL drops the one-helmet rule maybe even a return of the throwbacks somewhere down the line? Despite my love for the helmets, I'll always maintain that the "designer fashion" aesthetic will never work in pro sports. It's too gimmicky. On another note, watching the Chargers this season made me realize how yellow-heavy their new uniforms are. I would not be opposed to a powder blue facemask and/or pants being added.
  7. Seems kind of pointless to do this, but whatever. Honestly the new logo looks like it would be more at home as a electronic music festival graphic than a logo for a federal intelligence agency,
  8. Honestly, Seattle should be a no brainer. New arena, good market, and the fact that the fans had their franchise ripped away from them should mean that expansion should focus there first. I could see Las Vegas being the next most likely option. The fact that 2 major franchises have moved there in the past 5 or so years means that it can be a strong market, even though the impacts thrown at the city by Covid could be hard to measure immediately. However, its not like the NBA is completely new there. They host the NBA Summer League in Vegas, and there is a current WNBA franchise as well. It may only be a matter of time. Other options I see as valid and possibly successful include Vancouver, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Kansas City or Louisville, but I think Seattle/Las Vegas may be too good for the NBA to pass up, at least in their eyes. As for whether or not it would be successful as a concept, only time will tell. Interest in the NBA seems divided at best. I would just add a Seattle team at first and then sit back and see if adding another team on top of that would be a good idea.
  9. Honesty I wouldn’t have as much of an issue with the Cyclones’ black uniforms if they incorporated some cardinal/yellow, but that fact that it’s just black/white/gray and has no school colors make me upset for how much they wear them, and for their biggest games too. I would hope you would want to pull out at least a little bit of the school colors for championships and bowl games.
  10. Looks we may have gotten a look at what would have been the Pro Bowl uniforms this year via the Broncos twitter and Madden. These will probably still be worn as part of the virtual event that will instead take place. Seems we will get a red/white/blue version of the gold/gray set from last year's game. Somewhat unoriginal, but not surprised. It seems the NFC will be in blue as per Aaron Jones's tweet. Edit: Here is a better look via the Cardinals twitter:
  11. Watching Miami vs New England today makes me realize (more than I already did) how bad the Pats road combo looks. Color balance is terrible (especially the red on the white jersey), and the blue pants/socks combo throws the whole look off. It makes the team's previous road set look much more balanced, especially with the greater prevalence of navy and the white socks. Seriously the white socks need to make a comeback, it would VASTLY improve the look, even if that was the only thing they change. Or change the shoulder loops from red/navy/red to navy/red/navy, as exemplified by the New York Guardians here (who seemed to pull off the new Patriots uniforms better than the Patriots could).
  12. Let me just mention how uncomfortable Washington State's uniforms today make me. White helmet w/ gray logo, white jersey w/ red numbers/lettering, anthracite pants. Absolute mishmash, all because of that little cougar head.
  13. Good looking game in Denver. Broncos color rush vs the Bills best road look. Looks especially good in the patches of sunlight the late afternoon in Mile High has.
  14. Not a great photo, but why? Just why? Oklahoma in Rough Rider Cream and Iowa State in Black... what is the Cyclones' obsession with the black uniform this year? On the other hand, an absolutely beautiful matchup between Ohio State and Northwestern. Red and Purple always clash well and makes for a pretty looking game.
  15. I think the blue facemask looked a little too tacky for the Colts. I think white would look much better, while Buffalo would be my choice to go with blue.
  16. It seems that they have decided to switch the facemask for this set from black to chrome orange. I'll reserve all final opinions until I see the product, but as of right now I liked the black a bit more. Still think that this is the best black alternate Adidas unveiled this year. If there was any game to go Carolina Blue/White/Carolina Blue, it would be this one. There is nothing wrong with this combo, but I would think the Tar Heels would want to emphasize their trademark color against an all black uniform.
  17. I can't be the only one who thinks the brown pants stripe looks off. I would prefer either a white stripe or blank pants.
  18. Now that all 30 city editions are out, I realized how drab and colorless this year's sets are. Almost 2/3 of the teams are wearing black or white (19 to be exact). I was hoping the city editions would breathe more life into the NBA's color palette, but 4 years in and its clear that they are starting to run out of ideas and just trying to see what sticks. I think the Hornets are by far the best look this year (I love the mint color especially!), but the Knicks seriously missed the mark. There are also plenty of ideas that are simply worn out yet teams still try to work with them, or simply misused them, examples being the Nuggets, Heat, Jazz, Kings (seriously we need something else than just blue/red and "SACTOWN" each time), Pistons, Wizards, Clippers, and Magic. Honestly, I would love to see the NBA either blend the City and Statement editions, or eliminate it all together. Its beyond clear now that this is a money-making machine, if it wasn't before. I was open to the idea when it first started, but now all the creativity has begun to be sucked out. Edit: After a closer look with the Wolves, it looks like it’s 20 teams in black or white...
  19. When I first saw that I thought it was some sort of mistake. It's alright, probably could use an outline around the white oval.
  20. I really thought they couldn’t do any worse... the “slime” moniker adds that last bit of vomit-inducing nonsense to this whole... thing. That helmet does not look good on it either.
  21. I don't know if I have said this before (I probably have), but I think the Rams' helmet is one of the best looking in the NFL, split horn and all. Considering how many teams across college and high school sports have carbon copied the ram horn decal, it makes sense that LA would want to separate theirs a little bit and reclaim the design. The split adds a nice touch without getting too different, and on the metallic blue shell it looks fantastic (wish I could say that about the rest of the uniform).
  22. Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheatre would like to have a word with you... On that note, I think if the Nuggets wanted to do a red-colored uniform, it should have been something different. I would have loved to see a yellow or royal blue skyline uniform with the current color scheme, or something more in line with a throwback-inspired rainbow skyline. Red Rock Amphitheatre's logo would have made the perfect base for a red uniform:
  23. Or maybe just drop black all together. Huskers are a total of 0-4 in black jerseys/uniforms.
  24. Believe me Pistons, that motor you are talking about sputtered out a long time ago. Stop with the unimaginative Motor City idea.
  25. Looks like Nebraska is going black-on-black against Illinois. Certainly a surprise.