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Did the Expos ever have any type of Youppi logo?

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Has anyone ever seen an Expos "logo" of Youppi? Obviously they've never had anything official but I'm wondering if there's anything in an old media guide, yearbook, program, etc. . Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. In my search so far, I found this button but that's about it.


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I have researched this more extensively than I'd perhaps like to admit.  As far as I can tell, the logo in that pinback you posted *is* an official Youppi logo.  I have seen it used in a 1981 Montreal Gazette ad, and on an official Expos Youppi tshirt.  At some point though (mid- or late-80s?), they switched to a newer logo, which you can see in the Canada trademark database here and here.  I haven't found many examples in the wild of this newer one being used, but it certain was used  on this notable Youppi merchandise.  I've never actually seen the version of the logo with Youppi's upper-body used on a product, so maybe it was just a concept logo that was never used?  Not sure on that.


But I think it's safe to say that Youppi had at least two different official logos -- the one from your pinback that you posted, and the newer one shown in the trademark database, which also appears on the merchandise pic that I liked to above.

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