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  1. If the Cleveland baseball team ever wins a goddamn WS I want em to do it again.
  2. As a kid in my Boy Scout troop we took a trip to the Boundary Waters to canoe, portage, and camp for a week. We took a train to St. Paul and drove through endless woods to get to pristine lakes that looked like glass in the mornings. At night a dense cloud of mosquitos would cover your camp, more than I've ever seen, so you'd need to be closed up in your tent by a certain time. Minnesota has kickass wilderness IMO.
  3. Arguably, the helmet should have been the easiest because it's worked in multiple color schemes. The helmet isn't bad but it is worse than expectations.
  4. I love the embrace of brown and gold. Not sure if I'm sold on the sand or the pinstripes, but overall it's a unique identity that I much prefer to their years of generic mediocrity. Also that matte Nats helmet looks great.
  5. Are they digitally adding home team elements, or are they putting each team's logo at their respective baskets?
  6. After seeing the primaries, it's a big step in the right direction. Fairly traditional with classic team colors but feels fresh. The side panels remind me of these, only not as dated (maybe this was pointed out already):
  7. Technically Cub Scout, but it is BSA.
  8. This I love because the asymmetry feels like part of the design's flow, rather than putting stripes on one side just cause. Love the Hornets but I'd make them symmetrical in a heartbeat.
  9. Kraken is a perfectly fine name for an expansion franchise, especially when the brand design is this strong. It doesn't explicitly tie in with Seattle but nautical :censored: tracks, so they probably won't need to change even when the novelty wears off. The primary is great, the secondary is great, the colors and fonts work, they nailed the uniforms... Don't see any downside unless you really hate the name Kraken, and I don't. I'm surprised and maybe a little disappointed at the color scheme, if anything. It looks good and it's well used, but another multi-blue team with a red accent feels kinda cookie-cutter.
  10. Upgrade. Nice use of colors, fairly boring template, likely won't last all that long. Kinda reminds me of the Cavs simplified 2010 look. It felt like a base design that could evolve into something special but instead they just scrapped it eventually for the next thing.
  11. Agreed, they have a clear and simple system. The bolt is yellow/blue on white, like on the helmet. On the jersey it swaps the blue for white because of the jersey color. On the pants they swap the yellow for white due to the pants color. Might as well complain that the helmet, jersey, and pants are all different colors, INCONSISTENCY!
  12. Probably best to change to a military theme, as I can't recall any instances where the military did anything offensive to Native Americans.
  13. Regardless of the debates over where history belongs: I think it was nice of the Twins to wait until Washington won a world series to do this, whether that was the intention or not. Kinda feels :censored:ty to brag about the success of your franchise in a city it abandoned to remain title-less.
  14. Clearly the name is the reason they have had so much pressure to change, but it'd be best to move on from the identity including the logo (despite the "not racist" declarations). You have great colors, great uniforms, just find a dignified name and slap a new logo on the helmet. Clinging to remnants of the Redskins/Native identity seems like folly to me. Red Wolves is cool. Red Tails is cool. Some sort of pig reference is great. This move could take the team's identity from pariah to one of the top brands in the league (in terms of perception, I know they're already worth a :censored:-ton).