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  1. Seems to prove the point that you can still make a distinct logo with the concept "themed C." A Bengal-y C mark would not conjure up those other logos IMO, many of which are classic/examples of great design (Canucks eh, Blue Jackets barely a C but okay logo). But of course, the Bengal head works well enough for me, no need for a monogram.
  2. They do use aqua and I agree the Eagles are closer, though depending on the lighting and application it's not that far off. The background "aqua" here looks nearly as teal at the Jaguar tongue, and the Jags uniforms often look brighter than most teals.
  3. I feel like what they have is pretty drab. The red endzone is nice but the pewter font doesn't really pop the way the Chiefs wordmark does. Buccaneers looks muddled while the logo blends in, not great execution.
  4. I agree with this concept and @ramsjetsthunder did a great mockup. The look feels like there are too many ideas. The segmented horn doesn't really jive with a gradient, it's clashing concepts that are trying to do the same thing of giving the horn/logo depth. If they chose one element to feature (and I'd propose getting rid of the segments), it'd be a more sensible modern look instead of a mess.
  5. I guess even a uniforum needs an edgelord to keep things interesting.
  6. A lot of people here have great appreciation for traditional looks, and I can't fault people for wanting a sensible system that works for branding. It's not like people dislike these changes for no reason, it's diluting brands and making teams less distinct, which is ironic when you are trying to come up with new original designs. But yes, a lot of comments come off as grumpy old men yelling at clouds. And hey, these aren't going to be the last changes to the aesthetic of the NBA, but each league handles this differently. NFL has a one helmet rule. The NHL is not nearly as alt crazy. The MLB is fairly traditional still, especially given the number of games they could spread out a litany of looks like this. So preferring a more traditional NBA is not simply fighting inevitable change, IMO. I mean, if you don't like the look of a t-shirt jersey, that doesn't make you a 90-year-old, lots of young people hated that look too. Ads are a change, does that make them good as well? Personally, I am fine with experimentation and new things, I just wish they maintained some tradition as well. Having a primary set makes sense, even if you're also doing an orange Magic jersey or whatever. I'm on board with alternate court designs though, that is pretty much always cool to me and it makes sense to match your look to your home court.
  7. Didn't the Celtics wear those gray alts against the Lakers one time? That would automatically be worse IMO.
  8. Would love to see a return to a block font, I think it fits the team well, along with the old script Browns. If the helmet logo went back to 2D, I think that'd be an improvement too. Feels like a little too much space in the middle, but overall a solid homage to team history.
  9. Saw that too. I know generally we stereotype the GP as fire emoji this and that, but I think fans generally want their team to... look like their team. I mean, we are rooting for laundry after all.
  10. I think they should ditch the black (or keep it as an accent only) and streamline to a midnight green and silver look. I wouldn't mind a swap to a kelly identity but I agree that midnight green looks great. And yes, the number font is outdated trash. Also, not a fan of their logo. It lacking in the primary color and an angry eagle head just feels so paint by numbers. An updated flying eagle would be better, to me.
  11. They get to the Super Bowl the same year they return to their SB set... They'd be fools not to wear the obvious home combo. Too much red in this matchup, but I think the Chiefs bright palette could create enough contrast in either the red or white pants.
  12. Did not even notice it was anthracite when I saw it on Twitter. These are... fine.