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  1. Love Brownie, I'd be surprised if they upgrade him to primary without updating him, but more use of non-helmet logos is a plus to me. As for the great facemask debate, I honestly think I can live with just about anything and I'm not as invested as others here. I personally view facemasks and socks as important accessories, but for the most part I'll take a uniform even if that element is messed up. So I don't feel that strongly about which they should use. Gray- traditional, old school, original, doesn't draw attention, would remind me of the the Cribbs era that got me into the Browns White- matches with color scheme, first non-gray facemask color, harkens back to Kosar era (I'd be surprised if we don't have orange pants in this redesign) Brown- current color, goes with merchandising, has not offended me compared to pretty much every other change they made in 2014 Orange- obviously not a great option but it's a team color and I bet I'd hate it less than most When were they supposed to announce? Has COVID shifted that timetable or are we all just waiting to find out?
  2. Glad they dropped the navy. It should look better, much like the Dolphins when they dropped navy (though kept it in their logo). I always liked the idea of the shield but I think it's tough to make that balanced without a third color, so I'm fine with just a flattened bolt and word mark. Do people prefer the modern leg bolts or the classic? Personally, I prefer the curvy new style as the old style feels more dated to me. And while you only need the outline on the helmet, I like the panel on the pants too.
  3. The side panels/piping is the only "fix" they need, but I'm not a big fan of the design overall. I find it mostly boring but too modern to feel "classic." Similar to Houston, they have an adequate navy and red set that is not among the very best in the league. Not a big fan of the gray/silver and prefer the navy color rush jersey by a large margin, but that's a pretty basic take.
  4. New ram is a downgrade from what they had in St. Louis. I'll reserve judgment on the colors until I know how many yellows and blues they use on the jerseys. This update should be one of the easiest assignments imaginable. Excited to see just how badly they botched it.
  5. Played MLB9Innings20 (free phone baseball game) and they had a graphic of Bob Feller with the Wahoo on his sleeve replaced with the block C.
  6. So we should stop pointlessly rehashing concepts based on an old Browns logo in favor of original ideas like... the elf or the bull dog. Obviously you don't have to like the C/B logo(s) and I don't have to agree with your take that it looks like Clipart. Personally, I think these logos are embracing the identity the Browns have had for years, as it isn't flashy and has marks that link it to football, the Browns stripes, and Cleveland. The Dawgs will always be part of the identity without being the identity. I'm open to Brownie making a major resurgence finally as well.
  7. I do not agree as these logos miss the mark IMO. Not a fan of using a CB mark anyway, but an interlocking letter logo feels too baseball and these scripts make the team look like a startup. Outside of the literal letters and potential colors, they don't say Cleveland or Browns to me at all (including the italicized CB). A football shaped logo with stripes and a monogram is a simple, classic primary. I understand if people prefer the elf or a modified helmet logo or even a script, but I think this would also work for the Browns. That said, I'd rather elf/helmet/script than making the letter B the primary. I'm only for a monogram if there's a C for Cleveland. Ah, so you just popped in to be negative and add nothing? Side note, it should remain a fan logo but this is my favorite iteration of the Dawg: The original was fine but dated, the new one looks like it was made just for kids. But the above would make a really good primary if that was applicable.
  8. What is a "proper" logo, in the context of the Browns?
  9. Another thought: Make the stripes thicker/make "C" shorter so it fits within the stripes. This would eliminate the orange spacing inside the "C" and could possibly be even more legible (though I love the current color balance). Loving these and really hope the franchise were smart enough to consider such options.
  10. Thank you for making this, great work! I think this or something close would be a great option, especially if they want to center the brand around the helmet stripes. Would be very interested in seeing a version with the 5 stripe pattern and a white background. I should use Coronavirus as an excuse to finally learn Photoshop.
  11. I think this is literally using the serif Block C from the Indians primary. Like I said, I'd switch to a Browns-specific font for it, but I think a C is the way to go if you're gonna make a letter-based logo.
  12. There are some good options with modifying the <=B=> to a <=C=>, which I agree is a must if they go with a football logo. Apologies to the uncredited concept artists below. I like these a lot and the striping can easily correspond to the uniform. However, I'd prefer they go back to this script and then use the C from it (or something similarly block/classic looking, even cursive as they've played with over the years). Personally, I'd want to essentially return to the old uniforms with the classic striping and do something similar to this: As I find it aesthetically more pleasing than the 3-stripe pattern. I love the helmet stripes but a majority orange logo wouldn't look as good as this. I'd also accept Brownie or a modern/minimalist helmet as a primary with focus on the stripes as the main focal point of the identity, but if they want a new standard logo there are clearly options.
  13. Florida could improve the orange look by not adding orange stripes at all and just going by the helmet. A white center stripe doesn't really read as a stripe. Oilers used white as the spacing stripe, which works better. That said, I don't mind Florida consistent striping. Doesn't mean everyone should do it though.
  14. And gives off Notre Dame vibes, especially on that faded cap. Moot discussion anyway, the Packers aren't abandoning their logo.
  15. I like the IS state logo a lot, even as part of the script. My issue is that they have multiple state shape logos now and I think they should just use the S one. Slide that over to the S in STATE for the school script.