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  1. The vice jerseys are all good, even this gradient version, but the black & white versions are superior IMO. The pink/black/blue combo works on a blank canvas, but doesn't feel as clean when white mixes into the palette.
  2. I get the concept, but ultimately it just looks like sloppy text on an uninspired jersey. There have been some great looks to come out of this wild new era of NBA jersey design, but man do you have to sift through garbage for them.
  3. Obviously these should be their "Secret of the Ooze" uniforms.
  4. Best... to worst... back to best... What a waste of time. The Chargers already looked great, they just look even better now. I agree that Blue Jays are probably the best example.
  5. If I had my way they'd drop both but black pairs better with the wine, easily.
  6. This seems likely and it's a nice look for an alt.
  7. Just an assumption since they are teasing it today.
  8. Packers don't need to change anything, and I like their collar stripes. Wouldn't mind a return to this for the roads though, as the white touching yellow doesn't work as well as the home striping does. I also wouldn't mind just eliminating white stripes on the road but sticking with the simpler 3 stripe pattern, like the color rush pants.
  9. I agree, and they probably won't do an alt for The Game since they are using them this week. Classic gray stripes are the only "alt" I want against Michigan.
  10. If you zoom you can see that there is scarlet on the stripes, so not sure what the tease is. Are the leaves black instead of dark green? Hopefully not a mono-gray (or at least something better than the previous attempts). Given the cold emoji, most of the speculation is toward an "icy" white uniform.
  11. White pants would've elevated the look. Maybe today's performance with dissuade them from this combo in the future.
  12. is done lurking... sort of