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infrared41's Best and Worst NFL Week Three - 2022

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The setup.


  • There are no hard, fast rules. There is no formula. The lists are based solely on which games I think looked the best and which games I think looked the worst each week. A team that made the worst list one week could end up on the best list the following week and vice versa. (Looking at you Seattle and Buffalo)
  • In my humble opinion,  "a good color match up" does not necessarily  make for a good uniform match up. That said, there will be weeks when I'll put a game on the best list because I liked the color match up.
  • I don't care about socks. (except when I do)  Do I wish teams would always go with the best sock for the uniform? Of course, but socks are not something I get too worked up about. (except when I do)
  • As always, your opinion (including the idea that nice colors make for a good match up) may differ from mine and that's perfectly fine. All I ask is that we keep the conversation civil.  Let's get started.




1. Chiefs - Colts: Two of the best looks in the league and it's a great color match up. What else can you say? They all should look this good. 






2,  Packers - Bucs: Most weeks this one would have taken the top spot, but not this week. Still a great looking game. Would have preferred the Bucs in their home uniforms, but the all white worked really well.





3. Steelers - Browns: You know it's a solid week when this one comes in at #3. I think it would have looked even better in the daylight. Another classic match up.





4. Cowboys - Giants: I'm not as crazy about these Giants throwbacks as a lot of people are, but they do look pretty good. The Cowboys always look great in the blue jerseys.





5. Lions - Vikings: This one would have looked better if the Lions had gone with gray pants. I'm not a big fan of the blue pants. Still a solid match up.







1. Falcons - Seahawks: There should be a law against this.





2. Rams - Cardinals: This disaster of a Rams set has exactly one solid look and the dirty jerseys over the blue pants ain't it. (It's the throwback inspired set) Like I said about the Falcons in week one, the Rams were a two inch putt from great uniforms (the throwbacks.) Instead, they blasted that putt into a water hazard and here we are. A team called the Rams has bananas on their helmets. Arizona needs to throw those ugly ass uniforms into a dumpster, set it on fire, and never subject us to them again.




That's it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. We'll reset and do it all again in week four.



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