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infrared41's Best and Worst 2022 - NFL Week One

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I’m a bit behind, as I just realized these lists are back (a welcome discovery!), but this is a good list. I’d probably drop everything below Steelers-Bengals into the “Honorable Mentions” category, but otherwise I pretty much agree. Packers-Vikings would normally immediately make it into my “Best” category, but the white socks for the Vikings very nearly ruins one of my favorite uniforms in the league.


For the “Worst” matchups, I’d probably take Patriots-Dolphins off, as that matchup is “fine” to me, it could be better, but it could definitely be so much worse. If I kept Saints-Falcons on my “Worst” list, it’d only be because of the Saints’ horrid all-white. I agree with @raysox, I think the Falcons’ current uniform set is just fine.


To recap, my personal list would be:



1. 49ers at Bears

2. Raiders at Chargers

3. Steelers at Bengals



1. Browns at Panthers

2. Packers at Vikings



1. Broncos at Seahawks


I’m about to check out Week 2, and I’m excited to see the rest of the lists throughout the year!

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