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  1. I love this concept (and I’m always dying for a new Cleveland baseball submission)! The colors pop, work with the city, but avoid feeling like it’s derivative of the teams borrowed from. I will say, the inclusion of navy is not necessary in the primary color scheme. Instead, I’d go full fauxback/city uniform and use the old colors on a clash set (which could look just like the navy uniform with red). There are a number of directions the team could go that I think are workable. Guardians is among them but it’s not the strongest name and thusly needs a well executed design. This hits the mark to me. The uniforms are consistent and stand out for an MLB team. The script is gorgeous and I love the continuity with the franchise’s current/historic designs. Logo-wise: Head-Decent enough, I think I prefer the Guardians concepts that utilize the art-deco without involving a head, because… idk I just think it’s hard to make a human head look good on a sports logo. C-Smart to give the Block C a little more oomph. Combo-Don’t really see them complementing one another, both are fine on their own.
  2. Yeah, we are obnoxious enough to have started it, but most fans don't emphasize "the" much these days unless it's a rival making fun. Saying "New York Football Giants" is silly, but that makes it fun to me. It's like their the Giants of football itself!
  3. Doesn't bother me. I feel like the Nets have the most leeway when it comes to their special jerseys, as the splash of color gives it some life their primary set lacks. Their look is basically a blank slate and the franchise hasn't had such an iconic moment since they were in another state.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_Memorial_Bridge#cite_note-3 https://www.ideastream.org/news/exploring-the-history-and-popularity-of-cleveland-s-guardians-of-traffic Seems like that IS their name, unless there is a better source with a different answer? I'm definitely on team "new colors," because navy and red is so played out in baseball. Couldn't blame them for sticking to it, since they need the city to buy in, but I'd love at least a tweak, whether it's purple/plum for navy or pink for red. Greens and blues fit the area as well. I'd prefer they not depend on the Browns/Cavs for their scheme, but overall I want something classy with energy. Doesn't have to be too complicated, but we need iconography beyond the Block C.
  5. I think the hurdle here is that we aren't talking about an expansion team. This Cleveland club has a century-plus of history, which means they really need the local populace to buy into the rebrand. I'd be open to non-hyper-local suggestions, but I think it just makes the change tougher. This is true, however, Cleveland doesn't have an NHL team while everyone in town hates the only pro team known as the Warriors.
  6. Heroes is easily the worst sounding of those options. No idea where Squires comes from. Warriors is a copout & generic to boot. Natives would sound great but inherently problematic given the whole situation. I'll take Blues over Guardians, which is about even with Foresters for me. And I wouldn't count out Spiders. Still offers the best logo possibilities and the team claims their looking at a :censored: ton of names.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Infants
  8. Oh yeah, this is a well tread discussion among Cleveland fans for sure. Right now the lease negotiations appear to be working out with the County (not to mention the Modell Law), but there is a faction of doomsayers that are convinced the team is gone already. The Dolans have felt like reluctant owners for years and attendance was :censored: well before the talent disappeared and the pandemic hit, so there are some ingredients for a move sadly. https://www.wkyc.com/article/sports/mlb/indians/cleveland-indians-cuyahoga-county-well-along-negotiations-extend-lease-progressive-field/95-17d79a75-398a-41e9-a4ac-3aab1e736caf That said, I'm hopeful that- worst case- the chance to name the team yourself will be a selling point to compensate for the lackluster market. Too much history to take major league baseball from Cleveland. I shift around but names I'm still down with: -Spiders -Blues -Commodores -Guardians (very branding dependent) -Foresters (would love an initiative to plant more trees in the city) -Herons (not a real contender but I like it) Still hope they take this chance to create a new, unique to the MLB color scheme. Would love a green & blue combo or something involving plum (I find the city's marketing failures charming). That said, I expect them to play it safe and bet on the color continuity keeping the traditionalist grumps happy.
  9. Progress appears to be slooooooow. I took their name change survey at some point and can't imagine they needed anyone's input to know that fans wanted a name that connected to the city and evoked the history of the franchise. Well it looks like someone DO care.
  10. There are a lot of pride flags. The pink and blue are from the trans pride flag. The black and brown, unless I'm mistaken, comes from the redesigned pride flag that sought to be more inclusive to people of color, as they are at the forefront of battles against oppression, as well as honoring AIDS victims. https://preen.ph/96232/this-redesigned-pride-flag-may-be-the-new-lgbtq-symbol Edit: Beat to it!
  11. Really agree wrt navy/forest. I'm also on team purple. It keeps ties to the New Orleans origin while representing the mountains of Utah. I feel that a cool color (purple, navy, light blue) version of the Red Rocks uniforms could be a nice way to modernize the cartoonish but iconic mountain set. BTW, just watched Brooklyn-Boston Game 5. Another game that was black v white, which is boring to watch. Wasted opportunity to have Boston in white instead of green, that gray court does great things for bright uniforms. Still don't like their logos, but the Nets are kinda the Oregon Ducks of the NBA for me, where experimentation is the brand and it works for them.
  12. I definitely forget that the buffalo represents the city if I'm not thinking about it. Teams with letters on their helmet: Green Bay Chicago NYG San Francisco Kansas City NYJ (no city currently) Las Vegas (no city) Pittsburgh (no city) Baltimore Tennessee Most of these are classic teams, so clearly the modern aesthetic is to emphasize the mascot. The only exceptions are franchises that moved to a new city in the modern era, and in both cases the letters are just a part of a larger logo representing the team name. For the Jets, it's tough IMO, because having the team name on the helmet is the only constant, but it's boring and the fact that they are in New York matters more than the team name ever has. If they updated to a modernized streaking jet logo, it would've given purpose to the uniform updates.
  13. I'm a little mixed. Undoubtedly, the Red Rocks is a great aesthetic. At the same time, it's basically throwing out the team's history and any link to the moniker to go with it full time. Then again, they could just slap the new colors on a Jazz note and blammo. But even though they look good, it's pretty wild to me that Utah and now Phoenix (Denver too but it's a modded rainbow so feels less like copying) are just ripping off the Tequila Sunrise look. But hey, nobody is owning it full time so I suppose it's up for grabs? ...IDK... it's kinda nice when a team's coolest look remains special as an alt but I don't think you're wrong. Same with the Vice set, it looks cool but the Heat already have a great primary set that fits the name better.
  14. Knicks haven't made the Playoffs in years. There's a chance they are one and dones this postseason. And yet, they are wearing their garbage "City That Never Sleeps" duds. Suns have better City uniforms but still kinda annoying that the one-offs get spammed even in the most important games. Tired of Nike's NBA, oh well.
  15. Stepien* for accurate Google results.
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