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  1. Interesting perspective. Wrong, but interesting.
  2. Red/Blue NFL Teams Pats: red looks great but traditionally a blue team and the whole "Redcoats" thing Bills: traditionally blue and look better in blue Giants: differing home/road color emphasis, works well enough for them Titans: favors navy, fans beg for Columbia, red has small role in ID Texans: red alt looks good, but team has been blue first so far Not sure any of these teams NEEDS to emphasize red, but I guess I'd pick Houston, as they look good in red and have less history to buck.
  3. Still can't believe they nailed the socks. They looked great today. In fact, I think they'll look great all season sans the color rush.
  4. I assume he means for that specific uniform. It appears the Sandlot hat did exist and has been thrown back before per the photos below. Not the only Monarchs cap with a KC either it appears:
  5. White at home has been the primary look in some seasons, but usually it's an alt with the brown being primary (unless I'm mistaken), which I think is the case this season. Personally, I feel white at home should be once a season at most, for any team but particularly the Browns. I am excited to see them back in their proper all white look, though. Three games and no brown pants yet, which suits me as I think they are an unnecessary addition to the set.
  6. This is pretty cool, but I'd limit it to the black alternate especially since it works best on that jersey.
  7. Could talk about tweaks but very happy with how the team looks. Bringing out the orange was the right move. Pretty balanced traditional/modern branding overall, hard to complain given there are so many more important things this team needs to work on.
  8. The idea to have various designs from a variety of artists is cool to me. The execution of the overall branding doesn't wow me though. Why is the "A" the highlighted part? Also, why is the 2 in block while the L and 8 seem to match fonts? The point about LA v Los Angeles is also fair, especially in an international setting. We'll see how the rest goes, but at the very least I think it makes for a really good corner bug.
  9. Damn, I've loved the new Hornets branding for the most part but this is a massive disappointment. -Pinstripes only being on the jersey has always looked bad IMO -Fun colorful stripes>plain double pins -The lack of purple makes these feel lifeless compared to the previous set Who asked for this?
  10. Not as versed in hockey as a lot of people here, but even for team names, it's something that should remain fairly rare, right? The Rangers are obviously grandfathered in, but, as a for instance, I don't think that jersey gets much if any better saying "HURRICANES" instead.
  11. Helmet does not really mesh with the bone look. Very odd to mix that dingy off-white, which mutes the little color present on the jersey/pants, with the bright colorful helmet. The all blue isn't that bad, even the gradients, it just feels dated for the Rams.
  12. There's also this out there already.
  13. Yeah, which is similar to how it might look from a distance. The main exposure fans will have to this helmet is as a small cluster of pixels on a monitor, where they won't get great focus on the helmet's finish and details. Realistically, the separation will not be that obvious/egregious from a distance. I find the detail unnecessary and I prefer the full curl horn to the crescent moon, but I'm pleasantly surprised with how they look in photos.
  14. The all black is a cool look. When they first introduced it I was resistant because BFBS and it's a traditional program. But as a total look in a vacuum (for a night game every couple years), a great addition to the uniform options. Plus, it's fun to have blackouts, which can act as a counterpart to Penn State's whiteout in our growing rivalry. (The all gray doesn't do it for me.) I actually disagree that the black should be limited to the jersey, though. It's a gimmick look, so I think you need to lean in with the all-black, and I really think it works. Pairing an alternate black jersey with our traditional helmet and/or pants would only sully the primary elements. It's why I found the 2016 UM game so egregious. You have that glorious gray stripe throwback, perfect for The Game, and you put a bowling ball on your head? (Somehow not a bad memory...) Maybe in an exhibition game but wear the real helmet for Michigan please. The white playoff alternate is practically perfect and should be their primary road. I'd prefer a scarlet counterpart with white TV numbers as the primary home, but I wouldn't mind keeping the black TV numbers around. They are also very cool. (Also, OMG that Hawaii throwback!) Also have enjoyed these guys with the thick stripes and chrome stuff, especially in all white for some reason:
  15. Before this post, I don't think I appreciated how uninspired their branding is. Their colors pop and l love a flag logo when it works, but these real Ranger badges convince me there are far more interesting directions they could go.
  16. Overall pretty fun list! Agreed that White Sox deserved a better ranking I'm firmly on team BIG D. As a Cleveland fan, I'd say the 8 caps right behind the Block C are all clearly superior. I'd also argue that the gold stroke on the Twins hat is a far worse crime than the Reds including a simple black shadow (that wouldn't even bother me if not for the black bill on the road). Oh, and the Yankees don't HAVE to be number 1 for a ranking list. It's certainly the most popular and iconic, but that's not the same as best. That said, it's your list so whatever.
  17. Oh yeah, I did see the new Tune Squad city jersey drop... Not a fan of the design but pretty funny for the Looney Tunes to include the manufacturer logos. Could've made an updated road version of the original jersey, but I guess we'll do this instead. Hopefully the movie is big, dumb fun like the first one.
  18. Possibly dependent on a vaccine? It would be an interesting season not only because of the odd timing/circumstance, but it would mean many of the known stars in the league would opt out for good reason. I wonder if any OOC games make it into a spring season, were it to happen.
  19. If the Cleveland baseball team ever wins a goddamn WS I want em to do it again.
  20. As a kid in my Boy Scout troop we took a trip to the Boundary Waters to canoe, portage, and camp for a week. We took a train to St. Paul and drove through endless woods to get to pristine lakes that looked like glass in the mornings. At night a dense cloud of mosquitos would cover your camp, more than I've ever seen, so you'd need to be closed up in your tent by a certain time. Minnesota has kickass wilderness IMO.
  21. Arguably, the helmet should have been the easiest because it's worked in multiple color schemes. The helmet isn't bad but it is worse than expectations.
  22. I love the embrace of brown and gold. Not sure if I'm sold on the sand or the pinstripes, but overall it's a unique identity that I much prefer to their years of generic mediocrity. Also that matte Nats helmet looks great.
  23. Are they digitally adding home team elements, or are they putting each team's logo at their respective baskets?
  24. After seeing the primaries, it's a big step in the right direction. Fairly traditional with classic team colors but feels fresh. The side panels remind me of these, only not as dated (maybe this was pointed out already):